Can an aquarium be placed near the entrance (main door)? Like when you enter the house its on the left side of the main door. If you face the aquarium its east North East Direction.

First of all pls check the attached drawing & identify the exact zone in which you intend to place the aquarium. Objects in Vastu are considered as per their compatibility with various zones. In an aquarium, the process of centrifuging of water takes place. Water churns around. This kind of a continuous churning process matches with the ESE zone. S

Which cooking oils are harmful for health?

I have researched on this topic very well and I think It's time for me to spread the word.,When I was a student away from home, I did not take care of my body as I should have.. It backfired.I was diagnosed with a degenerative inflammatory disease of my backbone( it means non reversible) and I didn't know that the pain was connected to my diet. I s

What element of horse is the year 1990?

The Chinese zodiac not only has a rota of 12 animals representing each year (in rat, horse dragon, etc):,But also subdivides each animal into Elements:,u201cIn Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. A Wood Horse, for example, comes once in a 60-year cycle.Gol

What do psychopaths dream of?

Often I just don't dream, or at least I don't remember them. Sometimes they'll center around lust or desire, emotions we do feel. But most of the time, when I do remember my dreams, they're just stories or like watching TV.,For instance, last night I dreamed about about a boy being hunted down by corrupt police officer/drug dealers. I think I saw a

Whats the downside of a 100% stocks-only portfolio investment strategy?

There are two different issues.,First is that the level of volatility is too high for many people. But this does not mean you need to consider other asset classes, you can reduce volatility merely by keeping some of your portfolio in money market funds or other low-risk investments. You can also buy lower-risk stocks.,But some people can accept the

How do you pay for your travel?

My wife and I are the envy of all our neighbors, telling exciting tales from our travels all over the world. Weu2019ve been to nearly 80 countries, with a goal of at least 100. Iu2019ve been to all 7 continents and my wife has been to 6 of the 7. Iu2019ve only met one person with more extensive travels, the great Alan Hogenauer.,There are two key f

What is the most beautiful library you have ever visited?

My sister and I love libraries, and we usually try and find the local library whenever we travel. Not only do most libraries have nice, clean, bathrooms, but they also have nice, clean, librarians, who seem to know everything.,Sou2026.My sister and I have been to a whole heap of different libraries, in many different countries, so itu2019s quite di

What are some things that good chefs know yet others dont?

Fat loves fat. Putting fat in your batter means the batter soaks up more fat in the frying. Use egg whites in the batter and skip the yolks.,You know how every recipe for tempura / frying batter says u201cdo not over mixu201d? Use rice flour. You canu2019t over mix rice flour. For more body, add corn or potato starch. Egg whites and plain rice flou

What are the smallest and largest possible single float inputs a computer can handle and calculate with? What determines or effects this - how and why? Are there generally methods to specifically call these limiting values in programming languages?

Please have a look at this excellent Wikipedia article , which explains floating point arithmetic in great detail.,You are probably interested in the smallest and largest positive number of the float data type (float stands for 32 bit floating point numbers encoded according to IEEE 754 in most popular programming languages these days).,I looked up

How do I buy Ethereum?

Would you like to buy Ethereum with credit card instantly? Coinmama has you covered! You can now buy Ether by following three simple steps:,Create Your Coinmama Account,Sign up with Coinmama and create your account in just a few minutes! Click on the confirmation link that will be sent to your email at the end of the registration process.,Get Verif

Is Filmora safe?

Is Wondershare Filmora Safe and Worth It? (Review + Ratings)If you are looking for a video editor, you have very likely heard about Wondershare Filmora.,It is a video editing software that has a lot of ads and attention online u2013 but is Wondershare Filmora safe and worth it?,This is something you need to know before investing in any software or

Why does the Thai Baht continue to stay strong against the Euro and USD?

Global financial market is in turmoil. Now, we are facing u2018US-Chinau2019 trade war, Brexit, Middle east problem, world economy on the brink of recession? etc. Investors are not expecting good news anytime soon, so they want to keep their money somewhere safe. Where should they keep their money? Thatu2019s right investors are buying Thai Baht (T

What are some interesting facts about WWII?

My dad was shipped over to France in January 1945 as part of the 76th Division (304th regiment). As many WWII vets, I was rarely able to pry stories out of him. One story does stick out in my brain. Between February and April 1945 his company fought through the Siegfried Line into Germany cutting the Bitburg-Trier highway.,My dad said at one locati

What are some very low calorie foods that fill you up?

Alright as usual I will be able to share the experience of working on myself and the number of Indian or Indian origin clients.,Any sort of Daal Khichdi(Though image is taken from google, you will get the idea),Pro tips for khichdikeep the quantity of daal more compare to rice.,my formula of khichdi 40-gram rice, 40-gram chana daal, 40-gram toor da

Is Russia part of the UN Security?

Simple answer is that Russia is one of the five permanent members of the UNSC. The US does not have any military force or security force but relies upon the UNGA members to provided them as authorized by the UNSC and as needed.

Do you prefer chocolate chip cookies or vanilla ice cream?

Considering that I am like most folks my age I am lactose intolerant so ice cream is not on my list. I do enjoy an almond based frozen concoction I make out of thick, homemade almond butter milk, sugar and vanilla with a couple eggs to make a custard then freeze it. Itu2019s actually pretty good and takes the place of what used to be my favorite fo

What is the best data recovery software to recover deleted data from a PC?

Thank you for asking. Losing your data can be a horrendous experience, and it's so easy for it to happen. It could simply be a case of deleting the wrong file or accidentally overwriting a folder. Or, in the most extreme instances, a full-scale hard drive failure.,Whats is the best data recovery software for PC? the answer really depends on the pur

Whats the coolest thing youve ever found in a thrift shop?

I got these at a Goodwill awhile back.,The sticker says theyu2019re from Indiau2014 theyu2019re heavy metal masks. I plan on hanging them in my future classroom. Theyu2019re so theatrical.,But you mentioned thrift stores, and I think people will go mad if I donu2019t include:,Shoshana Primaku2014 I got you.,You mightu2019ve heard of Bert by now. He

Is it true that in Japan, women are looked down upon?

Another answer already highlighted atrocious gender pay gap in Japan, which is currently ranked 105th out of 145 countries. Aside from South Korea which has similar social dynamic at 115th, no other developed countries comes at this shocking low rank.,Also, if you are foreigner living in Japan, and invited to a social or work gathering, you will us

What is the best iPhone to buy in July 2022?

iPhone 13. Best iPhone for most people. $829 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro. Best iPhone overall. $1,099 at Amazon.,iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Best iPhone value. $819 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Mini. Best small iPhone. $729 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro Max. Best battery life.

How can I get some illusion photographs, is there any key receipe for it?

First of all observe your subject closely! See how you can improvise the conventional ways of photographing!,Trick photography is used to create illusions that can captivate the people looking by adding special effects to normal everyday scenes. It makes the scenes look exceptional by making it more attractive. Even if you donu2019t want to use tri

How come I dont feel the same power I felt when I was first baptized in the Holy Spirit? On that day, I felt like I could actually heal someone but now I dont

I can definitely understand how you feel. I remember when I first asked the Holy Spirit into my heart and the feeling was awesome.,The answer to your question is most certainly to do with prayer (or lack thereof).,Spending ages just praising and worshiping God, spending time deep in Godu2019s word, and especially spending time with Christian friend

Why do people hold treasury bill with negative interest rate?

I can think of 3 reasons:,First, some wealthy people want a place to store their wealth. They could build a secret vault or buy a giant safe, put the cash in there, hire a bunch of guards to look after the vault/safe, all this costs a lot of money, probably 3u20134% of the money they have. If the interest rate on Treasury bill is negative 1%, buyin