What is the best financial advice for young people?

Donu2019t spend more than what you can earn.Salary you earned canu2019t make you rich. But the way you spend it will determine your future.,If something costs $1,000, and itu2019s on sale for $750, and then you decide to buy it, you did not save $250 but you spent $750.Donu2019t buy that $300 bag to have nothing in it, buy that $20 bag and have $28

How do gifted adults make meaningful friendships, and find others who are like-minded?

Itu2019s not IQ what youu2019re looking into, itu2019s a particular topic.If Iu2019m a HUGE Poku00e9mon fan it is going to be obvious that people wonu2019t like me talking about how awesome it is that Ditto is likely to be a failed Mew clone .,Same goes for each and any topic that people are not readily interested in. Find online forums and group o

Do narcissists know that they are bad to their partners and just never admit it?

I completely agree with the following statement made However, I strongly suggest if you plan on confronting this type of behavior that you have somebody nearby because they can often become violent. I so applaud your answer. (Edit by Tabatha Voros),Do narcissists know that they are bad to their partners and just never admit it?,Dan Gordy's answer i

What are the procedures of changing the ownership of a vehicle in Kerala?

If the vehicle is purchased in Kerala and the vehicle bears a Kerala registration No. then this is the procedure.,Take form No. 29 and 30.,In the form 29 the seller has to sign in the place noted as transferor.,In form 30 the buyer has to sign in the place noted as trnsferee.,Have a valid insurance, pollution certificate, two photos of the buyer, a

If the world were divided into just 4 countries, what countries would they be and why?

First time writing a question about map, so please forgive if I have done anything not so good,(sorry for awkward Antarctica, as I canu2019t stand any map that lack of it and my photo-editing skill was very bad). Made by Mapchart (thanks!),So letu2019s start.,In general, I align countries by their geography (or continent-based country, with excepti

How do I share high quality images in Instagram?

Whenever you upload a high quality photo on Instagram, the applicationu2019s system automatically adjusts the resolution of the photo and compresses it down according to their requirements. Most of the time this compression thing affects the artists, as it snatches away all the details from their work and art. So here are the tricks to upload high

If someone finds San Franciscos weather too hot, would living in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scandinavia, Russia or Canada be better in terms of weather for them?

By u201cSan Franciscou201d, I assume you mean the actual city of San Francisco, not the Bay Area, which has numerous micro-climates where the weather can vary from almost constantly cool in the Daly City area to highly variable with hot summers (>30C or 85F on average) in places like Livermore or Morgan Hill south of San Jose.,Even within San Fr

What is the best budget laptop for smooth streaming in OBS?

The minimum requirements to run OBS software are very basic but if you want a laptop that will last you longer then you should go for a machine that comes with the latest hardware and runs the program seamlessly without any lag or latency. I would recommend you to check out the HP Probook 450 G7 laptop for the job. It comes with the latest Intel Co

Where is the most expensiveleast expensive area in Manhattan to live?

Traditionally the most expensive area in Manhattan to live has been certain areas within the Upper East Side where the super rich tend to congregate, somewhere in the 60s to 80s on Fifth and Park Avenues. While this is still generally the case, over the past 15u201320 years or so the trendy people have made areas like Soho and TriBeCa even more exp

Does mixing honey in a banana shake result in weight loss?

Instead, you can try to load up on essential nutrients like protein that would help build muscle, leading to lesser fat accumulation. It also induces satiety that will make you feel fuller for long. This banana honey smoothie, for instance, can be a perfect protein-rich whole meal to begin with.,Bananas are replete with fibre, protein, potassium, i

What is it like to be a Taurean?

Let me tell you my own traits as a taurean.I will not copy-paste any bilge from any random sun sign book but list down my traits as I see them.,First things first,as a taurean,I like to eat a lot.nStereotypically Taurean? nYou bet.nFood for me is a quick pleasure of the senses.Give me tasty food to get over depression,or let me celebrate with a ric

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

High Fade Pompadour Hairstyle in men.,Keep calm and.. posters.,Being obsessed with smartphones. Ofc, they make life easier. But now it has become an addiction. Be it kids, teenagers, middle aged, they all are hooked on to their phones. They forget activities like outdoor sports, physical exercise etc. They even forgot human interaction. Cafu00e9s,

How much is 20 dollars in pesos?

What country pesos? A number of countries around the world use pesos as their national currency. Each has a different exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. Or were you referring to the Canadian or Australian dollars? Be clear with your question.

What are the greatest examples of the butterfly effect chaos theory in history?

In rural Russia in the late 18th century a slave was freed. As a result, man walks on the moon.Nikolai Vasilievich Ulyanov was born a slave (or serf) at a Russian farm in 1765. At some point in the late 1700u2019s he was granted his freedom by the owner of the land, Stepan Mikhailovich Brekhov.,With his freedom, Nikolai was able to train as a tailo

Which phone should I buy, a Huawei Nova 3e Dual SIM or a Samsung S8+?

Thanks for the A2A,,This is quite an unfair comparison between a mid-ranger and a flagship even if it the flagship is from last year,,Samsung Galaxy S8+ is last year's best phone with literally not much competition up until iPhone X came into market later on,,S8+ is better in every way than Nova 3e, actually if you want to make a comparison you sho

Were the build build build Philippine infrastructure projects such as the Cavite Laguna Expressway to SLEX a colossal failure due to traffic congestion & people not driving from Manila to Santa Rosa to shop or live? Whatu2019s your opinion?

In my opinion build build build program is a good program of the government but poor execution. Because of this program, the Philippine government needs to borrow billions of dollars from other countries (ehem, China), to support this project. Unlike the previous government that focuses on paying the debt of the Philippines.,In contrary, Build buil

How do stock traders manage their lunch times in trading hours?

This is how my whole day passes!,Morning wake up at 6 am.,6 to 7.30 getting ready for the day!,7.30 to 8.30 analyzing global markets and getting ready for the day!,8.30 to 9 analyzing previous days movement and checking daily events going to happen.,9u20139.15 analyzing top gainers and top losers in the market.,9.15 to 11.30 strict trading.,11.30u2

Will the US ever build a skyscraper taller than Burj Khalifa and Jeddah Tower?

Probably not. Not until it's needed. Waste of resources.,Take Burj Khalifa. About 39% of the building is unusable. Over 60% of the space is unoccupied. (At least, it was 60% last I heard. It could be lower now.),Jeddah Tower. Similar amount of unusable space. Similar amount of vacancy. Not even finished yet either.,Kind of pointless to build a buil

What are best cheap stocks for investment?

*Penny stocks for long term*Trident ( Pays good dividend and has good growth in its business),Alok industries ( As Ambani has take over, this company is bound to flourish via good managment and big money behind it),Rail vikas nigam ( As similar to Irctc it has its own monopoly in railway related infra and recent privatization news might be good),Ye

Is there an intuitive explanation for the difference between standard deviation and sample standard deviation? My wife teaches statistics in high school. She has trouble explaining the difference to her students.

Suppose you have a distribution like this blue line and the data comes out like these red x's:,,By random chance, the data is a little lopsided. In this case, the mean of the data is the red dotted line, and it's a little bit higher than the mean of the distribution (black line). ,The red line will be too high half the time and too low half the tim

What is the difference between living among alligators in Florida and doing so in Louisiana? Are they the same species? Where is the greater danger?

Gator country!,Letu2019s start out with population. There are about 4.3 million wild alligators, across 10 US states. Plus almost 1 million in alligator farms. But weu2019re just going to talk about two of the statesu2026 LA & FL.,Iu2019ve had the pleasure and adventure of living in gator country in both Louisiana and in Florida. In both states, my