What causes environmental pollution?

NOTE: Iu2019m NOT u201cformer R&Du201d, at age 85 Iu2019m still u201cR&Du201d with 4,950 Inventions & Discoveries to my name, & counting. Dr.Pat E: dhowden78@hotmail.comWe believe that itu2019s more vital knowing how to cope with an environmental crisis such as climate change, plastic pollution etc, rather than the exceeding difficult Physics of an

Can you use fabric for photography backdrops?

Yes, you can use almost anything you like for a backdrop. I would however avoid shiny or reflective surfaces. Also many photographers feel your backdrop should be rolled or wadded for storage as apposed to folding because creases from folding can be difficult to deal with in photos.

What are the differences between DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premier Pro?

Iu2019m a longtime Adobe Suite user (starting in the late 1990u2019s) who is in the process of migrating to Resolve. Resolve is best compare to the entire Adobe suite, because it contains the equivalent of Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects in one software package.,Both the Adobe Suite and Resolve are professional grade tools used in film an

What is the best brand of plastic cutting board?

I use very inexpensive thin cutting u201cboardsu201d; I get large sheets from the local plastics store, and cut them to suit; I can get two large-sized pieces (or four smaller) out of an $8.00 sheet.,Just put them on any flat surface and chop away. When they get too cut up, toss u2018em. Theyu2019re nice because after the food is chopped, you can j

What are the differences between Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro in general?

Their strategic locations, population sizes and economic standings, all decided by differing historical backgrounds.Cebu was an industrial giant of a city that serves as the main maritime trade entrepot and transportation nexus of the whole central Philippines, while Davao is a city oriented towards exportation of fruit products such as bananas and

How do I file a civil lawsuit in California?

You have to file a complaint in the appropriate court in the appropriate county. It has to conform to the state and local rules of court and the state Code of Civil Procedure. You then also have to have it served on all interested parties.,If you have to ask a question like this, itu2019s a good indication that youu2019re probably not equipped to d

Why are more and more people having Christmas dinner in pubs and restaurants these days?

Because itu2019s a lot of work and a lot of expense to host Christmas at home (especially here in Australia during a heatwave) working for a day and a half in a hot kitchen, setting enough tables to include everyone, dealing with different dietary requirements. I never get to sit down with my guests and family until the meal is well over. I usually

Should Malaysia allow dual citizenship?

Although Malaysia may not accept dual citizenship, you still can explore and travel the world.,According to the passport world index 2016 Malaysia has one of the strongest passports in the world. Malaysian citizens can travel visa free to 154 countries. That's just one less than US citizens (155),Passport Index 2016 - World's passports in one place

Would it be possible to see Bohol and Palawan in a 4 day trip to the Philippines? My flight is into Manila. I need suggestions for itinerary and which forms of public transport should I take along with the costs.

Techically yes, but certainly not advisable. My recommendation would be to go for either of the places - Bohol or Palawan for 2 -3 days and keep the travel day out of iteniary as you can be in a fix due to the delay in domestic leg for your international flight.,Mode of travel should be Air - Philippines air is the best option from Manila with Cebu

What is an example of population distribution?

There are three types of population : 1. Dense / More population . 2. Stable / Medium population. 3. Rare / less population . 1. Dense population : Dense populated countries are India , China & Africa in which countries has more population . 2. Stable population : Stable population is a population in which countries provide every need & standard li

Is kissing (Not drunk) cheating?

If itu2019s on the cheek, no.,If itu2019s on the hand, no.,If itu2019s a quick peck on the lips, not necessarily.,If itu2019s an extended kiss on the lips, yes.,If itu2019s a kiss on someoneu2019s genitalia, hell yes.

What are the best Halloween-themed songs?

Here are a few:,Ghostbuster, Ray Parker, Jr.,,,Addams Family Theme,,nI'm Your Boogie Man, K.C. and the Sunshine Band,,,Tubular Bells (Theme from the Exorcist),,,Love Potion #9, The Searchers,,,Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band,,,Highway to Hell, AC/DC,,,Other:nRunnin' with the Devil, Van HalennBlack Magic Woman, SantananSuperfreak, Rick JamesnWitchy W

Would it help to replace the term "atheist" with nullifidian? Its a combination of u201cnullifyu201d and u201cobsidian,u201d leaving us with a bleak picture of black nothingness. It was once considered a good alternative.

No, it would not help to replace atheist with nullifidian.,The terms atheist and nullifidian are not synonymous.nullifidian | Definition of nullifidian in English by Oxford Dictionaries says:,A person having no faith or religious belief.,atheist | Definition of atheist in English by Oxford Dictionaries says:,A person who disbelieves or lacks belief

What question do ex-mormons hate the most that they get from believing mormons?

I ask the following of ex-members all the time and never get answers:,Over a dozen witnesses saw the plates. Three saw the angel and the plates. Many more witnesses saw other angelic messengers. Many saw divine beings at the Kirtland temple dedication. How do you explain all those witnesses?,A few examples for those that donu2019t know about the ma

What should I do when a new laptop is slow?

Sorry but your question is incomplete, you can dm me for best suggestions.,Well assuming you are using windows laptop, with common specifications.,You can do following steps.,Open run u201cwin+Ru201d then type u201c%temp%u201d and hit enter, a window will appear where you have to select all file and delete them.,You can run disk defragment, the who

What Korean skincare products have truly impressed you and lived up to their claims?

Very few, in my honest opinion.,I barely even look at what the skincare products u201cclaimu201d anymore, because they're almost always exaggerated u2013 plus I now get a fairly good idea of what a product can or cannot do by looking at their ingredients list alone.,And it takes a lot for a skincare product to truly impress me, especially where it

Did you know anything about buffalo farming?

u201cu2026,u00b7 Videos of How to start Commercial Buffalo Farming in India Nepal?For you - Bing videou00b7 Buffalo Farming: Business Starting Guide For Beginners2021-03-16 u00b7 Selecting a suitable area is very important for starting buffalo farming business. An area with all require facilities will be good for successful buffalo farming business

Why is the Philippine military power ranked number 63?

2020 Philippines Military StrengthYour rating is optimistic.,From the above resource.,u201cor 2020, Philippines is ranked 48 of 138 out of the countries consideredfor the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* rating of 0.7852 (0.0000 considered 'perfect'). u201d,Vietnam is much stronger than the Philippines for comparison.,2020 Vietnam Military St

What is a creative and simple recipe for a house party?

How about some Korean chicken,Oven Baked Korean BBQ Chicken WingsThe sauce is korean chilli paste (gochujang which you can buy in a tube or tub from most supermarkets) honey or brown sugar, ginger and soy simmered for a couple of minutes.,This will be a talking point and very little effort ud83dudc4d,You can oven bake the chicken then coat it in th

What are some mind-blowing facts about Game of Thrones (TV series)?

Well I am sure u cannot guess all this fact but its true about the game of thrones.,Which are as follows,PETER DINKLAGE THOUGHT THE SHOW HAD BEEN CANCELED.After the pilot was picked up, David Benioff pranked Peter Dinklage by calling him and telling him the show had been canceled. It was six hours before Dinklage learned the truth.,SANSA STARK ADOP

What does a British person think Americans need to know about making tea?

We were at a wedding in Cleveland Ohio. After the meal the waiter brought round a selection of Taylors of Harrogate tea bags. Top quality and Harrogate is very close to where I live. Taylors are part of the Bettys tea shop company and thats as good as it gets,I was delighted and chose English breakfast tea. My favourite whatever the time of day. Th

How easy is watercolor painting?

Watercolor painting can be a really rewarding and fun hobby, but it does require some skill and practice to get good at it. Here are a few tips that will help you start painting like a pro:,1. Start with simple subjects - The first step is to start with simpler subjects. Once you've got a basic understanding of how to mix watercolor, color, and bru