Whats something commonly eaten in America that British people find strange or disgusting? Im looking for foods that are viewed as normal in America that British people cant understand.

Being raised as a Briton with an American mother has allowed me to experience a decent amount of American foods- both within the home, and in the country itself.,Since a lot of the foods that come forefront to the mind have been mentioned already, I will just briefly summarise my own perspective on them.,Pancakes and Bacon: not really found in Brit

Is the $2,000 free money cash app real or fake?

Many people want to earn money without doing anything like a survey. For this, they can do anything. But all this does not happen. This is a trap laid by scammers. In which you guys get stuck. These people lure you. Like you can earn $2000 for free without doing anything on Cash App.,You must have received such emails. I had also got it but I did n

What are some of the best drone photos in the world?

This one!,This is the best one for me!,Because,,It is a photograph that shows Indiau2019s a new Guinness world record for the largest human flag, formed by over 50,000 volunteers.,India was officially declared as Polio Free in 2014 by World Health Organisation(WHO). This photo shows our achievement,I was one of the organizers for this spectacular e

How much is 3 lakh to PHP?

I could write an answer, but it would not be very useful, for two reasons:,Currency exchange rates fluctuate all the time. I could answer your question now, but my answer would quickly become outdated.,A lakh, in itself, is not a currency unit; itu2019s just 100,000. You are probably asking about Indian rupees, but there are many other countries wh

What does the Russia-China alliance mean for the U.S?

Russia - China public alliance began after World War 2. Russia supported Mao against Chun Kai Chi. Mao would have lost without Stalinu2019s help. Richard Nixon saw the opportunity when the relationship broke up after Stalinu2019s death. There were even military confrontation in Russiau2019s Far East with Chinese. Russians killed hundreds of Chinese

Would an amendment proposed by McConnell to the Patriot Act be passed to let the FBI collect records on Americans web-browsing and search histories without a warrant?

I think it will pass, yes.,Unfortunately, most Americans have been sold on the idea that the Patriot Act is necessary for their own protection: ironic, really, that you consider that the party that so often speaks of itself as being the only entity to stand up for true liberty in the United States is so often the one most hell-bent on curtailing it

What is the most popular fast food restaurant in the world in 2022?

What's the number one fast food in the United States?Sorry folks, itu2019s not McDu2019s. Nor is it KFC.,I will argue the number one fast food is pizza and it doesnu2019t show up on the charts because itu2019s not a single franchise but rather many thousands of sources, from school cafeterias, to frozen pizzas in supermarkets, to local pizza shops,

Whats the best way to pick up passengers arriving at LaGuardia airport in NYC?

Getting to New York Cityu2019s airports has never been easy. But now, some savvy travelers are saying theyu2019ll avoid LaGuardia completely, due to nightmarish road conditions that come as a byproduct of the airport's attempts to rise to replace the u201cthird worldu201d facility famously maligned by Vice President Joe Biden. During its transforma

Am I a bad person if I dont want a child with autism?

My pregnancy was complicated.,I had some weird symptoms and while vomiting, I threw out acid. Endoscopy was not possible as I was bearing a child.,At this time, I was also diagnosed with thyroid. The doctor gave me medicine for that.,I went to my parents' house as my father is a doctor and I could be taken care of better. Most of the time there, I

How do I crack the TCS aptitude test?

Unlike other answers, The best suggestions and guidance regarding TCS aptitude can be provided by the one who has already cracked the TCS hiring process. I got placed in TCS and would really love to answer this question as I have experienced the exact process and went through the same situation.There are numerous myths regarding TCS Aptitude that i

My girlfriend left me and Im heart broken, how can I get her back?

A2A.nYou're getting some very bad advice.nIt is very possible you can't get her back. Not with manipulation or more lies or gifts or telling her what she wants to hear. nAt this point you lost her to dishonesty. You screwed up, not her, and if roles were reversed and she lied to you about something important to you, would you still want to be with

What type of cameras can we use for photography?

Iu2019m frankly tired of the u2018itu2019s not the camera, itu2019s the photographeru2019 trope constantly making itu2019s way around the community. Itu2019s both.,As a full time photographer in NYC that just returned from a 4 day assignment that took me to capitol hill; in reference to brand, make, and model, in the world of professional photograp

What are the top 3 contributors to CO2 emissions?

One thing you need to learn if you are interested in climate change is that all numbers are fuzzy, not because they are inaccurate, but because there are different ways to ask a single question. About 90% of the CO2 we emit which is raising atmospheric levels comes from fossil fuels, which are easiest to divide into coal, petroleum and natural gas

What are some small things to make home a better place?

u201cMy home where currently I am living is a small 2 BHK government quarter. I did few things to make my homeu2019s look and feel better and lively.. I would like to share those u201dPlease note that this is my personal choice and people often admire the way I keep my home..I hope you all will like it,Go for vibrant color combination for walls.I c

How is Hamilton, New Zealand?

Just like any city Hamilton has its pros and cons.,Hamilton City.Hamilton as has been said already is the 4th largest city in New Zealand. It is an inland city south of Auckland in New Zealandu2019s upper North Island. It is a small city but by no means some tiny place in the middle of nowhere either. The population of Hamilton is around 150,000 pe

What are the arguments for and against the death penalty?

Support it? I'm a fan of it. ,To begin with, I don't disagree with any of John Burgess' points about failures in the practice of capital punishment. He is correct on all accounts, but that doesn't deter my opinion.,It isn't that I agree with putting people to death just to scare people into submission against. I don't want it because it deters othe

When will MIUI 10 be released for the Redmi Note 5?

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM has already been released for Redmi Note 5. For more information & download links, visit - MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.19: full changelog & download links - MIUI General - Mi Community - XiaominAs far as MIUI 10 Stable ROM is concerned, itu2019ll be rolled out in phases after successful testing of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM.

What is the worst thing someone has said to you about yourself?

In real life or on Quora?,In real life what rumour can they possibly spread about me?,Outside my immediate circle of family, relatives and friends, no one knows me or even notices me. I would be honoured to know that there is a rumour being spread about me!,But here on Quora, most of you must have heard about these terrible rumours :,I have the sol

How do I improve my writing skills for the UPSC?

Keep all these points very well in your mind. I have written them after giving due thought and time:,Write about 15u201318 words per mark for a 250 mark question paper to be attempted in 3 hours i.e. you should be writing about 3750u20134500 words in three hours. And mind it this has to be good quality stuff. UPSC in my experience demands both - qu

What do I present my boyfriend on his 18th birthday?

So many creative and personal ways to show love and appreciation to your boyfriend 18. Create Special 18th birthday pic collage from wide selection of designs at Photo Art StudioPersonalized Picture CartoonCustom Painting from Photo on CanvasPersonalized Pop Art from PhotoPersonalized Funny Tee Cup, Ceramic Coffee Mug using photoPersonalized Rubik'