Who were some punk rock musicians who didnt have a punk rock appearance?

There were a lot of punk bands who werenu2019t mainstream and/or never expected to be mainstream. A lot of those musicians never had the typical punk rock appearance.,,The Minutemen were low-key dudes with day jobs when punk rock couldnu2019t pay the bills.,The frontman D. Boon had a tremendous amount of energy onstage, far more than youu2019d expe

How does glycolysis help your everyday living?

Other than being essential for life?,You can thank glycolysis for all the foods that are produced by fermentation:,Fermentation - WikipediaList of fermented foods - WikipediaWe are most familiar with beer, cheese, and use of yeast to make bread. But as you can see from the above link, the list is very long.,But fermentation does far more than provi

If the Germans had lasted a year or two longer in WW2, would they have been so technologically ahead that they would have won or had a significant advantage?

The last new type of vehicle the German Wehrmacht ordered in WWII was a horse-pulled cart.,The u201ctechnologically aheadu201d thing was 100% propaganda.,The u201cWunderwaffeu201d thing was 100% lies so that the German population wouldnu2019t just surrender in despair.,The Nazi way of doing things was fundamentally incompatible with large scale inn

What do you have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

My lunch and dinner are usually the same as any other regular Indian. It's just that for breakfast, I take cereals with milk. So there's nothing different I could write over here that would be worth reading. However, now that I am travelling to Bangalore, I thought of sharing my meals while I am on a trip.,I had an early morning flight to Bangalore

Which phone is best, Oppo or Honor?

OPPO's phone has display density of 409 PPI & Honor's phone has only 396 PPI display density. In terms of screen to body ratio, OPPO's phone has better screen to body ratio of ~ 90.8% than Honor's phone ~ 84.4%.nTo know more about oppo phones latest models Here is list of Top 25 Oppo Phones in 2022:

What are some misconceptions you had as a child?

Well I had a lot of interesting misconceptions.. I legit put a lot of efforts for the last one , as I was anti social so I spent most of my time overthinking about stuff.,Wine/alcohol is the nectar from heavenWell it's not my fault actually, people in the movies and stuff loved alcoholic beverages so much that they made me believe that it's really

Would you share some of your own creative work with us?

I'm an interior designer by profession and a few months back, I started working on a project given to me. I love working with new concepts and we decided to go eco-friendly and use upcycling (recycling things but in a different way).,It's a resto-bar at Fort, Mumbai. The whole place is made up of reusable things. I took more than 50 rounds of Chor

What exactly makes India the greatest country in the world?

No, India is not the greatest country in the world.,We are 2nd in population, 131st in Human Development, 168th in literacy, 134th in Global Youth development, 41st in Competitiveness, 66th in Quality of life, 123rd in Economic Freedom, 122 in per capita GDP, 66th in global innovation, 122nd in Happiness and Number One in the world for searching -

What are some strange facts about Harrison Ford?

He Uses His Planes To Find Missing HikersAlthough Ford has made headlines for several flying mishaps over the years, the veteran actor has also put his planes to use helping others. From time to time, he has piloted his helicopters and small planes in the service of search and rescue missions.in is available for purchase 2000, he was able to locate

What is the definition of economic globalization?

Economic globalization means from the BIG MOUTH of the World Wide Web that it refers to the mobility of people, capital, technologies, goods and services internationally.,It is also about how the integrated countries are in the global economy.,It also refers to the interdependencies of different countries and regions that have become a reality acro

What is the real story of Burger King?

They are not happy with me when i order u201cNo Saltu201d frys. They have to make a separate batch just for me. This guy scares little kids! u201cGee I wonder why?u201d

What different activities are you doing in quarantine which you didnt do earlier?

There are many many things I started doing during the quarantine, which I never did earlier.,Dancing - Freestyle, on my favourite dance songs. I donu2019t enjoy following those steps that are shown by various dance masters & trainers. Freestyle dancing makes me feel liberated.,Cooking - I occasionally cook. Frequency has increased a bit, but I put

What are some weird things that happened in your city?

It has become cliche to make fun of Scientology, mostly because they make it so easy.,The Onion skewered them repeatedly, with headlines like, u201cScientology Losing Ground To Fictionologyu201d.,Sadly, Iu2019m surrounded by Scientology.,Their global headquarters are just 25 minutes from my house here in Tampa. I recently visited their HQ on accide

Which phone should I buy, a Huawei Nova 3e Dual SIM or a Samsung S8+?

Thanks for the A2A,,This is quite an unfair comparison between a mid-ranger and a flagship even if it the flagship is from last year,,Samsung Galaxy S8+ is last year's best phone with literally not much competition up until iPhone X came into market later on,,S8+ is better in every way than Nova 3e, actually if you want to make a comparison you sho

How does London Metropolitan Police use CCTV cameras in their investigations?

This is a straight forward easy answer:,The London Metropolitan Police use CCTV cameras in their investigation pretty much the same way everyone else does, by:,First checking their Digital Video Recorders for the corresponding footage. This is usually accomplished by first determining on what date and time the offense occurred, then on what street

What was the inspiration for the interior design of La Sagrada Familia, and why?

The designs for La Sagrada Familia by Gaudu00ed are not complete. But as far as the interior is concerned, Gaudu00ed was focusing on nature. Prior to his death, he was working on designs based on hanging strings from the ceilings of the great expanses under construction.,It is believed that his design direction was the formation of natural curves p

What colour is this viral ambiguously colored dress?

The colors that are actually in the photo are something like this:,,nI pulled these colors directly from the image. Hopefully we can all agree that the top color is some form of brown/gold and the bottom one is a shade of blue, right? So the photograph is blue and gold. The blue is nowhere near white, and the gold is nowhere near black. ,We can als

Is gold medal flour good for pizza?

Yes, in my experience, Gold Medal flour is good for pizza. Just be sure to use the exact formula the recipe calls for, like all-purpose vs bread flour!

Why does flights fare from Singapore is more cheaper than other countries in Asean?

Cheaper depends on where youu2019re flying to/from.,Singapore has volume. Every national airline in the region flies there, and Singapore Airlines / SilkAir handle most traditional passengers.,Then thereu2019s budget airlines like Scoot and Jetstar Asia. Not to mention, every other countryu2019s budget airline also serves Singapore, be it the vario

How do you cope with dreams about your ex-lover? Its constant that I believe Iu2019m going crazy. We broke up 3 months ago, we dont talk anymore and he blocked me from everywhere. I keep dreaming of him every night.

Donu2019t worry about it. Just keep being stronger. I tends to still have dreams about him till today. But the past 2 years, it meant nothing. I dismissed it as nothing. Most of the times, my dreams came true, so technically I have fear for almost 5 years if he might returned back to me. It is scary whenever I had that dream that we are together. B

What are some examples of quantitative research titles?

These examples come from a graduate-level Research course in Education:,The Impact of Using Word Walls in Teaching Fifth Graders Content Vocabulary in Science.Increasing Kindergarten Verbal Participation Rates Using Story Elaboration Techniques.Using Non-competitive Flashcard Games to Improve Memory for Math Facts in Special Education.Improving the

Are Instagram downloaders safe?

InstaDownloader offers Instagram users with an option to download any video they desire in a safe and secure manner. You are required to simply feed the online site with the URL of a video or photo you would like downloaded, and InstaDownloader will get the job done in no time.,where you can view and download Instagram stories or highlights in high

Whats the best program that mix photos?

5 Astonishing Collage Maker Software for Any Windows UserFOTORFotor is free and powerful software for outstanding collages. It has plenty of ready frames for up to 9 pics that you can place vertically, horizontally or in free-style. To create a collage with this software, you should:,Download and install Fotor on your PC.,Run the program and choose