Are there Right-Wing elements in the Green Party of England and Wales?

Yes, definitely. Iu2019d say there are three major factions within the Green Party as it stands today (and Iu2019m using internal terms here):,Watermelons (Green on the outside, red in the middle - eco-socialists),Mangos (Green on the outside, orange in the middle - former lib dems),Deep Greens (who invented the watermelon term as they are green al

Why, when theyre obviously not enlightened, do enlightened beings keep upvoting other enlightened beings? Is it just to perpetuate the myth that theyre all actually enlightened?

This highly-opinionated question is filled with so many pre-conceived conclusions and misperceptions, itu2019s hard to know where to begin in answering it..or even if itu2019s worth answering, since the questioner is obviously on an intractable, preconceived position that includes u2018knowingu2019 who is u2018obviously not enlightenedu2019 ud83eud

What is something most people dont know about Africa?

That most Africans are poor, not because they really are poor, but because someone decides to describe them as such.My grandfather is u2018pooru2019. He certainly lives on u201cless than a dollar a dayu201d. He is now 95 years old. In his nine and a half decades on earth, he has never lacked, and he has never begged. He only attended one year at a

In Forrest Gump, how did Jenny die?

In the film Jenny is portrayed as living the u201cStudio 54u201d, hedonistic, Disco, Party Girl lifestyle of the mid to late u201970s after her foray into Hippy culture in the u201860s. I know that the writer has said Hep C, but films can be and often are drastically different to the point of being similar but different stories. I think itu2019s cl

What non-waffle things can you make with a waffle-maker?

I think the best way to approach this question is to think about how waffle iron cooks. Waffle irons cook by applying sustained direct heat across the entire surface of a food. The closest commonly used cooking method that does the same is the deep fryer.,So ask yourself, u201cwould it be good deep fried?u201d if the answer is u201cYES!u201d try wa

What is the most delicious food you have ever cooked? Photos are welcome.

Here are few that i made:,Paneer butter masala,Caramel Custard,Red Velvet Cupcakes,Eggfree brownies,Chocolate rose cookies,Gulab Jamun,Kulfi Pannacotta with rose sauce,Mousse in edible chocolate cups,Orange loaf cake,Prawns masala,Raspberry mufffins,Tiramisu cake,Wheat thins/crackers,Orange loaf cake slices,Pan fried chicken wings,Luqaimat,Mango mo

What are some interesting things about Adobe Photoshops latest version?

A2A by Red Vistas.,There are two interesting things in latest versions of photoshop.,They are 1. Content aware fill and 2. content aware scale,These two are incorporated in Adobe Photoshop from Adobe CS6.,I have already explained how we can use content aware fill to remove unwanted objects from a photo in my answer How can I clean a photo of my hou

How do I make my own headers?

Hello, thanks for requesting! So if you would like to learn how to make GIF headers, check out Daniel Choiu2019s GIF headers tutorial. As long as you have Canva, and a way to screenshot, you should be able to follow the tutorial. Here, Iu2019ll be teaching only how to make picture headers. Now, letu2019s go!,,1 Find the picture you want u2192 This

What are some typical Italian dishes that are born as vegan or vegetarian?

Well, most. In most Italian traditional cuisines meat was a festive food, eaten only on Sundays, while fish was often reserved for Fridays. As a result until a few decades ago Italians ate mostly vegetarian dishes (with dairy or eggs) or vegan dishes. Here are a few examples.,Vegetarian dishesFrittata,Cacio e pepe,Pumpkin tortelli,Parmiggiana,Purga

Is it possible or beneficial for the Philippines to reopen and reestablish the old Manila Galleon trade route with Mexico and Latin America as a 21st-century maritime trade route like Chinas New Silk Road Initiative?

Iu2019m personally confusedu2026 what do you mean by "reopen?"It seems to me that this question is assuming that the trade routes are u201cclosedu201d and that we u201cno longeru201d have any u201ccontactu201d with Latin Americau2026 but in reality the trade routes are a lot more vast and extensive today, than they were in the past.,The trade route

My PC is lagging and freezing during a game. What should I do?

Usually lag is caused by 2 things: Hardware or internet.,If your PC is lagging from gaming, you can decrease the graphics settings to low or lowest and experiment as you play. This is because your hardware may be a little slow for the particular game you are playing. If you know that your hardware is capable of running such games.,Latency may also

What is the best all-in-one printer scanner for travelers?

These are the portable printer/scanner devices you should look for travelling,The Primera TrioWeight-2.6lbs,Resolution-4800*1200dpi,Li-ion Rechargable battery,The HP Envy 4520 Wireless Portable printerEasy photo printing any kind of device from mobile phone to laptops.,2 sided paper printing,Energy efficient,Resolution-4800*1200dpi,The Epson WorkFo

Is peanut butter really fattening?

I remember when I was running 80u201390 miles per week. I would polish off a five or six hundred gram jar of peanut butter. Not per week.,Every day.,Spoonful by spoonful, I would pound this stuff directly after a run. No bread. No jelly. Just me and the jar. Occasionally a spoon, as well.,Honestly, I didnu2019t know anything about nutrition back th

What is it like to have a cool dad, as opposed to a very strict one?

My dad closes the elevator door before I get in.,He's the first to grab the grocery bags to carry them in, only to leave the heaviest for my sister and I. ,He watched every season of Grey's Anatomy with me and when I wasn't around, he watched ahead and sent me spoilers!,He drove through a snow storm just so we could satisfy an ice cream craving.,He

Who was Shakespeare?

He was the son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden and born in 1564 in Stratford on Avon. He was a playwright, actor, play broker and loan broker in London in the late sixteenth century and became a court usher under James I. He was probably also a loan shark, a gang leader and the runner of brothels as well as making money from bear and bullbaiting

How would you describe yourself in ten words?

Writer.,Perfect stranger. Recovering overachiever. Language lover. Periodic insomniac. Kinetic. Sensory. Clutter-phobic. Faith full agnostic.,Voraciously curious. Invincibly happy.

What are the disadvantages of mirrorless cameras?

Batteries. Roughly 10x the power consumption. But to be honestu2026 itu2019s not that bad. You end up carrying more spares, is all. Given how much weight you saved from the camera, itu2019s still a net win.,The viewfinder is lower resolution, trueu2026 but so much more useful in other ways, the resolution really doesnu2019t matter.

What is the best laptop for an engineering student at a college?

Laptops having following configuration would be best for engg students :,RAM - 4GB is an minimum but you may suffer with it. If you have the budget money, go with 8GB one.,Disk Space - 1 TB disc space is more than enough. But with 4GB RAM varient one may get 500GB disc space, which again is sufficient.,CPU - To be safe, get a Core intel i3 minimum,

What are the best false ceiling design ideas for a modern bedroom?

Modern homes have everything in it that is just perfect. From the floor to the ceiling everything is designed in synchronized and sophisticated ways. While nowadays, walls are painted to be simple or with just one texture, ceiling designs have got much more diverse than ever. There are so many materials in the market space to choose from to create

How many users does Instagram have?

Instagram is nowadays one of the biggest social media platforms around.,In September 2017, it was reported that Instagram had over 800 million monthly active users - thatu2019s more than Europeu2019s population!,On top of that, it was reported that Instagram also had over 500 million daily active users. These are real people, logging into their Ins

Who do you blame for the 2008 global financial crisis? And why?

Sadly, nobody can be blamed. The deregulation of that segment of the financial market caused a housing bubble (which nobody expected). And the housing bubble should have been obvious to everyone.,As far as I know, the "problem" that caused the collapse (in-house dealing) hasn't been "fixed" and so it could be argued that those who trusted the indus

Is there a secret menu at Dairy Queen? Where can I find it and what is on it?

My dad bought his first DQ back in 1981, and I can tell you that any items that officially exist have been on the menu at some point or another.,There are a few items that customers think exist that never have though. Such as butterscotch sundaes, or shakes. Customers keep asking for these, but get upset when we use butterscotch cone dip. I donu201

What is Israeli cusine?

Israeli cuisine is a melange of A ) foods invented by Jews in ancient Israel, which have been preserved to this day, B ) foods brought back to Israel by Jews returning from diaspora (e.g. Ashkenazi cuisine, Mizrahi cuisine, etc), C ) foods developed by Jews in Israel post-1948 (e.g. Ptitim), and D ) foods brought over/developed within Israel by non

How is life in Bath, Somerset?

As others have said: it is a small (about 100K people) but very u201chigh qualityu201d city,Very attractive city with lovely architecture,Given the size Surprisingly lots of arts & amenities (several theatres, gallleries, museums etc),Very pretty, with lovely river, surrounded by green hills on all sides,Great pubs & very good restuarants,Good shop

What color was the Christmas that Elvis u201cThe Kingu201d Presley had?

Blue. The song was called u201cBlue Christmasu201d and tells the tale of a man who remembers the love he lost as his former girlfriend married another man. Words and music are by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson. The lyrics are:,Ill have a blue christmas without youn Ill be so blue just thinking about youn Decorations of red on a green christmas treen W

How do I find a startup mentor to build a deep relationship with? I have built surface level relationships online but want more personal advice and support from a mentor.

The challenge here is that there is a mismatch between your needs and those of a potential mentor. I strongly believe in giving back, teaching, and sharing my experiences with others. The problem is that of all the resources that I possess, the one that is in absolute shortest supply is time. If I were to serve as a mentor for all of the deserving

What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)?

Here are some pictures that are worth sharing.,Incredible india reservation inside talent outside that's why many foreign companies have indian general caste candidates as their CEO or in other posts.,:( :(,You have maximum resources but you don't know how to use it.,Sometimes your one step backward can save others life.,You have to use them exactl