Ever since I was a child I saw myself saving someone, animals, fairy from harm in my dreams so many times. I even took a spear for someone in a spiritual dream. What is the meaning of this common factor from Islamic POV on dream interpretation?

Salam,,As per the Islamic dream interpretation, one Islamic dream interpreter from the earliest generation of Muslims named Muhammad bin Sireen (ra) mentioned what a spear might mean in a dream.,He mentioned if the spear has a tip, then a brother or son will be born within your household, but it if has no pointy tip then only daughters will be born

My 14 year old autistic child was charged with assault on a police officer in school. The officer was not briefed on how to handle him or any autistic child. What rights do my son have in protecting himself?

I perused the other answers to your question and was appalled by how wrong they are. Particularly disturbing was the answer from a police officer who, frankly, seems not to understand (1) how the criminal justice system works; and (2) what autism actually is. So let me preface my own answer by urging you to hire a lawyer immediately, right now. Don

What are your K-pop predictions for this year?

My predictions are the following:,G-Dragon will come back in the Music industry.,Taeyang will also come back, a month after G-Dragon.,Daesung will release a japanese album at the japanese Music industry, 1 or 2 months after Taeyang.,TOP will be an art curator this year, again.,Seungri will have an innocence verdict.,Big Bang will announce a come ba

How can I deal with my older sisters constant emotional abuse?

I felt physical pain reading your question. Iu2019m sorry youu2019re going through this. I grew up with a very emotionally abusive older sister. She was relentless.,Here is my advice for you:,Avoid her as much as you can. If youu2019re stuck living in the same house, try to be gone as much as possible (work, friends, staying after school to study,

Which one do you prefer, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or the OnePlus 8 Pro?

It would obviously be Samsung S20 Ultra,,If someone like me who loves photography would never bother to look at Oneplus 8 Pro straightway go and get Samsung S20 ultra because at Present S20 Ultra is having the best camera in the market.,Processor Samsung Exynos 990 might seem a little drawback of S20 Ultra in front of Snapdragon 865 but practically

Which is the biggest country of Asia?

Population-wise, China is the biggest country in Asia. If you are asking about the land mass, Russia is the biggest one. However, Russia is sometimes considered as European country and in this case, China is again the biggest one in terms of land mass.,The biggest countries in Asia by the total area are :,Russia,China,India,Kazakhstan,Indonesia

How can you raise a bad credit score 100 points overnight?

u201cOvernightu201d??? You canu2019t.,There is absolutely nothing that you can do to increase your credit scores dramatically in such a short period.,AT BEST, if you were to pay off or greatly reduce the balances on all of your revolving accounts and even installment accounts so the balances are 40% or less than available credit, you could increase

How did linguistics emerge?

Itu2019s a young science: What do linguists do?:,Weu2019re a new field. (Linguistics Departments, for example, became widespread after the 1950s.) But itu2019s a very old field of study (research in other departments like Anthropology and Philosophy has been going on since the earliest universities, and before that by the earliest scientists, inclu

What is the best paid job in kinesiology?

From a stand point, I think the best paid job in Kinesiology/Human Performance field, would be a head coaching job somewhere. More applied sports science type jobs, I do not know. Related fields like Physical Therapy or Occupational therapy pay high, but arenu2019t really in the traditional Health Human Performance area.,I mean, I was studying Kine

Which are the most expensive hotels in the world?

The Ritz, London..it doesn't rely on artificial star ratings that other hotels appoint themselves..(anything above 5 *) its the choice hotel of HM Queen Elizabeth II attends along with other international royalty, business leaders, political leaders and of significance who command the highest attention to detail. ,Its service is second to none, alo

Which is the cheapest country in Europe for an Indian backpacker on a shoestring budget?

I would say Central Europe is very cheap and affordable for Indians. Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary are all affordable and have a very good lifestyle on par with Western European countries. So start with Poland, move towards Prague, Czech Republic and then to Budapest to end your trip.,Visa is a strenuous process for Indians, but Polish Embassy is

How do I reset an infrared thermometer YHKY 2000?

In a field of corn, you can use it to check the corn temperature and the ground temperature.,In a field of rice, you can check the water temperature also - Infrared thermometers are great for checking water temperatures.,In a baseball field, I suppose you could see how warm the baseball is. Maybe one side favors strikes or something - you might dis

How long is the flight from Los Angeles, USA to Auckland, New Zealand?

Like other answers, Qantas (an Australian airline) is entitled to certain u2018freedoms of the airu2019, since the US and Australia (along with most countries) are in an Open Skies agreement.,The standard American Open Skies agreement enables flights u201cfor airlines of the United States, from points behind the United States via the United States

Statistically speaking, when can you define a business strategy as a "niche"?

The term u201cnicheu201d is like the terms u201centrepreneuru201d or u201csmall businessu201d . Ask ten people to define it and you will get ten different answers.,I would describe a business as a niche if it addresses a segment of the overall market that has been under-served or even ignored. This segment of the market needs to be big enough to su

What camera should I buy for travel vlogging?

Best cameras for vlogging in 2022rn rn The best cameras for vlogging in 2022 are expected to be the ones that can record in 4K have a wide-angle lens and high resolution. These cameras will also be able to deliver a 3D effect.rn rn In the future, we will witness a revolution in camera technology. We will see more and more cameras capable of capturi

What is the best way to cook tuna steak at home?

Follow our tips for buying and cooking tuna steaks. This meaty, flavoursome fish is delicious griddled or pan-fried, especially when it's marinated in herbs and spices.,Tuna has a meaty firm flesh and a rich, strong flavour due to its high oil content. Because tuna is oily, the flesh goes off more quickly than some other fish, so buy it as fresh as

How accurate is an IP address geolocation using Google Maps?

The answer is that it isnu2019t. IP addresses are NOT end user location dependent with some notable exceptions that I wonu2019t go into here. The IP address will in most bases give you a region, or country, but not anything close to a real location of the user of the IP address.,As an example, if I look up the u201cgeolocationu201d of my address, I

Have your neighbors ever called the cops on you for something ridiculous?

Itu2019s never happened to me, though I can think of some good stories in this line:,A 90-year-old woman I knew sat on her front porch and saw boys down the street in their speedos cooling themselves off in a small above-ground pool in a neighboru2019s front yard. She called the police and said there was a bunch of naked men in a pool.,My new next-

What is that one picture that best describes your city country state?

Philippines,You can be considered as a good singer or frustrated singer. Nevertheless, good or not, we love singing- whatever the celebration is. Karaoke/ videoke are everywhere and there is a wide spectrum of karaoke bars here.,Almost every Philippine home has a karaoke machine or a Magic Sing microphone u2013 a digital mic that turns your televis

How will my country (Philippines) be affected if I saved my money in the U.S. dollar rather than Philippines currency. Which will be helpful in the long run and short run?

Okay so from my experience with money exchange rates is that everyday it varies here and some exchangers have their own rate while some have a fixed rate that only changes by a few. I personally was born in the Philippines but soon moved to Canada with my family. From my understanding is that the US Dollar is more expensive to exchange here in the

How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

I observed people were desperately waiting for Christmas! Even they started to plan for this occasion many days before. But do you know what makes it the best occasion of the year? Because it gives us a chance to celebrate precious moments with our lovely family and friends.,Decking out your house with Christmas decorations that set the mood. Get e

What does it mean if you canu2019t move photos to SD card (because of u201cinsufficient storageu201d) or make camera automatically store them there (settings, internal storage, SD card, camera, storage, Android)?

I know itu2019s unlikely, but letu2019s assume for a second that youu2019re serious. Insufficient storage is u2026 less than enough. You canu2019t just u2018wedgeu2019 files in, where there is no space available in which to store them.,What you need is the InfinitySD which literally has no storage limitations. None. You can just keep sending files

If a Sherman 75mm gun fires a high explosive round, how close would it have to land to you for it to be lethal? Also, are there any photos of an HE shell impact?

The 75mm round was based on a artillery gun. Its shell was very thin walled so it put out a large number of shell fragments. It had a kill radius of 20 to 30 meters with a chance for wounds much further out.,https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/75mm-M3-spec-booklet-MK-VI.pdf&ved=2ahUK