What does it mean when I wake up crying?

When you wake up crying, it simply means that your soul is still alive. Functional lacrimal glands is a good sign that still your soul is alive and it can be touched.,Possible reasons behind crying as soon as u wake up can be:,A sad dream (you may not even remember),Something buried deep inside at sub conscious level of your mind might have been af

What are some variations of a chicken cordon bleu recipe?

Chicken Cordon Bleu is usually a breaded, fried chicken breast either stuffed or topped with baked ham and swiss cheese. Some variations could be proscuitto ham and provalone cheese, baked ham and havarti cheese, honey ham and gruyere, pepperoni and parmesan, smoked ham and cheddar, there are so many possibilities! Chicken breast is relatively mild

What are some of the most interesting findings in genetics?

1. When identical twins procreate with another set of identical twins, their offspring are both genetic siblings and social cousins.,2. Cheetahs were almost wiped out by the last ice-age, and all modern cheetahs are descended from a small portion of the surviving cats that interbred to maintain their species. Because of this, cheetahs are practical

What should you avoid when cooking sirloin steak?

I think it will be easier to tell you some things you should do, rather than not do, when cooking a sirloin steak.,First of all, you should season the steak well before cooking. At the very least, sprinkle a liberal amount of salt and pepper on both sides of the steak. If you are feeling adventurous, you can substitute something with more punch, li

Should I watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5?

Nah, itu2019s crap.Not even Captain Jack Sparrow could save this movie.,Itu2019s like the first movie, so everything is predictable, only it sucks, because you actually feel bad for the bad guys who are killed.,Sure, the visual effects are cool, but literally ever movie nowadays has good visual effects.,The story is predictable, the comedy falls fl

What are all the things you should have done before leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina? I have 2 weeks here, what are all the crazy, weird stuff to do? What is unique about this place?

Seems like you are young, and crazy may mean something different to you than to me. But I recommend if youu2019re there on a Sunday to go to the Gaucho Fair at Mataderos. Donu2019t go too late, youu2019ll want to have lunch there, watch the live entertainment, shop for handcrafts, and see the gaucho games about 2u20133pm. Unique place and culture.,

Whats the most low-maintenance way to landscape?

Without knowing the nature of your garden, itu2019s hard to tell, but in your position, I would do some research on Oriental, particularly Japanese gardens. Avoid grass like the plague and try to keep planting mostly in containers/pots or in rockeries.,The Oriental approach is all about peace and being at one with nature and you can do this relativ

What is GMS?

General Motors Standardization Facilities Processes in Manufacturing,Effort Wins Company's Only ISO 9001:2000 Certification,Published: 12-17-2002,GM1Web.jpg,Maintaining Standards,GMAerialWeb.jpg,Lansing Grand River Plant,The Worldwide Facilities Group of General Motors Corporation (GM) has begun standardizing facilities processes in its manufacturi

What are the disadvantages of mirrorless cameras?

Batteries. Roughly 10x the power consumption. But to be honestu2026 itu2019s not that bad. You end up carrying more spares, is all. Given how much weight you saved from the camera, itu2019s still a net win.,The viewfinder is lower resolution, trueu2026 but so much more useful in other ways, the resolution really doesnu2019t matter.

Whats the best camera for filming high quality YouTube videos?

Hello,,To answer this question we need more information!,What kinda videos are you planning on doing? are you planning on vlogging? Shooting high quality travel videos? slow motion stuff?,So it all comes down to what youu2019re planning on doing.,If you want to just talk to the camera i recommend a Cannon GX7IIif you want to do anything else I woul

Why can I never get my homemade Chinese food to be as good as the food from the restaurants? Is there a secret method or ingredient that Iu2019m missing?

This is a professional kitchen set-up in a Chinese restaurant.,This is a home kitchen set-up,The food in a Chinese restaurant taste better because the chef is able to finish the cooking very quickly due to the extremely high heat generated that allowed the food to be cooked without losing the freshness of the ingredient. You could never cook at tho

How do I pass a US student visa interview?

The easiest way to pass your US student visa interview is to research past visa interview questions and answers supplied by students who successfully got their visa to study in the USA. I found that it has already been done by the sources below but it just showed a sample.,You'll still need the complete version to be able to have knowledge of all p

Interior Design: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What color should I paint my room?

Honestly, colors can do wonders. The trick is to know where to apply which color. First, letu2019s brush up our basics again.,Since wall paint is relatively cheap, choose your furnishings first and then your wall color.,For every room, choose one light, one bright and one dark color, from a monochromatic scheme to instill a mix of values within you

What is the single most purchased food at fast food restaurants in the world?

My wife and I visited a delightful little Japanese restaurant. The food was wonderful. The service was superb. The decorations were great. We loved it.,Two older ladies came in and were seated. They looked at the menu and started asking about why there was no chop suey listed. I couldnu2019t help myself and told them that this was a JAPANESE restau

What is the most famous place you have been to?

Hmm. Iu2019ve been to a lot of famous places in the world. But which of those is the most well-known by the human race? How do you even judge something so subjective?,What is a famous place?I sincerely believe the spirit of the question is not to consider entire cities, much less entire countries, as famous u201cplaces.u201d I believe weu2019re ver

How can you make a cake flour substitute?

Depending on how much you need. But here is a basic u201crecipeu201d? if you can call it that.,Start with 1 cup of AP (all purpose) flour.,Remove 2 tablespoons of the flour, and return it to the flour bin.,Replace the 2 tablespoons you removed, with 2 new tablespoons of Cornstarch.,Mix with a whisk, then sift until combined well.,For an example. A

Can you define the corporate social responsibility concept?

Hey, thanks for the A2A. In the simplest terms, 'Corporate Social Responsibility' means various activities carried out by medium to big sized corporate houses, businesses and MNCs for the direct betterment of under-served sections of the society. ,In India, Corporate 'Social' Responsibility is restricted to a set of mandatory guidelines laid down b

Which publication might you recommend for someone interested in learning the history and basics of classic cocktails: Imbibe: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, or The Savory Cocktail Book or perhaps one I havent listed?

Anything by David Wondrich.,BeachBum Berry is THE authority on TIki Drinks (Mai Tai, Zombie). Some of the recipes are only 50 years old, but they are Excellent Drinks.n,The Savoy Cocktail Book - mostly recipes you won't use. Read Erik Ellestad's outstanding blog about how he makes, tastes and rates eat cocktail - Stomping Through the Savoy Cocktail

Where are the youngest rocks found in the seabed? Where are the oldest rocks found? Why?

This sounds like a homework questionu2026.think plate tectonics, think convection. Where is new seafloor formed? Mid-ocean ridges. Where is seafloor destroyed? Subduction zones. If your closest to the ridge you'll see young rock, farthest from the ridge you see the oldest rock. This is due to sea floor spreading, new rocks get made at ridges and ol

What are the simple small front yard landscaping ideas at low maintenance cost?

It's the landscaping details that tie together the front yard of your home that give it an impact on the people who pass by.,For your convenience, I have compiled some cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas and tips.,Step 1: Envision the IdeaIn order to develop an idea of how you want your landscaping to look, you must first do your research. Th

Is investing in the forex market risky?

How risky is Forex trading? This is one of the most discussed topics in the world of Forex trading.,Of course, every investment is risky but the risks of loss in trading off-exchange forex contracts are even bigger.That is why once you decide to be the player in this market; you had better realize the risks connected with this product to make suspe

How do I quickly and efficiently learn a new language?

Lots of people start with Duolingo. I find it super frustrating myself, but it did help me to learn the basics of German. It's only useful for the very beginning though. Once you're speaking slightly better than a 1-year-old, try this path:,,An audio course, if you can get your hands on it. Pimsleur is my top choice. FSI courses are a good second,

What is the best bank for a corporate account in Singapore?

The ACRA requires that businesses in Singapore set up a bank account. It can get a little confusing given that there are so many options to choose from. We've ranked the top four banks in Singapore: DBS, Maybank, OCBC, and UOB as well as a great new solution: Transferwise. Jul 1, 2019,So I have included below how to go about opening a corporate ban

What mythological creatures or stories have you heard relating to lizards, or reptiles in general? Iu2019ll need a name of the story or rough location it originated in, also please no dragon stories just wingless reptiles :)

You requested my answer, unbelievable. I ride the wings of the Dragon. I require a cup of coffee in the morning. Occasionally, Milk and cookies at night. Every once in awhile, a glass of bourbon before I retire. I prefer,," And by the way, you caught me in a good mood.",Edit, Check this out, I didn't even know about this one. u201cDid you like the