Which is the best brand of cast iron cookware and what makes it so?

As long as it is heavy it should be good. I have a chinese made one and one made in the USA. They both perform equally well. You donu2019t have to spend a lot. You can season them in the oven as they will hold a lot of heat. Some come pre seasoned but I always preheat and oil and let it cool on itu2019s own Keep it clean and dry and keep it oiled.

What is the responsible factor for muscle growth, protein intake or calorie surplus?

Both.,You need calories to fuel your workouts and pack on mass from muscle repair. You need protein to allow that muscle repair to happen.,Carbs puff you up because youu2019ll retain water and have higher insulin spikes with them. Protein just gives you a parts department for your body to repair itself after a tough routine.,A good rule of thumb is

Why is my phones camera not working?

Why would my camera in my phone stop taking pictures?Itu2019s broken.,Thereu2019s some setting thatu2019s wrong or a software problem.,There are a few things you could do to check if itu2019s software.,Do you have enough storage space on your phone for new pictures? You ought to be getting an error message if youu2019ve run out of memory, but you d

How was it to adapt to u201cnormalu201d life after vagabonding vanlife?

For me, a year of unalloyed hell.,As Iu2019ve shared on this site probably too many times, between the ages of 28 and 33, I had the luxury of taking five years off to travel and not work u2014 other than when I wanted to break the terrible monotony of non-stop adventure, islands, beaches, boats, bikes, girls and reading all the books Iu2019d never

Is the market going to crash in 2022, or is it just a prediction?

A stock market crash is coming. Let me give you very solid reasons as to why are we going to see a market crash over the next few months. I will share with you my views in points.,US 10 year treasury yields are now over 2%.,Oil is now at $93 per barrel. Just look at the speed of this rally.,Russia is within days of invading Ukraine as per the US in

Do you have to season a cast iron skillet after each use?

Not if you do it right the first time. And that is the beauty of a cast iron skillet, every time you use it you season it a little more. I have a 10u2033 and a 12u2033 that are close to a hundred years old now. There is very little (if anything, or combination of things) that I would trade for either one of those pans.

Are stock photography sales declining?

Stock sales are never consistant. Porfolios must be kept updated, popular photography styles change. Even the popularity of the subjects change over time. When I first started the big thing was an isolated white background. Then it changed to u201clifestyleu201d where the background is a part of the scene. For a while HD and u201cfilteredu201d imag

How do you keep track of a job application?

My process is simple. I used excel to track dates of resumes sent and job application statuses that are hyperlinked to local windows folders that contain a copy of the job description applied for and copy of resume/cover letter sent.,I used to print out copies of everything stuffed in folders but then Iu2019ve gone totally paperless exported variou

Where is the best place to sit at a Madison Square Garden Concert?

The two distinct upper sections behind the stage (the 300 level West Balcony and the 400 level Blue Seats) are surprisingly great seats for a concert. They have a lot more dancing space than the majority of the arena, and the only real drawback is that they are behind the stage.,A lot of legroom was removed in the renovations, to make room for more

How can we check the shutter count on a Canon 7D Mark II?

Use the last image file taken on your Canon 7D snd upload it to any one of the online free shutter count websites .. such as myshuttercount .. these will read the EXIF Data and display your current frame count/ actuations ..,Enjoy your Photography !

What appliances have to be included in a kitchen?

I am a working professional, so I get lea ss time to cook food, so I prefer such appliance that reduces my time doing kitchen chores. So here is the list of my must-have kitchen appliances.,Hand Blender & ChopperI have recently purchased this 3-in-1 Mini Blender & Food Chopper from KENT and it really saves my time doing the kitchen task such as mix

What does racism look like in your country?

Kenya:,Black-on-black racism: White person walks into a restaurant with his black friend (male or female). Black waiter approaches the white man and offers him the menu. Ignores fellow black person. This behavior is more common that you would imagine. White people are put on a pedestal, either by themselves or by close-minded Kenyans. By the way, i

How much is 180 cm equal to feet?

Hi , first of all you have a very good height . It's more than average for a 15 year old boy . Now about your height , it might be that you grow 2u20133 inches till the time you turn 18 or 19 . Boy always remember that genetics play a huge role in your height but your nutrition also plays a very significant role in your height . Eat home made food

What video formats does Adobe After Effects support?

What video formats does Adobe After Effects support?HEVC (also known as H.265) codec footage in a QuickTime (.MOV) container,3GPP (3GP, 3G2, AMC),Adobe Flash Player (SWF),Adobe Flash Video (FLV, F4V),AVCHD (M2TS),DV,H.264 (M4V),MPEG-1 (MPG, MPE, MPA, MPV, MOD),MPEG-2 (MPG, M2P, M2V, M2P, M2A, M2T),MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V),QuickTime (MOV),Video for Windows

Why is the year 2022 referred to as the water tiger year?

It is evidently related to the 12 different Chinese zodiac animal signs and also with the various u2018Five Elementsu2019 of the system, of which I have next to no knowledge, outside of being able to look the stuff up on websites dealing with the subject.,My internet source states that it begins February 1, 2022.

How does the Adobe Creative Cloud Express work?

Adobe creative cloud express is a brand new tool from Adobe that essentially replaces Adobe Spark. It has a collection of tools within it that are designed to give users a platform to crate great social media designs and content without necessarily having graphic design skills or access to premium products like illustrator, photoshop of in design.

Can you write 50 interesting facts about yourself?

Thank you for asking! I will start writing this answer in the expectation that I can use the material in coming up with another memoir that I intend to finish writing and get published appropriately using another platform. Bear with me with ongoing edits and updates then:,Pandemic time. I deleted someoneu2019s comment to my answer here on China bei

How are variance and standard deviation practically used?

People use both, but for different things. As Jacob Joseph wrote, standard deviation is in the same units as the mean, so it can be used with the mean to set confidence intervals.,Suppose I measured the height of 100 people and got a mean of 1.7 meters and a standard deviation of 0.2 meters. That gives you some idea of the distribution of heights.

How do you design curtain ideas for bedrooms?

Bedroom curtain ideas are not easy to come up with. So, you have to research depending on your decor, lifestyle and the size of the window. Before investing your time into the finer details, you first have to ensure that it blocks out the light and gives you privacy. Here are some bedroom curtain ideas that you can use.,u25cf To maintain your sleep

What is the best laptop for university students in 2021?

Any laptop with below features are best for university students -1)Minimum 8 GB RAM,2)Minimum i5 10th Gen processor,3)5u20136 hrs battery backup,4)14 inches screen,5)512 GB SSD,6)2 GB Graphics card,Go for those companies which have good customer support.,My suggestion is DELL in India.

How do you add Silver Efex Pro to Lightroom?

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Will I die in reality if I die in my dreams?

Indigenous people such as Native Americans are usually very attuned to their dreams. They would tell you that they often die in their dreams, and they interpret that to be a good thing, which usually means a cleansing, a new beginging. ,I do lucid dreaming, and had deliberately dived into the sea, and jumped off buildings without trying to fly. Did