Is there is an organised movement going on in India to create communal hatred?

Reading that made me laugh.,One mentally challenged and retarded moron is commenting all over Times of India to gain Times points cannot be assumed to be an organized moment for creating hatred. Let him party hard with his stupidity because I am sure no one gives a f***.,I am a Hindu and I have very close Muslim friends, who treat me like their own

Which phones are better: Oppo or Vivo?

Both OPPO and Vivo are brands of parent company BBK Electronics, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Vivo and OPPO operate in the price range of around Rs 7,000 to Rs 60,000. That said, OPPO is more popular in the premium end of the market due to its flagship 'Find series.',It's believed that at low price points, it is difficu

Is ERP system a good example of a Data Warehouse?

The simple answer to your question is no, ERP systems and a Data Warehouse are two separate types of systems and the presence of a reporting function does not make a system a Data Warehouse.nThe long answer is in describing what an ERP system is versus what a Data Warehouse is. I don't deal in ERP systems. I'm a Data Warehouse guy, so for the ERP s

How do I fit a whole picture on Instagram without a white background?

I use an app called u201cNo Crop.u201d You can add different backgrounds or blur the background as opposed to it just being plain white.,The max size for a post is 1080 x 1350 length-wise & 1080 x 1080 for square.,Not sure if tried tapping the 2 arrows pointing diagonally towards the bottom left & top right but that also resizes the pic to fit bett

What are the best blog niches for 2020?

Here are best blog nichesTravel (1-5),Health (6-15),Fitness and sports (16-25),Hobbies (26-45),Food (46-56),Entertainment (57-62),Gaming (63-67),Finance (68-72),Relationships (73-77),Family and home (78-87),Education and career (88-92),Social networks (93-96),Politics and society (97-100),Travel (1-5)City guide: nExplore your own city and its surro

Which smartphone should I buy for under 15000?

All the phones mentioned below are superb in terms of different scenarios, Choice is yours, what kind of one you need.,Top three picks under 15k price point:,MiA1: It possess everuthing you would be expecting under 15k.,4GB RAM 64GB on board storage and hybrid slot for memory expansion even. Dual Sim Hybrid Slot, A slim and sleek handset(very slim)

Whats the best internet speed test site?

All that any individual speed test can do is give you a snapshot of what's happening between you and that server. If you perform multiple tests with different services, you may be able to gain an idea of how well your own connection performs for some tasks, and whether or not its performance is better or worse than it has been in the past.,But, ult

Many homes here have a central kitchen that divides the home so as to have two living rooms, 1 at the front and 1 at the back. Does anyone have any great ideas for using one of these spaces another way?

Convert one to a u2018formal dining room'. Take out the carpet, put in a good floor, tile or wood, move in a large dining table, hang some kind of chandelier, move in a couple of fancy China cabinets, and go from there. Or, for the living room at the back, put in a home theater system, or a game table of some kind, and make the room into a u201c fa

Why cant the Japanese speak English well?

Part of the reason is the way itu2019s taught in Japanese schools. Itu2019s pretty much a requirement, and most Japanese do well in their English classes. The problem is that what they learn pretty much has no relationship to colloquial English so they have to do a massive u201cunlearnu201d to progress to the point they can have a normal conversati

What is the best type of paint to use on denim?

Source : stitchfix.comDenim has been one of the most widely-worn fashion trends since 1873. It has become a classic item and is currently just as stylish. wearing jeans every day seems different now that we've accepted it as the "new normal" and have started going back to the pattern. However, we want you to realise that denim isn't only for thin,

What did Frank Lloyd Wright mean when he said all buildings should be designed on 2 increments? Did he mean exterior dimensions, interior dimensions or room interior dimensions?

From a pure constructabily standpoint it makes sense. Lots of building materials would work well with that spacing. Framing (though I wouldnu2019t do flooring at 2u2019), masonry, ceiling grids (never permitted in residential imo). Sheetrock (though many of his buildings were plaster and lathe). Tiles.,Itu2019s automatically symmetrical.,And itu201

What are different ways of using technology in cafe or restaurant?

Different ways:,If you deliver online, then get a website and an order online made.,If you have a good share of customer base who repeat themselves at your restaurant/cafe, then getting a good Loyalty software integrated with your billing software is a viable option.,Get rid of taking feedbacks on paper and upgrade to a good feedback system.,Order

What are the best - and the worst - things about living in Bangkok?

ProsLow Cost of Living: If you arenu2019t a heavy spender, you can live happily in Bangkok in under USD 1,000 per month in Bangkok even after a strong Baht. I love Thai food and I can eat a filling local meal in around THB 40. Thatu2019s a little more than a dollar.,Availability of Alchohol: If you consume alcohol, it is just so easy to pick up boo

What is an interesting fact about you?

I was born with an extremely rare genetic mutation. My body produces a lot more of Anandamide, a natural cannabinoid produced by the body. Due to this I am immune to stress, depression and anxiety. I'm not 'happy-go-lucky', I'm just immune to stress and anxiety no matter the situation, it allows me to remain calm and 'blissful' therefore I am unabl

What is the best portable scanner for photos?

You do not need a large flatbed scanner that will take up half your desk for digitizing your family images any longer. We provide you the most effective portable picture scanners. They are tiny, light, and also equally as powerful. And also the very best component? They are so much faster and also enjoyable to use than a flatbed. You can bring them

What are the differences between DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premier Pro?

Iu2019m a longtime Adobe Suite user (starting in the late 1990u2019s) who is in the process of migrating to Resolve. Resolve is best compare to the entire Adobe suite, because it contains the equivalent of Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects in one software package.,Both the Adobe Suite and Resolve are professional grade tools used in film an

How do I pronounce "Rachelle"? Is it a normal English name for a female?

Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings gives two pronunciations: RAY-chu0259l, ru0259-SHEL.,It is a normal English name, if a bit unusual. It is a variation on the more common name, Rachel. These variations are not uncommon with women's names in English.,The name is from Hebrew, and it means "ewe," which is a female sheep. But the meanings of names a

What is the tallest mountain in the United States? How long does it take to walk up it?

The tallest mountain in the lower 48 states is Mt Whitney in California at 14,505 feet. The Whitney Portal trailhead is at 8,374 feet. You then hike 11 miles and gain about 6,000 feet. You can easily do it in 6 to 7 hours. It is not really a climb, just a hike.,Mt Whitney from below,On top.,The tallest mountain in the US is Mt Denali in Alaska at 2

What are some businesses that super successful companies tried and failed miserably?

Failure is an invaluable teacher. Imbedded in those horrifying and terrifying moments are lessons that are priceless and golden. Mistakes and errors are pointers to what we should be doing or where we should be headed.,Familiar with the lightbulb invention, here's Thomas Edison reply when asked by a reporter how it felt to have failed 1,000 times.,

If I write a sentence or couple of sentences that are verbatim from either the textbook or from Wikipedia in my history GCSE (from memory) is that plagiarism? Would it be ok if I reword it slightly?

Natasha, I think the kind people attempting to answer this so far are living on too elevated an academic level. They don't understand about GCSEs.,I do, but on the other hand it's a very long time since I took O level History (which stopped at 1914)! But let's have a gou2026,Firstly, unless you have been given specific definitions or phrases to lea

Should white nationalism be illegal in the United States?

You donu2019t ban ideas, no matter how unpopular they are. Even the whole idea, in my opinion, is cowardly. Are you saying that you canu2019t make a good enough argument against white nationalism that you have to use coercion to shut them up?,If white nationalists engage in criminal activity in order to advance their ideas, then that is already ill

Is Oppo Reno 10x Zoom worth for buy?

Apple hired an additional 300 people for their marketing department back in 2013. Theyu2019ve been working hard on this ever since. We got a taste of this last year with the iPad Pro. But now they have fully implemented that plan with the iPhone Prou2026 u201cProu201d because Apple thinks that will attract sales. Thatu2019s it.,I had suspected that

What are some cool facts about Japan?

At the height of the 80s asset bubble, the Tokyo Imperial Palace was worth more than the entire real estate value of California.,In 1994, Japan represented 17.8% of the world's economy. It consistently ranked as the 2nd largest GDP throughout the 90s and 00s. Its growth was so impressive, some analysts legitimately believed it would overtake the US

Do those within Canada refer to the "CAD" as "Canadian dollar" or just dollar?

Unless a person is an international banker or in the tourist industry, they're refering to the currency of the country they are in. There are all kinds of dollars, rupees, dinars, francs pesos, krona etc all over the world. So if you are in the Philippines for example, and something costs 100 pesos, assume Philippine peso, not Mexican. Or in Tunisi

What is the longest journey, in time or distance, you have ever taken?

46 HOURS 20 MINUTES.,Back in 2013, still living in London and running my own business, I found myself with a free 10 days so decided, on a whim, to visit my then girlfriend for a few days. She lives on the island of Leyte, Philippines.,Given that it was very last minute, I was limited wth available flights.,When making the trip I usually fly Etihad

What is a good Christmas present idea for best friends?

It really depends on what your best friend likes. nIf he/she likes to read, pick up a good book. And make a nice bookmark. nIf he/she is into sports, get something relating to it.nWith comics and superhero related merchandises, the possibilities are endless.,Good luck. And if you can mention some interests that'll be of help.

How good is the 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020)?

Are you asking if itu2019s worth upgrading the MacBook Pro options, like adding SSD, RAM, upgrading the CPU, etc. Or upgrading to the 2020 MacBook Pro from an older device? Not trying to be pedantic, just wanted to make sure Iu2019m understanding you.,Assuming youu2019re asking about if itu2019s worth upgrading to, that highly depends. What is your