What are your reviews on Appleu2019s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max?

WARNING: This is a vague, untechnical review by a girl who is extremely non-techy - possibly even a borderline Luddite - and will contain totally subjective feelings rather than info about specs etc.,,Iu2026am not quite sure, honestly.,Itu2019s fast, except on one particular game, and I think thatu2019s a game bug. Everything else loads quickly, vi

How much does a good wedding cost?

I donu2019t just mean to toot my own horn here, but my wife and I had a great wedding. Likeu2026 epic great.,Iu2019ve had friends who two years later, still tell us that our wedding was one of the best, most fun weddings theyu2019d ever attended, and absolutely insist that itu2019s not just because theyu2019re our friends and are supposed to tell u

How do I travel to Singapore from the Philippines?

The answer to your question depends on where you wish to travel to.,If you wish to fly to Manila, then you have a very large choice of different carriers.,Amongst which you will find: Philippine Airlines, CebuPacific, Scoot and JetStar,If you wish to fly to any other destination in the Philippines, I would strongly advise you try to avoid Nino Aqui

Is there a power bank for laptops?

Yes, there are plenty of power banks available for laptops as well in the market and online as well. Before you buy a power bank for not just your laptop, but for any other gadget such as a tablet or a smartphone, make sure you are aware of these few basic pointers:,1. Make a note of the battery size of your device. ,2. Moreover, also make a note o

Can Adobe Photoshop be found on the internet for free?

Even though Photoshop is the worldu2019s most favorite and best graphic designer and photo editor for Windows & Mac.. You can use it for free.Hereu2019s my legit take on these topics for this answer:,Is Adobe Photoshop free?,Can it be downloaded for free?,Is Adobe Photoshop free?All Adobe products require an u201cAdobe Creative Cloudu201d account.

What are the health benefits of sunflower seeds?

There is a culture of sunflower seed worshippers. Unfortunately the oil in sunflowers is omega-6, which causes inflammation in the body. nYou need to look at all of the fats you consume and they should be the healthy fats that our body needs: omega-3 fatty acids in nuts, peanuts (a legume), coconut oil with medium-fatty acids, olive oil, avocado. A

What is the counseling procedure for admissions in medical colleges in India?

Basic requirements :,Aspiring doctors will have just one chance to get a seat in a medical college this year through National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate (UG) 2017 (NEET-UG). The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the test on May 7, 2017 as per regulations framed under the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 (amend

What is the Bitcoin price live?

Go to the main MtGox page, and then in the upper left click on the squiggly graph icon. A chart should drop down from the top, which will show any interval from the last day up to the last month.

What is the best free photo editor?

I donu2019t usually use online photo editor, but I do like photoshopalternative.com and seem like itu2019s the perfect choice for your need :)

What is the best laptop cooling pad?

Manufacturers are upgrading laptops every day. New features are being developed and integrated with these laptops. Moreover, at times, it is also seen that while the push is being made, some things get distorted.,Heating is a common issue for laptops with higher-level GPU. For such scenarios, you bought to have the best laptop cooling pad to absorb

What problems do medical students have to face when preparing for the NEET?

Pressure,of not meeting parents expectations,Relatives taunt,Do you know?,He got 99% in 12th and is doing bsc you cannot crack better do bsc,No scope in biology,Relationship,You only study ,study and study,you donu2019t give me time,You donu2019t love me,Tests,Confusion,If I score 720 in PITS test LAine test series will I get same marks in neet,Sel

How do I plan keywords for my website?

Planning of keyword is generally based on your website services. Suppose your website is simply a mobile phone selling website. In such a case you have to simply plan your keywords accordingly to your relevant niche. For example:,Your site is a e-commerce and your keyword should be like:,World Cheapest Phone Buy Onlineor,Shop Top Smart Phones Onlin

How do you ace the Prelims exam 2020 as per your 3 years of experience?

Prelims according to me was the toughest out of the three stages of this examination. My personal score is 2/3. I have taken pre 2017, 2018 and 2019. Based on this brief background my 2 cents on prelims preparation are as follows-,SourcesModern History- Spectrum, Bipin Chandra (History of Modern India),Art and Culture- Nitin Singhania, Fine Arts (1

Why does my teenage son get so upset when I go through his things?

Because thatu2019s an invasion of privacy. Instead, try just sitting down with him and having a talk about drugs or whatever youu2019re looking for. Donu2019t go through your kids things, donu2019t look through your kids phone, donu2019t read your kids diary. Privacy is a right, no matter what your relationship is whether people are dating, parent

What is a share and what is a share market?

Meaning and kinds of shares, Classes, and Types of Shares,A company is formed with share capital. Share capital represents the total amount of shares subscribed by shareholders to serve as capital for the Company. No trading concern can run without capital. The main division of share capital are:Authorized or Registered or Nominal Capital: The amou

Has a psychopath ever interacted with someone who pretended to be a psychopath?

Almost every day on Quora.,They come in a variety of flavors. Some think that psychopath means badass, and they want to get them some of that. So they come on, talk about having a forty out of forty PCL-R score but arenu2019t in prison because they are Jedi masters as wellu2026.. or some other equally nonsensical excuse. They brag about killing cat

What is the best way to invest in US stocks from India? Are there any Indian brokerage firms that offer such services? I am also interested in how RBI (Reserve Bank of India) policies regulate such foreign currency transactions.

I just submitted the form to open an ICICI Direct account. They have a partnership with Saxo bank on which you can trade.,Opening charges are Rs 1500.nBrokerage for NASDAQ/NYSE - $.02/per share or $15 whichever is minimum. The minimum transaction value has to be $50.nThey provide a comprehensive list of all exchanges one can trade on and their corr

What is the best temperature to cook steak on a stove top?

This would depend on thickness.,Lets say they are about 3/4 inch thick. I cut them from a Pork Loin into Pork Loin Steaks. Got about 15 steaks off the one loin.,Then the answer would be 40 minutes at 350 F.,Thatu2019s about how long I cooked mine last weekend. Did this with Shake-n-bake BBQ coating mix.

Hi. Is 10 days spotting considered a period? I always spot 3 days before my period starts and my period usually lasts 5-7 days. Last month, I was just spotting for 10 days, no period till now (a month later).

Like to understand more speak about it with your doctor referral to a gynaecologist has all the ans.trained not just for babies women's issues.everyone is different and some in shocking pain each month causing difficulties endometoritist think its called later conceiving harder so talk ask your curiosity with right doctor. Dont be embarrassed but w

Should I go with Nvidia or AMD GPU for gaming?

Nowadays, the choice between Nvidia or AMD GPU for gaming boils down to availability (due to the extreme shortage on the market caused by cryptocurrency mining) and your budget. If you're looking for GPUs with a small price tag, this list https://techcompact.com/best-graphics-card-under-100/ is worth checking out. Nvidia has always been the winner,

How do you take better photos with your smartphone?

Professional photographers take professional photos, and can do so with any camera, film, digital, or those in a smartphone or tablet. Some amateurs can take professional-quality photos, as well, and may be able to do so with any camera of any type that has the features needed for that photo.,The only difference the camera makes is through limitati

How can I clear space on my iPhone 5 for photos?

The iPhone users enjoy various features on their smartphones that other mobile users can only dream of. They have the luxury of having one of the world`s most desired operating system, camera, applications, and other options in their iPhones. But sometimes, they also have to suffer some frustration like not having enough iPhone storage. Although Ap

What is the best Canon lens for portrait photography?

I will go with the family here and confirm the choice of having a Canon 85mm f/1.8. I use it a lot for portrait photography.,Also like Hankyoo | Nicolas, said, the 70-200mm f/2.8L is a nice alternative but pretty much expensive. This lens is also used for sport photography, nature shots or low light shows. It is a very versatile lens and almost a m