What is the best time of year to visit Salar de Uyuni?

I went to Salar de Uyuni last year in the end of february, and it was amazing! I doubt it would matter too much exactly which month you decide to go, as long as you dont go during bolivian winter (may-sep) - it gets really cold and the desert gets a dirty /brownish colour (instead of the original white one). I recommend that you do some researching

Tab S8 Vs iPad pro? Which is good for medical student?

Tab s8 works on android; so obviously more flexibility in medicine related apps; you can do hell lot of tweaks to the software and get that ever apps you want for free. Plus easier making notes, ample storage, lesser price are pros for buying it.,Coming to iPad; please, if you a student donu2019t go for iPad Pro; choose iPad Air instead, itu2019s m

What diet should I eat to reduce belly fat?

First the good news, when you lose fat, itu2019s not just your belly, youu2019ll lose fat wherever it sits in your body, including your chest, waist, thigh, arms etc.,What follows is the results of years of experience and a lot of failure! Losing fat is hard and there are a lot of myths. Iu2019ve tried many and failed, taken the time to do the rese

What is Appleu2019s product differentiation strategy between iPads and MacBooks? The new iPads seem to compete directly with MacBooks. Even the longtime software holdouts like Autocad and Photoshop are now native on iPad. Why buy a MacBook?

I think their ultimate differentiation strategy is unification.,For one, look at Appleu2019s business today. Their macOS business is less than 10% of revenue, and itu2019s an expensive 10%. They have to make all sorts of different models, versus essentially two iOS models in one year, plus tweaks. They have to make an OS for 15u201320 million macOS

When is an overnight layover worth it?

I regularly fly from the U.K. to the Philippines, there is 1 direct flight available, but this is far more expensive than taking an indirect flight. So for this reason I choose to take a connecting flight.,A connecting flight is either via the Middle East , or via an Asian hub. nIf you fly via a Middle East hub airport you have on average a 6 - 7 h

What is a business SWOT analysis template?

A SWOT analysis is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool to help you develop your business strategy, whether youu2019re building a startup or guiding an existing company.,It is a useful framework for analyzing your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps you to build on what you do well, to address what you're l

What are some really simple recipes?

Oreo biscuit cake ( Microwave 3-5 mins):n,u200b,INGREDIENTSn,Oreo biscuit u2013 20 nos (any flavor),Milk u2013 1 cup ( 240 ml),Plain Eno or baking powder u2013 3/4 tsp,Sugar u2013 2-3 tbsp,nMETHODn,In a food processor combine all the biscuits with cream & sugar.Grind it coarsely.Now add milk to make a smooth paste.,Grease a microwave safe bowl and

Why is the Philippines considered poor, but I saw a lot of nice buildings and streets in Metro Manila and met many well-educated and capable Filipinos?

(edited to answer some comments),Maybe because you grew up within a social circle and with teachers that taught you that if one is a poor country, then everybody there are poor, badly educated (perhaps even full of bad or stupid people) and all the sceneries and buildings are poor and miserable and dirty or slum-looking. And if one is a rich countr

What are some things that totally ruin the feng shui in a house?

The following items are considered very bad in Feng Shui, and should be avoided, or in some cases, mitigated. The first list is items that affect your place from the outside. The second list refers to the inside of your home.OUTSIDE influences:,A site next to a school, cemetery, construction site, or power plantnHaving any of these sites as a neigh

I have been to Guruvayoor and few other temples in Kerala recently. Can someone help me in understanding the meaning and reason for various offerings to made in Kerala temples as it looks hard to understand?

Well,,I assume the OP should be a Non-Malayalee and probably Non-South Indian as the question says that he/she finds hard to understand the meaning of offerings. It's quite natural as people often find hard to understand the meaning of many offerings in temples outside their cultural zone.,As the OP specified Guruvayur specifically, I think it's be

Which are the best, similar, and cheapest Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 2022 in the US?

u2665u2665 9 BEST Similar Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 2022,u27a1ufe0f 1. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920x"[EXTRACTO]"You ll make a strong impression when it counts with crisp, clearly detailed and vibrantly colored video. Be seen in amazing clarity and detail thanks to the five-element glass lens and premium autofocus.,The C920x automatically fine-tun

Which is the best laptop brand in India?

LIST OF POPULAR LAPTOPS BRANDS IN INDIAPLEASE CLICK ON CONTINUE READING TO SEE THE FULL POST,A recent survey reveals that laptop sales revenue in India will reach Rs 385,822 million by the end of 2022. It might even reach Rs 576,404 million with an annual CAGR growth rate of 8.36% by 2026. Sounds awesome, right! Itu2019s overwhelming to know that t

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer?

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer? 09/01/21Hot sandwiches are best grilled or pressed in a sandwich toaster.,If you donu2019t have either, you can make a decent toasted sandwich in an air fryer.,Best with cheese as a filling as a hot gooey filling would be ideally done in an air fryer.,You can add other bits like ham and tomato if you wi

How do I manage subscriptions on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app.,Tap your name.,Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.),Tap the subscription that you want to manage.,If you donu2019t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already ca

Which makes a better pet, an anaconda or a chimpanzee?

I donu2019t think I would feel comfortable with any of them. One is a all-swallowing reptile another one is a classical maniac.,Itu2019s like choosing between two worst outcome, whether you want to return home see the thing swallowed your children or your spouse, or return home see the chimp bashed your children to the wall or killed them with itu2

Which Burger King outlets accept EBT?

As far as I know none because of the precooked law attached to EBT.,From what I know from experience is the only u201cchainu201d restaurant that does is Papa Murphy's because they don't precook the pizza.

What are some great simple pasta recipes?

The easiest there is, takes you exactly as long as it takes your pasta to cook. Itu2019s called Aglio (garlic), Olio, (olive oil), e peperoncino (pepper flakes). Thatu2019s it. Thatu2019s all you need.,Well, that and a little pasta technique, which I shall impart upon you, now:,Ingredients:,whole fresh garlic,olive oil (no need to use extra virgin)

What are you a laptop or a iPad user?

As of now, laptops all the way! (Although, Iu2019m pretty sure my opinion might change later, so donu2019t quote me on that in the future),Iu2019ve been using a MacBook Pro 2020 since the last 3 months, and Iu2019ve been an iPad 2017 user since last 3 years. And I think for my lazy bum the 3 months of use seem to promise me more productivity than t

Did Hawaiians really die from typhoid, plague, leprosy, mumps, measles, whooping cough, smallpox, and chicken pox? Im worred historians are just closeted liberals trying to make explorers look bad.

Yes, Hawaiians did die of these things. In large numbers as well.,King Kamehameha and Queen Kamamalu died of the measles while on a visit to England, because they had no immunities.,The issue isnu2019t if Hawaiians suffered from diseases in great numbers. Itu2019s who or what is responsible. Many would blame explorers, or make the case that later v

How is the Facebook follow button implemented?

I think FB may have changed things, because all of the answers I saw here were wrong, at least if itu2019s not a business page. You click the arrow to find settings. Then on the left side, choose u201cpublic posts.u201d That brings up a box where you can choose who follows you. If you choose u201cpublicu201d then FB will add a separate u201cfollowu

If Singapore is so wealthy, why do its citizens feel stuck?

I donu2019t know. Why do they?,Iu2019m a 20-something-year-old working-class Singaporean born to working-class parents and grandparents. My familyu2014both paternal and maternalu2014has pretty much always been between working and lower middle.,When I was conscripted, I tried my best to save whatever petty allowance they were obligated to give us. A

Are Instagram downloaders safe?

InstaDownloader offers Instagram users with an option to download any video they desire in a safe and secure manner. You are required to simply feed the online site with the URL of a video or photo you would like downloaded, and InstaDownloader will get the job done in no time.,where you can view and download Instagram stories or highlights in high

How do I remove the music from a video soundtrack without removing the other sounds?

This rate of success in this scenario is very context specific, and depends on what you want to keep, and what you want to remove.,A combination of different factors are involved including sound clarity, bit rate, sound quality, nature of the sounds, difference in pitch and volume levels. nSome types of sounds are much harder to remove than others,

How do I make onion sauce?

Onion sauce? That could be a number of things.,In classical French cuisine there is a sauce named Sauce Soubise, which is an onion flavored bechamel. Itu2019s easy to make. Mince onion, sweat them in butter (do not brown the onions) until they are sweet and translucent, add flour to make a roux, cook the roux for a minute and then whisk in milk. Si

What should I eat chicken with?

Rice. I LOVE chicken with rice. A little spicy stirfry with green chillies and mushrooms over buttered rice. Or sweet and sour with scallions heavy sreaned jasmine. Or maybe a mild creamy chicken with mushroom risotto. You get the picture. Oh and I make this saucy roast hen with saffron infused tomato pullao.