Is there an AirPrint Printer that can print pictures on photo paper?

HP printers can all use AirPrint now. As far as I remember HP and Apple did joint work to get AirPrint functioning. ,Some HP printers have a built-in photo tray along with the regular paper tray (7640, 5740, 5660 models are a few) ,I have a weekend job in retail, so I attempted printing from Brother, HP, epson, canon. ,The most difficult to connect

Which technology do they use to get internet on a SIM card?

SIM cards store network-specific information used to authenticate and identify subscribers on the network.The SIM, Subscriber Identity Module, is a smart microprocessor chip for mobile phones used in all GSM and 3G networks (where it is called the USIM). The SIM can also be used on other digital telephone networks such as IDEN(Integrated Digital En

What is cyber security example?

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data from cyberthreats. The practice is used by individuals and enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.,below some examples,,Encryption.Encrypting data in storage, transit and use.,Authentication.,S

Can you list three things that wed be shocked to learn about you?

Hmmm . . .3 things, huh? I donu2019t know, Iu2019m pretty up front about most stuff to my knowledge. But here it goes.,1 - Iu2019m part of the LGBTQ acronym, but not in the way most people might think, and is likely completely invisible to most people at first, second, or even third glance. Or even after years of friendships. Only one of my friends

What is Amazons unique value proposition?

Amazonu2019s unique value proposition is incidentally that they add more value than anyone else. Period.,They do this many ways:,Price,Selection,Shipping speed,Reliability / customer service,Other prime membership perks: content, cash back, deals kindle, audible, prime now, etc.,New products & services like amazon echo, checkout free retail, drone

What are some traditional Italian food?

Thereu2019s no such thing as a u201ctraditional italian foodu201d, as we have a lot of very different areas in which we have different traditions, different dialects (or languages) and, as well, different traditional food. So a very traditional food in one city might be an exotic food in another, even few kilometers apart.

What is the narrowest country in South America?

Chile.Chile is ~4,300 km long (2,670 mi) long but only 350 km long at itu2019s widest point! Making it the narrowest country by relativity to itu2019s north-south length.,I did a project in school about Chile. Did you also know that Chile has 11 different ecosystems due to itu2019s north-south length. I bet you didnu2019tu2026 liar.

Why do companies like Nikon sell cameras that around 16 megapixels but phone companies like Sony and Nokia sell phones that have 20 to 40-megapixel cameras?

Simply put, camera markers and phone makers are trying to solve different problems in photography. The camera maker is mostly targeting enthusiast and professional photographers trying to capture the best image possible. For consumer models, these days, theyu2019re trying to offer customers a thing they canu2019t get in a phone, because right now,

What time is Christmas 2020 around the world?

Christmas Eve, 24 December 202010am u2013 Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Samoa, Tonga,11am u2013 New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington),12pm u2013 Fiji, Russia (Far East),,1pm u2013 Australia (eastern regions), Papua New Guinea, Guam,3pm u2013 Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia (eastern regions),4pm u2013 China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malay

Can you keep the old Whatsapp number on a phone without the old SIM card?

Yes.,I have this whatsapp account from a sim card which was canceled about a year ago. Until somebody goes gets that number from the network provider and activates the whatsapp, I will use it. I can even move this whatsapp account from one phone to another one, and from that phone to the tablet and from tablet to my laptop and use it on my laptop,

What are some of the best recipes for pancit canton?

Pancit Canton is a Filipino noodle dish thatu2019s contains canton/wheat noodles (in ours we also include bihon), and is loaded with a variety of meats and vegetables!Ingredientsu2022 Canton Noodles (8oz),u2022 Vermicelli Noodles (1oz),u2022 Celery (1/2 cup, sliced),u2022 Carrots (1 cup, julienne-cut),u2022 Cabbage (2 1/2 cup, chopped),u2022 Oil (2

What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you in New York City?

I worked in the advertising and PR district, Madison Avenue north of 42nd Street, in the 1980s. One day I was in a huge hurry. I was running west on 42nd, about to take a running right turn around the corner of 41 East 42nd. As I turned, I ran headlong into another man who was doing exactly as I was, in the opposite direction.,We SMASHED into each

SSD vs HDD, which one is better?

There is no straight forward answer to your question. First, you need to know that how HDD and SSD work and then cross-match some parameters of HDD and SSD with your needs. Finally, you will decide which will be better for you. (So, Read till the end and then pick one of them),The Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which has been around for the last half-centu

What is your best experience because you missed a flight or it got delayed?

In 2014, on the evening of December 23rd, my Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles was oversold. I was burned out, and already snoozing in my favorite seat (up against the wall). I came to just as the attendant announced that Delta was now offering $800. to any passenger who was wiling to give up their seat to a serviceman returning from Afghani

What is the tallest mountain in the United States? How long does it take to walk up it?

The tallest mountain in the lower 48 states is Mt Whitney in California at 14,505 feet. The Whitney Portal trailhead is at 8,374 feet. You then hike 11 miles and gain about 6,000 feet. You can easily do it in 6 to 7 hours. It is not really a climb, just a hike.,Mt Whitney from below,On top.,The tallest mountain in the US is Mt Denali in Alaska at 2

What are good snacks for a party?

It depends what kind of party?,a cookout/BBQ/Boil/tailgate party would be completely different foods than say a bridal/baby/ shower or housewarming party,I would say I mean you can never go wrong with some deviled eggs, nachos {we do a lil Thing called gumbo nachos}, pimento cheese dip/ shrimp dip + crackers, Jalapeu00f1o poppers, jambalaya, bourbo

I have a bluish-gray tile floor what color should the walls be?

I had blue-gray floor tile in one of my previous homes. I also inherited the dark brown wood trim. In response I painted most of my walls a neutral cream color and a large accent wall dark chocolate brown. I was complemented on the results. You can experiment with sample paints to test the combination you like best before you commit to a particular

What is the cheapest and best laptop for graphic design?

Hi,,Cheap and best are two words which rarely meet.When we talk about a laptop,the first constraint is BUDGET.We should look for the work you have to do and the best specification you will get in that range.,As you asked about Graphic designing,I hope I am doing it with my laptop.I usually use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for my work.,I think my

Are Android phonestablets popular in the Philippines?

If you define popularity as mere product awareness and considering the market awareness campaigns being conducted at the moment by various organizations, I would say Yes. Cherry (China/Taiwan OEM) was able to successfully release its first Android phone and Samsung responded by releasing the cheapest Galaxy phone at around the price of a $115.,Does

How can I talk to a Cebu Pacific agent?

Contacting the Cebu Pacific Airline via phoneWhether you are traveling for the first time or have some flight issues you need to resolve, calling the airlines directly is the best option. Cebu Pacific is a Philippines airline with its eyes set on dominating the world airlines in its region. You can understand this from the way they have designed th

What are the different characteristics of globalization?

Really there is only one aspect of globalization.,The ability to communicate and travel to anywhere on the globe in a short period of time.,This implies a lot. No longer are people separated by distance. One can know people on the other side of the globe (think Facebook). One can interact efficiently with anyone anywhere. One does not have to limit

Whats a cheap smartphone that can run PUBG?

To say PUBG Mobile is the most popular game right now in India would be an understatement. The multiplayer battle-royale game where 100 players shoot and kill each other to be the last man standing has caught on like wildfire.,While this is hardly the best designed mobile game, the primary reason for the gameu2019s infectious popularity is the abil

What are the best beaches in Thailand?

I just love Ko Nang Yuan beach, during my last vacation I found the beauty of this spot. Among all the ferry spots I kept few in my memories. I will never forget to give my special thanks to Tina of Andamanferryservice for their outstanding ferry services.

What is an essay about quantitative research?

Generally an essay is, according to Wikipedia, u201ca piece of writing that gives the author's own argument.u201d So once you have defined what quantitative research is (some good definitions in other answers here), you need a thesis statement that shows your point of view about it. Something like this would work: u201cQuantitative research only go

How can I root my phone?

How to Root your Android PhoneSometimes Android users root their Android to keep their device from draining easily. Here's one of those issues. "My battery drains quickly and I have to charge my phone a lot, usually once or twice a day. And when I have a business trip, I have to worry that my Android runs out of battery and I will miss some importa

What is the best meat seasoning?

Depends on the meat, doesnu2019t it?,The only thing a good steak needs is a generous layer of salt and pepper, finish with a pat of butter.,But thatu2019s what you do when youu2019re having a steak. If Iu2019m doing fajitas, Iu2019m using a marinade of equal parts soy sauce, Lime Juice and avocado oil, adding in some brown sugar, cumin, chili powde