Can I deactivate my Facebook account and still use messenger?

Yeah it's absolutely possible . Now i'm deactivating my acc for nearly 2 months but i can keep in touch with my friends via messenger. How brilliant it is! And for that you don't need a phone number or don't need to sign up with phone number. Just use the messenger like before. ,Just read carefully when you deactivate your account. Facebook will as

What was the ultimate betrayal scene in a movie that absolutely killed you?

u2018Frozenu2019 (2013).Itu2019s not what youu2019re thinking. I DO agree that Hans betraying Anna in that one scene was devastating, but not to me. This movie lacked a villain throughout and desperately needed one to amp up the mood; so I was glad they made him out to be a villain, I hate long sideburns anyways.,The betrayal in this movie that dev

How much does a first class ticket in an Emirates A380 cost?

The ticket prices depends on where you are going and where you are going, generally the first class tickets are very expensive and are opted by very few or really rich people.,All the prices I am going to tell you are based on what was told to me by my agent(Thomas cooks). I am going to tell you the prices which i inquired for a trip to Dubai from

My river cruise has just been cancelled by the cruise company and they are asking me to rebook at a later date, however I would like a cash refund. What are my rights?

That depends on the cruise company, what is stated in your signed agreement, the companyu2019s COVID policy, and the country the cruise is running out of. We canu2019t do the work for you unfortunately if you donu2019t give any real details. I got my Royal Caribbean cruise completely refunded - it took 3 hours worth of calls (2 calls total) and sev

Why do we always say Toronto, Canada but never Los Angeles, USA?

What u201cweu201d do you think you mean?,Iu2019m a Canadian who lives in Toronto, which means that 99 per cent of the time I can just say u201cTorontou201d without having to specify what country itu2019s in, because the person Iu2019m talking to already knows what country itu2019s in.,And on the rare occasion that I actually do have to provide any

Why should we give glory to God?

Change the focus. When you say, u201cI didnu2019t getu2026u201d then it reveals that the focus is toward self. The standard that Jesus set is to focus on others and in trying to better their existence. If you do that then youu2019ll experience joy. Joy is better than happiness. Consider this teaching:,Have you ever noticed the oddity behind gift gi

Does Apple gives its Apple student discount in India?How to get it?

Yes They Giveud83dude0e!!,For iPad:,Student discount applies on most of their products except their smartphones.,You Need to get Verified by Unidays1.Go to Apple website and open education section,2.Click on Get Verified by Unidays Option.,3.Fill up the details asked and Upload Your Colllege ID pic.,You will be verified within 24hours.,Bonus tip: T

Why was Caesarea Maritima important?

The city was populated throughout the 1st to 6th centuries AD and became an important early centre of Christianity during the Byzantine period, but it was destroyed during the Muslim conquest of 640, after which it lost its importance.

What is the tallest mountain in the United States? How long does it take to walk up it?

The tallest mountain in the lower 48 states is Mt Whitney in California at 14,505 feet. The Whitney Portal trailhead is at 8,374 feet. You then hike 11 miles and gain about 6,000 feet. You can easily do it in 6 to 7 hours. It is not really a climb, just a hike.,Mt Whitney from below,On top.,The tallest mountain in the US is Mt Denali in Alaska at 2

Why was the Great Wall of China built?

Letu2019s look at maps first.,1. 400 mm rain drop line,The border between light green and pale yellow is 400 mm rain drop line.,2. How Great Wall goes,A sharp eyed reader would easily discover that the Great Wall goes on the 400 mm line! Ok, roughly, but generally the same. We learned from middle school that 400mm is the minimum for crops growing i

Where does the Great Wall of China start?

Traditionally the Great Wall of China starts at Shanhaiguan (u5c71u6d77u5173) aka. the First Pass Under Heaven (u5929u4e0bu7b2cu4e00u5173) in Qinhuangdao Prefecture, Hebei Province about 300km due east of Beijing.,More exactly, it ends a few miles down the road at the Old Dragon's Head (u8001u9f99u5934) which is where the wall actually goes into th

How do I register a trademark in India?

Hi,,Registration of Trademark is a time consuming and on going process, there is a very big legal process involved when your application is being objected or opposed. So, it is always better to move before the Registry through your Advocate who is experienced in trademark cases. Websites like vakilsearch provide quality service for registering your

What does high and low standard deviation(SD) indicate? For example, in research of factor of employee motivation, SD of skill enhancement is low and SD of job security is high, what does it mean?

The lower the standard deviation, the lower the amount of variation. The higher the standard deviation, the higher the amount of variation. BUT note that the standard deviation is in the units of the measurement. And so itu2019s usually not sensible to compare standard deviations of different things.,Hereu2019s an example of standard deviation for

What is the simplest marinade for pork chops to make them juicy and tender?

What is the simplest marinade for pork chops to make them juicy and tender?If you are after u201csimpleu201d it depends what you have on hand. Bear in mind everyone has their own preferences, there is no one u201crightu201d way to do any kind of cooking. Take a look in your cupboards and refrigerator, what do you have that is handy or readily avail

How do I get invited to Necker Island?

I have had a few invites. Most of them from the XTC challenges. You have to qualify for the top 25 or 50 ideas. I never went but that is one way to do it.

What are some of the best soups in Panera?

I my top 3 soups are:,Broccoli Chedder,Creamy Tomato,Baked Potato,Those 3 are my favorite! Plus all 3 combined with any sandwich are paired for a perfect meal combo!

What is the difference between debit and credit?

According to the principle of accounting,Credit means what goes on,Debit means what comes in,When stock is sold cash comes to the firm. The journal entry is debit cash and credit stock account,When the building is sold, cash is credited into the bank account. The journal entry is debit bank account and credit building account,Debit and credit are t

What are the best productivity tools for a small business startup?

In My opinion, the best productivity tools for small business Startup are :-,SlickPie - It's free online accounting software. Its features are simple, easy to use and user friendly interface. I am using it to track expenses, manage invoices and more. It's made my life easier.,Adobe Acrobat Reader software - It is the free software. It's the only PD

What is the best iPhone to buy in July 2022?

iPhone 13. Best iPhone for most people. $829 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro. Best iPhone overall. $1,099 at Amazon.,iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Best iPhone value. $819 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Mini. Best small iPhone. $729 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro Max. Best battery life.

What did you learn that broke your heart?

So some of you may know that Sage M. Mitsunari (u5149u6210u7f8eu54b2) is pretty much my best friend on Quora, if not my best friend in the world right now.,Some of you may also know that Sage has been gone for a few weeks now. She hasnu2019t written anything on Quora, she hasnu2019t upvoted anything, she hasnu2019t commented anything and she hasnu2

What is the best graphic design course on Udemy?

If youu2019re willing to learn Graphic Design, then here is a list of the Top 10 Best Graphic Design Courses & Tutorials available online in 2021. This list includes both paid and free courses to help you learn Graphic Design. These Graphic Design courses are ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts.,1. Beginners Guide to Modeling wit