What bird is the plague doctor mask based on?

The bubonic plague which swept through the known world on a regular basis. The mask along with other clothing items comes from 17th century pandemics. Here is a good NatGo article about it.

What is a creative and simple recipe for a house party?

How about some Korean chicken,Oven Baked Korean BBQ Chicken WingsThe sauce is korean chilli paste (gochujang which you can buy in a tube or tub from most supermarkets) honey or brown sugar, ginger and soy simmered for a couple of minutes.,This will be a talking point and very little effort ud83dudc4d,You can oven bake the chicken then coat it in th

Can an HDMI cable charge a laptop?

There are ways using which you can charge your laptop with HDMI in case you misplace your charger. There is another way that enables you to charge your laptop, Chromebook, or other devices using HDMI. You can connect the laptop to an external monitor or TV that comes with an HDMI IN port using an adapter cable.

Where did the derogatory word "wop" come from? Is it an acronym, or short for something else? Im Italian, and I dont get offended when I hear it. I think it sounds kinda neat, but thats only because I dont know what its really saying.

During world WW1 Italy was the only country switching sides, they had an alliance with the Central Power(Germany, Austria-Hungary) forming the Tiple Alliance but on 1914 the they delcared neutrality before and during war. On 1915 Italy Negotiated the secret pact of London supporting Great Britain and France switching sides and betraying the Triple

Despite the rise of China, why has that not really translated into a keen interest on the part of people to start learning Mandarin or Cantonese? Is it due to either the difficulty of the language or although large, still not viewed as international?

Answer: u6211u4e0du540cu610fu3002Let me immediately tell you that the (Mandarin) Chinese words I just wrote has the meaning I donu2019t agree. Henceforward I will use the word Chinese with the meaning Mandarin Chinese in this article.,I was never interested in learning Chinese before I travelled to Southeast Asia for the first time in 2016. I chang

What are the arguments for and against the death penalty?

Support it? I'm a fan of it. ,To begin with, I don't disagree with any of John Burgess' points about failures in the practice of capital punishment. He is correct on all accounts, but that doesn't deter my opinion.,It isn't that I agree with putting people to death just to scare people into submission against. I don't want it because it deters othe

Why do people bother flying business class when it is so darn expensive?

Before I settled in the Philippines, I used to fly here regularly and stay for between one and three months at a time.,The purpose of my visits was to visit my young son.,I'd bring a ton of stuff with me including toys and clothes for him, and several kilos of cheese for me because the choice here is very limited, and what there is costs a fortune.

What products are the competitors of the iPad Pro?

Firstly, iPad Pro is the direct competitor to Microsoft Surface Pro 3. ,,nIt is also seen as a competitor to new Macbook, Microsoft Surface 3, and Samsung Galaxy Tab.,Here is the comparision chart of iPad Pro vs Macbook/Microsoft Surface:,,nSource: techcrunch.comnAlso, see comparison of Apple iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 by Mashable.

Is it possible to make money by selling sheet music online?

Do you have a stellar ear, and strong transcription skills? Maybe you have lots of sheet music just waiting to find a home. Selling sheet music online is another way to make money from your music, especially if you arenu2019t releasing a new album in the near future.,Through your Bandzoogle-powered store, you can sell sheet music as pdf files that

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Bogotu00e1?

First of all, welcome to Bogotu00e1. You are in for a treat. In my humble opinion, u201cthe Athens of South Americau201d is one of the absolutely unmissable Latin-American cities.,So, since I was born and raised here (excepting the 8 years I lived in the US), I think I can give you some advice now that youu2019re moving here.,Advice #1: Bogotu00e1

What was your biggest cultural shock while living in or visiting Saudi Arabia?

I've spent around 10 months in Riyadh which is the capital of KSA (kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I am a software developer and I stayed there while working on one of the projects for our prestigious clients.,These are some of the things which shocked me during my initial days in Riyadh -,Abaya (black cloaks) are everywhereThe dress code for women is go

What seemingly insignificant things can manipulate a persons behavior?

Ever notice how small modifications to your environment can change the way we interact with things?One of the little-known intelligent furniture designs I know resides in Carlu2019s Jr, Vivocity, Singapore. The table which Iu2019d be writing about is in this picture, at the far end of the restaurant.,Carlu2019s Jr, Vivocity, Singapore.Iu2019m not t

Why are the coldest places on earth found at the poles?

During the day, the sun heats the earth. At night, that heat radiates back into space as infrared. At the poles, there is a day of six months and a night of six months. It then make sense that it gets very, very cold during the polar winter!

Will Mission Impossible 4 be a guaranteed success?

It depends on how you define "success." MI3 was the least grossing film of the three and MI4 is coming 4 years later. Also, Sherlock Holmes 2 is coming out the same day. The first Sherlock Holmes had a better opening than MI3 and is fresher on people's minds, at least on paper. There's a good chance it doesn't even have the best opening that weeken

Why am I suddenly intolerant of spicy foods and Thai food? Is this what getting older is? Every time I eat Thai food as of recent, I get urgent bowel movements.

It has nothing to do with age, but it sounds as if youu2019ve developed an allergy to spicy food. Speak about it with a doctor.,If you have become allergic, avoiding spicy food is about the only option you have. If youu2019re lucky, you will find that you can eat limited amounts once in a while; if youu2019re not even that may be too much (though d

How do I read Economic Survey for civil services exam?

Hi friends ,,Economic survey is an important document released by the Government every year reflects the year that has gone by and the year that will come.,Every year,in prelims few questions are asked from economic survey .However,this is such a huge document that students find difficult to read and spend too much time on it .,Common mistakes comm

What are the best public swimming pools in Mandaue City, Philippines?

I am also searching for pools and resorts in Mandaue City because Iu2019m going there next month and these are the ff. Pools I've searched.,Cebu Westown Lagoon - Mandaue City,Radisson Blue Swimming Pool - Cebu City, Cebu,Janther Pools and Spa master services - Mandaue City,Adult Pool - Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu,Just check this out on google so that you

What is the best vegetarian diet plan to gain healthy weight?

If you are a skinny person and wondering how to put on weight, we understand your struggle. Gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight. There may be various underlying reasons for why one might be facing difficulty in gaining or losing weight; such as thyroid, cancer, infections, celiac disease, diabetes, etc. This article is for lean people w

How accurate are historical documentaries that use film footage of World War One? Do they use footage from scenes that are described in the narrative?

We have to be very careful about any photograph we see. We know that Matthew Brady staged many of the photos of combat and death during the Civil War. In World War 1 one of the most celebrated war photographers was Frank Hurley who was the expert photographer on the ill-fated Shackleton Expedition on the u201cEnduranceu201d. He staged almost every

Why did Ferdinand Magellan think his 60 men can take on over 1000 Filipinos?

Magellan had the mistaken belief that his men who were clad in armor and carrying European steel swords and lances can easily defeat a u201cbarbarianu201d and u201cuncivilizedu201d force like the people of Mactan. When Magellan invited Lapu-Lapu (Cilapullapu or Kalipulako, depending on your source) to accept the friendship of the King of Spain and

How can I download PowerDirector Pro APK for free?

This is very easy and you can download it for free in latest version. Just watch this video and you will understand The whole process. There is a link through which you can download it easily.,Thank youud83dude07

What are some of the best color combinations in mens clothing?

1)Would first start off with a neutral(white, black or grey) and basically any other non-neutral works amazing as the neutral works to compliment the color of the other piece and wonu2019t offset(take attention away) from the coloured piece. Neutrals in a wardrobe is a must and can go with anything.,2)Blue and yellow; a great pairing and two of the