What are some unique ideas for an inexpensive outdoor wedding reception?

I had my wedding ceremony and reception at our local sportsmanu2019s club. Itu2019s bordered by two lakes and woods so it is very pretty. They have a big cabin with kitchen, bathrooms and a large hall we couldu2019ve used if it had rained. It had plenty of tables and chairs. It was free.

If I were to start a small business, what kind of accounting and finance skills would I need to understand my balance sheet and to make decisions accordingly?

Finance skillnThe most important finance skill to master when starting a small business is cash flow management. That is, knowing 'what's in the bank' adding what can we reasonably expect to receive in cash in the coming weeks less what are we 'locked-in' to paying over the same time period and items would we like to purchase in this period. A Cash

How do I download camera filters for Instagram?

Instagram has a wide range of Camera effects created by different creators and everyone can create one. If you want to explore all the AI filters on Instagram,,Open your Instagram and open create story,There you can see a lot of filters at the bottom,Select any of the filter first and There pops the details about the filter like its name and the cr

What is the best way to make a marinara sauce?

I'll add my take:,Put 6 tbsp of virgin olive oil in a pan with 1 spanish onion (1/4-inch dice) and 4 cloves of garlic (thinly sliced) and cook over medium until translucent. Don't brown it! Add 4 tsp fresh thyme and (here's the kicker if you don't have the San Marzanos) half of a carrot, finely shredded (that will add the sweetness if the tomatoes

What is the one thing you did not plan for when you got older?

In our 60s we bought a bungalow. When I looked at it I thought (as did my husband) that it was nearly future-proof. There were no steps on the front of the house, no changes in level on the inside, it was roomy and had good circulation. The only thing we felt had to change was the en suite (master bathroom). We removed the bathtub and replaced the

Why are so many people unaware what narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder is?

There are a number of reasons why so few people know about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its devastating effects:,When people here the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they think that they know what it is based on popular stereotypes of narcissistic (the boorish jerk, the selfie-obsessed teenager, the fame-hungry celeb, the dodgy pol

What are you a laptop or a iPad user?

As of now, laptops all the way! (Although, Iu2019m pretty sure my opinion might change later, so donu2019t quote me on that in the future),Iu2019ve been using a MacBook Pro 2020 since the last 3 months, and Iu2019ve been an iPad 2017 user since last 3 years. And I think for my lazy bum the 3 months of use seem to promise me more productivity than t

What are hard skills examples?

Hard skill is the ability that helps you to overcome job-specific problems. This is done with the help of courses, internal training, and on-site learning.There are various important and basic hard skills that are absolutely essential for you to know in todayu2019s competitive market such as:,u00b7 Microsoft Office(Word, PowerPoint, Excel),u00b7 Pr

What are the creepiest photos ever?

Some vintage photos really terrify me ,especially when there are creepy kids staring back at the camera.,Just look at the terrified expression on this little girls face thanks to the idiots that thought this would be a good idea for a Halloween photo from the 60u2032s.,In another vintage Halloween photo, from the 1800s, shows another creepy idea fo

Whats the difference between a 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 resolution? Which is better?

1920x1080 monitors now predominate; in fact, it's getting hard to find a monitor that sports 1920x1200. But for years, 23- and 24-inch monitors sporting 1920x1200 screens were the de facto choice for serious users who couldn't afford 2560x1440 (27-inch) or 2560x1600 (30-inch).,I used a total of six Lenovo L220x 1920x1200 monitors at work from 2010

Which is the best cloud storage service for uploading photos?

There are many factors to consider, when evaluating a Cloud Storage service to meet your specific needs.,However, most important of all these different factors is the overall cost for the storage you will incur, which will depend on what, how much, and for how long do you want to store your data/files.,Considering only the Top 3 Cloud players, AWS,

Whats the maximum carbs on ketogenic diet?

A person on the keto diet should limit their carb intake to up to 50 g a day. A person generally replaces high carb foods with fatty foods, such as eggs, dairy products, and fresh meat and fish. Wheat products and some fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes can be high in carbs, so checking food labels is key. According to a 2018 review of the diff

Which is a good portable battery charger for smartphones?

I would suggest you the Portable battery charger by Targus. It is a nice portable charger. I have used it for 3 months and it was good. nThe other options that you can go for is the one from Xiaomi. You can buy it online. nThanks for the A2A. If you have any doubts, leave it in the comments.

What colors go well with dark brown?

Colors Go Well With Dark Brown:With regards to brightening homes, we as a whole generally get mistaken for the shading plan. Which color looks best in your place? What color combination would look good on the wall, and what kind of furnishings would it look good on? Which colors go with brown?,There are many beautiful colors, such as vibrant red, c

Would Spinosaurus size and weight have made it difficult for it to move around on land?

For the moment, Spinosaurusu2019 adult size is still being tested. However, German Moroccan paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim in a 2020 Ask Me Anything on Reddit eluded to a possible weight of 10 to 12 metric tonnes for (presumably) a 15 meter individual . If Spinosaurus can reliably be estimated to be this large, it would be heavier than any other ther

How similar are Manchester and Liverpool?

I think it's all about where you are coming from.,If you are not intimately familiar with Britain, then I imagine most British cities all feel a little bit similar (with some obvious exceptions).,In the same way as how I, from a distance, might not be able to really appreciate how Buffalo, New York is significantly different to Rochester, New York,

How do you pick a locker lock?

When I was growing up, the locks were provided by the school, so that they could all be opened by a single master key.

What are some unique sweets made from Mango fruits?

1. Mango srikhand/Amar khand (A Maharashtrian sweet): recipe-Mango Shrikandh / Mango Shrikhand Recipe2. Mango ice cream: Recipe-mango ice cream recipe, easy mango ice cream without ice cream maker3. Mango milk Shake: Recipe- mango milk shake - Google Search:,4. Mango Barfi/Mango Katli: Recipe-Mango Burfi Recipe | How to Make Mango Barfi | HungryFor

How much does it cost to go to Harvard University for 4 years?

To attend Harvard College of Harvard University for four years to earn a bachelors degree, the Total cost can vary from near Zero to as much as $300,000.,Harvard and all of the elite Private US universities only require the undergraduate students and their families to pay u201cwhat they can afford to payu201d after filling out the FAFSA and/or the

What are the best aspects of living in Batangas, Philippines as a young adult?

I work Sto. Tomas, Batangas which is just a jeepney ride away from Laguna, but my home is in Batangas City, at the very heart of Batangas province.,To be perfectly honest, my living conditions here isnu2019t very magical. But things here are not as expensive as NCR, and the traffic is more tolerable, and though the shops are quite limited, with the

Should Apple release a brand new iPod touch this year?

Iu2019m honored you think I somehow know Tim Cooku2019s mind. The last iPod touch (7th generation) came out on May 28, 2019 and the model before that came out in 2015, so if that is the pace, then I would guess that Apple will not release a new iPad touch this year. That said it uses the A10 Fusion system on a chip like the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus or th

When did the U.S. Great Depression end?

This is one of the most misunderstood ideas in economics.,There are two possible answers to this question: ,1) When did growth resume?n2) When was the growth large enough to have offset all the damage done?,The answer to 1) is 1933, whereas the answer to 2) was probably around 1938-1939.,You can see this clearly in the following graph.,,,nThere has

Refresher, The difference between dynamic microphones and condenser microphones?

The other answers here posted here are great, let me add a bit more color.,If you are a singer with a very soft voice, a condenser mic may be a better choice. If you belt out the tunes or are doing work on stage in a noisy environment, youu2019d absolutely want a dynamic mic.,If you are in a conference room and want to pick up all the sound in the

Can we take a 100ml perfume bottle to a plane?

Yes you can but put it in a transparent ziploc bag together with the other liquids. In some airports you might have trouble if the label of the perfume you want to travel with has the flammable sign on it.

What is the importance of international trade?

International trade between different countries is an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment and enabling consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods.,International trade has occurred since the earliest civilisations began trading, but in recent years international trade has become increasingly important with a larger