What are some ways of scanning a document with an Epson printer?

If the Epson in an all in one printer (one that has many functions like scan, fax, copy etc.) you can scan by requesting from the pc or by sending from the printer.,Easiest way is to send the image from the printer to the pc. To do this, you download a copy of the software for the printer from the manufacturers website and install it on your pc. Co

Can you share a fantastic view of a landscape from birds eyes view?

A while backu2026Before the dark days of COVID, my sister and I used to do a lot of traveling.,Andu2026.A couple of years ago we found ourselves on the Madeira Archipelago, which is a small group of islands off of Portugal.,We were actually on the way to the Azores but ended up stopping here on the way.,Nowu2026.We were fortunate to have a friend t

What are your favorite before and after photos?

I absolutely love before and after pics of any kind! This post is about my little journey of finding myself and becoming a lot happier and more confident in my own skin!,This is me at 17. Honestly, I remember being very insecure back then. I had no confidence, and I vividly remember looking at myself in the mirror and panicking because I thought I

Is the OPPO A55 worth buying?

Oppo A55 5G smartphone was launched on 25th January 2021. The phone comes with a 6.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720x1600 pixels at a pixel density of 480 pixels per inch (ppi). Oppo A55 5G is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. It comes with 6GB of RAM. The Oppo A55 5G runs Android 11 and is powered by a 50

Why are South Korea and North Korea enemies?

The difference in ideologySouth Korea wants to reunite with democratic, capitalistic ways, but North Korea wants to reunite under Juche ideaology.,South Korea wants democratically elected president as the leader, while North wants Kim Jong Un and his descendants to rule over the country.,South Korea wants Capitalism to fuel its economy. North wants

What was something you were blissfully unaware about, until recently?

So this is the new trick which I learned recently and I hope almost everyone is unware of this Trick,So now a days Everyone upload whatsapp status very frequently but most of them wish to upload whatsapp status in landscape modeu2026So here is the trick with which we can easily convert every video from portrait mode to Landscape mode,So first Downl

What did Americans in the 19th and 20th century think of Australia and Canada?

There is a long tradition of Americans visiting Australia and giving their opinions of the place.,Mark Twain was an early contributor to this body of literature.,Due to his complete lack of business acumen and his habit of investing in failed gadgets and inventions he was often broke. Such was the situation in 1894 when he was obliged to go on a sp

What is G-Dragons personality?

G-Dragon is a humble and charming singer. His native name is Kwon Jiyong. He is largely known by his stage name G-Dragon. Onstage, G-Dragon is someone who has overflowing confidence, charisma, charm and is incomparable and independent. On the other hand, Kwon Jiyong is the person who is offstage and is overflowing with cuteness, shyness and depends

What are some examples of for-profit organizations?

Google. Apple. Facebook. GE. Ford. BMW. Boeing. Airbus. Samsung. Sony....the list goes on and on. Just take a look at any stock exchange, those companies are all for-profit corporations. Their purpose is to develop, manufacture and sell a product or service that a consumer will spend money on to purchase. In doing so they create a profit for themse

What are the objectives of supply chain management?

Hybrid vehicle technology.,Electrical vehicle.,Recent trends in automotive/mechanical.,Automation.,Material technology.,Supply chain management.,Energy management.,CFD(computational fluid dynamics),CAD/CAM/CAE.,Tooling engineering.

How do you get the best lighting for indoor pictures?

It depends on if you have a smartphone or a DSLR Camera? As the best lighting, in my opinion, is to bounce on-camera flash, off a ceiling or white wall, and combine it with window light. This creates a two light portrait that looks like it had been done with professional studio lights.,A smartphoneu2019s flash is not powerful enough for this. So yo

What is the psychology of sage green?

Sage green is an earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves. The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise personu2014someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. Sage green is soft and subtle, you can pair it with a variety of other colors and finishes. Sage green create

What are the best titles for a thesis on Philippine tourism?

This is going to echo a lot of advice I have given on on computer hardware servicing and food technology. Philippine tourism encompasses a LOT of territory. Are you specializing? Is your thesis written? If your thesis isnu2019t completely written yet, Iu2019d just slap on a working title and change it later. Iu2019ve always found titles to be one o

What does the deep depth of field in photography mean?

Depth of field in photography refers to the area both in front of the point of focus and behind the point of focus that also appears to also be in focusu2026the deeper the depth of field, the greater the area that appears sharp and in focus. This is generally used when doing landscape photography. This can also be used to make aspects of a photogra

What are the toughest mountains to climb?

Statistically, I think it is probably Baintha Brakk, The Ogre. With only 2 successful ascents in 40 years since Bonington and Scott conquered it in 1977, itu2019s certainly one of the least climbed peaks in the world. Although itu2019s u201conlyu201d 7,285m, it features some very challenging technical climbing at extreme altitude.,Scottu2019s desce

How much do military drones cost?

It depends. For example, US-made MQ-9 Reaper / Predator B costs $15.9 million per unit.,Turkish-made TAI ANKA costs about 8 million per unit.,Larger jet-powered RQ-9 Global Hawk which has a far greater range, higher altitude costs $131.4 million - $227.7 million(with R&D).,As I said before, the cost depends on the aircraft's features.

Which 20,000mAh power bank is the best?

If you are going to buy a power bank of 20000 mah, then you can buy a power bank from the given list. These are the best and latest 20000 mah power you can buy in 2021.,Ambrane 20000 mAh Power Bank,Mi 3i 20000 mAh Power Bank,Want to read full post then click on this link

Is a graduate degree in psychology worth it? Why?

It depends, how do you want to use it? I work in a psychiatric hospital with my undergrad in Psych butu2026big BUTu2026..I canu2019t advance. I am stuck. I need a masteru2019s degree to go anywhere else in this hospital, I am currently the patient advocate for the entire hospital, not too bad, but I am burnt out and I cannot move to any other posit

How long is too long for sous vide steak?

That really depends on how thick the steak is. A 1/2 inch steak for example only needs 30 minutes to an hour tops to cook it sous vide, while a 2 inch steak would take 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours.,As a rule of thumb, I follow a 2x rule. I would not sous vide anything more than twice the amount of time necessary. What happens to steak when you do over do

Countries with 10 largest oil reserves in the world in 2022?

u201cReservesu201d is a very broad term to use. Letu2019s look at proved oil reserves by country in barrels.,Clearly, Venezuela has the highest u201cProved Oil Reservesu201d as of 2016. It must be noted that u201cProven Reservesu201d change with time and depend upon various factors such as oil price, technological advancement etc.

Where can I buy cheap Fujifilm Instax Mini film?

This was the cheapest I saw, if it's the right kind.https://www.walmart.com/ip/FujiFilm-Instax-Mini-Instant-Film-Sheets-10-count-2-pack/43922214?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227031718300&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=t&wl3=65398337231&wl4=aud-310687322322:pla-120507370631&wl5=9026839&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=4392221

Is psychoanalysing still considered an effective therapy for personality disorders?

Is Psychoanalysis Still Relevant to Psychiatry? - NCBI - NIHwww.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov u203a pmc u203a articles u203a PMC5459228Jan 31, 2017 u2014 The philosopher Karl Popper considered psychoanalysis to be a ... and its efficacy is ... claims efficacy for long-term psychodynamic therapy for personality disorders.,by J Paris u00b7 u200e2017 u00b7 u200eCi

How do you describe your best beach vacation?

This is our little paradise.Our beach has a 6 kilameter long start from our barangay to the end..There are a several tourist came to shoot like the movies and the others was taking for vacation.Beside of the the beach a lot houses and end was still virgen fourist and lot of cocunut trees.this beach located in San vicente Palawan Philippines.I was g

How does one create a business plan?

How to Write a Business Plan,This article is part of both our Business Startup Guide and our Business Planning Guideu2014curated lists of our articles that will get you up and running in no time!,If youu2019ve reviewed what a business plan is, and why you need one to start and grow your business, then itu2019s time to dig into the process of actual

Is there any TRULY free sound recording app for iPhone?

Yes there is one. Even i tried many and most of them have trials or limited functionality. The one im mentioning here also have a paid version but the free one contains quite all basic functions required by normal person for recording. ,Here is the linkVoice Recorder Lite : Audio Recording, Playback, Trimming and Cloud Sharing on the App StoreI hop