How do you take better photos with your smartphone?

Professional photographers take professional photos, and can do so with any camera, film, digital, or those in a smartphone or tablet. Some amateurs can take professional-quality photos, as well, and may be able to do so with any camera of any type that has the features needed for that photo.,The only difference the camera makes is through limitati

Which is the best laptop to buy in range of 40-50k?

Looking for a laptop in Rs 40,000 - Rs 50,000 range? One that will work perfect for productivity tasks, gaming and movie watching. But, not sure which one to buy?,Here are six machines in this price range you can choose from.,HP Pavilion 15 n007AX (Rs 45,200)Display: 15.6-inch (1366x768px) LED display nProcessor: 2GHz (2.8GHz Turbo) AMD A10 APUnRAM

What simple, healthy recipe do you prepare and eat most often?

Youu2019re not gonna like it. God knows, it was an acquired taste.,Two cups of frozen kale or spinach,Two hard boiled eggs,1/2 cup of frozen fruit,1/2 cup grape tomatoes,1/2 carrots,1/4 cup rolled oats,Teaspoon of psillium fiber,2 cups of tea,I drink it at 11:30 AM every day.

My son wants to rent the basement, I feel bad charging him because itu2019s my son and I donu2019t need to take his money. What are some options I can do to make him have responsibility without having to pay me?

This is what my son and I did when he wanted to live independently, but couldn't really afford to live out on his own.,I live on the west coast of Canada. Rents are very high, so it is difficult for young people to work at the minimum wage jobs available to them, and live independently.,We have a strong Provincial Landlord Tenant Act which governs

What is a real fountain of youth?

There is an energy cultivation practice known as qigong that is, in a sense, a real fountain of youth. The qigong purges the negative energy from your physical body, and brings in high energy matter from the space of the universe that is not restricted by the constraints of this timespace. It can reverse the signs of aging and eliminate physical ai

What items are allowed and not allowed on airplane?

Rules have changed a lot over the last few years in airtravel. Its best to call the airline you will be travelling with or check the airlines website. Just remember, no combustible fluid or any kind, like cigarettlighter fluids, or firecrackers or smelly foods in either hand carried carry-on or in checked luggage. HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT.

Is oil renewable or nonrenewable? Why?

Hi Yashpal:,Coal is nonrenewable.,You have a lot of questions in a short time. I assume you must be in the Quora partner program. Following your trend today of :,Is soil renewable or nonrenewable?Is coal renewable or nonrenewable?Is water the most important resource on Earth?Is solar renewable or nonrenewable?If the pattern works, why not.,Anyway:,

Whats the best motorcycle helmet camera?

The GoPro Hero 3 and above. Protune on, FPS to 24, sharpness to medium, white balance to native, spot metering off, angle to medium, max iso to 1600. Attach it to your helmet using a chin mount.,Oh, and a copy of Premier Pro with After Effects, and while youu2019re at it buy some good cinematic LUTs.,That should do it, now youu2019ll have Casey Nei

Which one do you prefer, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or the OnePlus 8 Pro?

It would obviously be Samsung S20 Ultra,,If someone like me who loves photography would never bother to look at Oneplus 8 Pro straightway go and get Samsung S20 ultra because at Present S20 Ultra is having the best camera in the market.,Processor Samsung Exynos 990 might seem a little drawback of S20 Ultra in front of Snapdragon 865 but practically

What is cyber security example?

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data from cyberthreats. The practice is used by individuals and enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.,below some examples,,Encryption.Encrypting data in storage, transit and use.,Authentication.,S

What do you think about Globalization? (in your own opinion)

I am against Globalization because I know that I have need for my nation state the USA. At this moment it is defending me against an Epidemic coming in from China (2/15/2020) and that need doesnu2019t go away when the epidemic is gone as there is always another threat like it. I am against it because the oligarchs of China will steal my economy if

Is there any TRULY free sound recording app for iPhone?

Yes there is one. Even i tried many and most of them have trials or limited functionality. The one im mentioning here also have a paid version but the free one contains quite all basic functions required by normal person for recording. ,Here is the linkVoice Recorder Lite : Audio Recording, Playback, Trimming and Cloud Sharing on the App StoreI hop

Im in 11 the class, what chapter s of organic are very important?

All chapters are important but these questions are of much importanceMultiple Choice Questions (Type-I)Which of the following is the correct IUPAC name?(i) 3-Ethyl-4, 4-dimethylheptane(ii) 4,4-Dimethyl-3-ethylheptane(iii) 5-Ethyl-4, 4-dimethylheptane(iv) 4,4-Bis(methyl)-3-ethylheptane,(i) 1-hydroxypentane-1,4-dione(ii) 1,4-dioxopentanol(iii) 1-carb

Whats the best home theater sound system for small spaces?

On the off chance that you need to tune in to gadgets that are in another room, you don't need to run a wire through a divider, requiring a long and chaotic establishment. For whatever length of time that your gadgets are remote empowered, they can utilize Wi-Fi to interface with your speakers. You can opt for a professional Audio Visual Equipment

What is the story of the Apple company?

The story of Apple could be tracked along similar lines. The iconic technology company is 43 year old a huge achievement given the breakneck speed of technological evolution during this period. When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded he Apple in 1976, they persuaded their mutual friend Ronald Wayne to buy 10% of the company and stand by them. But

Why is Filipino food not popular worldwide outside of Filipino communities?

Iu2019m a Filipino and I give out my opinion not out of lack of patriotism, but as an objective criticism to our dishes. You are welcome to disagree but no rude comments please.,Food presentation. As compared to other foreign dishes, Filipino food is not really visually appetizing. We love eating, but we really donu2019t care about the visual prese

What is the MOXIE which is recently used by NASA on Mars?

On Mars, the Perseverance Rover extracted Oxygen from the Martian Atmosphere using a device known as MOXIE, or, Mars Oxygen In - Situ Resource Utilisation Experiment. The devices induces what is basically a Decomposition Reaction of Carbon Dioxide in the Martian Atmosphere to Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide, as shown below :,2CO_2u2192O_2+2CONow, obviou

Front cameras are very weak because of their limited size. Why donu2019t anyone design a larger camera that can be plugged into the charging port to enable better selfies?

There are plenty of cameras you can plug into the USB port on a phone. Most of them are special purpose, but they do exist. If there was demand for one of these for selfies, I suspect it would exist. But the low quality of the selfie camera hasnu2019t exactly stopped the crazy flow of selfies. Theyu2019re not looking for this as a solution, even if

How long should you boil an ear of corn?

How long should you boil an ear of corn?You donu2019t. If your corn is sitting in boiling water, youu2019ve just ruined it.,Properly preparing corn involves a few basic steps:,DO NOT husk your corn at the store. People who do that are simply allowing it to lose moisture during the entire time prior to cooking. Husk fresh corn moments before cooking

What should we do just after eating for better digestion?

There are so many tricks out there to help with immediate digestion issues. Personally, I suffered from painful cramping, irregular bowel movement and low energy after eating big meals for 6 months before becoming serious about finding a solution to this problem. It didnu2019t feel normal to feel so uncomfortable and bloated after eating most meals

How do I design a small kitchen living room combo?

Hello,,Hope you doing well Small kitchen and living room combo is a great idea for a small space, a small apartment, a studio apartment small area can be a pain in the head because you will need to design it well so that you can have the space you want. but it gives a free open space feel where doing cooking you can contact or interact with your fa

How do I get an in-state fee for out-of-state in UT Austin?

To get an in-state fee for out-of-state in UT Austin, move to Texas and establish residency.,To establish residency through high school graduation, you must:Graduate from a Texas high school or receive a GED in Texas; and,Live in Texas for the 36 months immediately before high school graduation; and,Live in Texas for the 12 months immediately befor

What was life like in Cuba before the revolution?

He was (as the Americans are fond of saying) right out of central casting.,Cubau2019s dictator was a figure of distinction. Immaculate in dress, graceful in carriage, noble in bearing, compact yet sturdily built, Batista was five feet, seven-and-a-half-inches of formidable strength. His coup du2019u00e9tat had been cunningly orchestrated. Army tank

Which K-Pop idol has the best Instagram feed?

This is a pretty obvious answer for me; itu2019s definitely Suho from EXO (kimjuncotton Login u2022 Instagram). This might be a little unexpected because of his whole u2018mom of the groupu2019 vibe. But his instagram is heavenly, he definitely knows what heu2019s doing. I wish I could put his entire feed in here, but iu2019ll limit myself.,Here ar

What is the main difference between electrical and electronics?

Electrical is all about Generation (V), Transmission (I), Utilization (R), Measurement (V=IR & P=VI), and Manual Control (Switch /Regulator).,Electronics is all about Automatic Control (y = f(x)). To implement the automatic control, in the initial day's Vacuum Tubes were used, then Transistors were used. Nowadays ICs are used in Electronics,The rel

What is a good ratio of vinegar to milk for sour milk? Two tbsps to one cup works well for the pancake recipe that called for it, but not for other recipes, and I have heard one tbsp to one cup.

I looked at a couple different websites and every one of them says the same thing. The ratio should be 1 cup of milk to 1Tbsp vinegar or lemon juice.,How to Make Sour Milk | Buttermilk SubstituteNeed Sour Milk for a recipe? It's easy to make and is often used as a substitute for Buttermilk. While not 100% exactly buttermilk it will be similar and w