Would it be possible for a specific fiat currency to become globally rejected (outside the issuing country)? What would the likelihood be of that happening?

Depending on how you define u201cglobally rejectedu201d it happens all the time. In fact, itu2019s easier to answer in reverse. Of 180 national currencies recognized by the United Nations, only 18 are u201cfreely convertibleu201d according to the International Monetary Fund. Call these u201cglobally acceptedu201d:,Australian dollar,Bahrain dinar,Ca

What is a line of credit loans?

A credit line, also known as a line of credit (LOC), is a type of standing loan that allows individuals, businesses, or other organizations to borrow cash when they need it, repay what they have borrowed, and continue borrowing without applying for a new loan. A line of credit is also sometimes referred to as an evergreen loan.,A credit line can co

What is the best birthday party idea for kids?

So for me, kids feels like age 4 to 11 or somewhere in that range.,I taught elementary school, so my children's parties were an attempt at being educational or trying to relate the party to their interests. I planned ahead, invited no more than 6 or 7 friends, and attempted a safe but joyous event.,Themes were important for me...kinda like teaching

Have you invested in Bitcoin? What happened?

It's an investing frenzy, plain and simple.,Bitcoin cracked $1,000 on the first day of 2017. By this week, it was up to $12,000, and then it really took off: The price topped $17,000 on some exchanges Thursday, and $18,000 on at least one. Other cryptocurrencies have seen similar spikes, though they trade for much less than bitcoin.,PLEASE NOTE: Wi

How much water do I use for 2 cups of rice?

Most of the rice I have cooked, on a stovetop, called for 2 measures of water per measure of rice. So 2 cups of rice, about 4 cups of water or other liquid. This may vary for specific types of rice, or other cooking methods such as a pressure cooker. Rissoto and other traditional dishes are more of a technique than a recipe when it comes to specifi

How do you write an application for a leave of absence?

The common format would be this:,Respected authority,Subject : Application for leaveI, the undersigned, wishes to seek a leave of $$$ days, from $$date1$$ to $$date 2$$, as $$reason$$.I kindly request you to grant me a leave of aforementioned days, I assure you that I'll immediately resume my work from $$date 3$$.Thank you.Regards,XYZ.Thank you for

What is u201cERPu201d?

Enterprise software (ERP) is quite different from the everyday software most people interact with on a daily basis. It is designed with corporate needs in mind and intended for use in a business environment. While not much use outside of the workspace, it can completely transform the entire workflow of an organization.,As a result, in most cases, i

Whats the technical difference between a "living room" and a "family room"?

A living room is for entertaining guests, in my view it shouldnu2019t have a tv, the entertainment is the guests, itu2019s not for children, itu2019s the one room that should be neat and picked up so when people come to visit they arenu2019t overwhelmed with pink and purple plastic or yellow trucks and Legos.,The family room is the space for televi

Can you fry chicken with cornstarch instead of flour?

I make u2018oven fried' chicken with potato starch. It results in chicken with a crisp, crunchy crust that is very much like oil fried. The secret is to u2018breadu2019 your chicken and let it sit and dry for about 1/2 hour before baking.

How do I make oatmeal cookies without baking soda?

The leavening action with baking soda lightens the cookie by creating a slight rise, usually, an increase of size from half to near doubled. Without any leavening, the end product will be dense, chewy, and perhaps even crunchy as a challenge to chew if overbaked into dry. Pulling the cookie sheet at the first sign of browning will allow the texture

What are some interesting facts about the Palestinian massacre (Deir Yassin)?

The Deir Yassin Palestine massacre in 1947 involved the death of 107 people. It is interesting that:,It was 2 years after the Holocaust of 6,000,000 Jews by Nazis.,It was 7 years after the Katyn massacre in which Soviets killed 22,000 Polish prisoners.,It was 10 years after the rape of Nanking in which Japanese soldiers killed about 200,000 civilia

What is the cause for the Iran-Iraq war?

The Iran-Iraq war begins on September 22, 1980,On September 22, 1980, the world awoke to news that six Iraqi Divisions had crossed the border into Iran. Iran which was in throws of revolution was predicted to quickly capitulate and either would part with vast amounts of territory, or face another revolution as Saddam Hussein would replace the regim

What is artificial intelligence?

Let me give you a code-free example of how AI works and how you can play around with yourself!First of all, it is important to understand that AI can be a lot of things. However, at recent time one would probably refer to more advanced AI such as neural networks. It is also important to have in mind that neural networks can be a lot of things, and

Can someone with diabetes be on the keto diet for a lifetime?

The keto diet has exploded in popularity over the last few years, largely due to the substantial weight loss benefits associated with it. Since 40% of US adults over 20 years old are estimated to be obese, weight loss has become a major goal for the majority of the population. Controlling your diet is the single biggest thing you can do, to make a

Which brand of lens generally has better quality, Tokina, Tamron, or Sigma?

Itu2019s hard, a bit unfair and often uninformative to make a generalisation as they all make some good quality aftermarket lenses .. as we really need to compare specific examples of a particular lens/es of similar focal length zoom type etc in order to make a meaningful comparison ..,Iu2019d suggest we use a slightly more technical means of compa

Which is the worlds richest country and poorest country?

It depends on how you define rich.,If you define being rich as Gross Domestic Product (at purchasing power parity) per capita:nPurchasing power parity is a technique used to determine the relative value of different currencies.,Basically: the gross domestic product (GDP) is how much a place produces in some amount of time. For nations, the GDP can

What is the best cut of beef to make fall apart roast beef in the slow cooker?

What is the best cut of beef to make fall apart roast beef in the slow cooker?,Thereu2019s a massive problem with the question. Itu2019s huge. Massive. Hyperbolically immense.,You canu2019t roast in a slow cooker.,Roasting uses dry heat, radiating off of the oven walls, to cook food by surrounding it all over with that heat. A slow cooker uses mois

Is the DJI Mavic Air 2 worth buying?

The Mavic Air seems a reasonably priced drone with a fairly good specification, though the Mavic Pro is a better drone with better optics - though also more expensive. Personally - I donu2019t think any drone is worth buying any more. The Nanny State has killed that hobby as far as Iu2019m concerned. Then, thereu2019s always the chance of losing it

Cocktails: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How do I make great margaritas?

The recipe for a classic margarita is deceptively simple:,,1 part fresh-squeezed lime juice. Better if you use a true lime. Don't use anything out of a green lime-shaped bottle. ,1 part Cointreau. Yes it's more expensive than Grand Marnier, but it's worth it. The Patron Citronage stuff is weird, in my opinion.,1 part tequila, either blanco or repos

What are some easy things to add to make cheap packaged foods taste better?

On the theme of Chef Boyardee, one of the first things I do to improve it is actually to remove something. I notice there is a lot more sauce in the cans these days. I don't want a can of Ravioli soup so I drain off about half of it. I also like to put Parmesan cheese on top and add some herbs like oregano. For Mac and cheese, instead of putting in

What is your favorite blessing for the New Year?

May each step you take be a joyful beginning, leaving negative habits of the past to be recycled into the earth.,May you shed what doesnu2019t serve your higher purpose and fill yourself with the light of the universe.,May your sorrows be mercies in disguise.,May you remember that you have survived every one of your hardest days, and you have the e

Is gold medal flour good for pizza?

Yes, in my experience, Gold Medal flour is good for pizza. Just be sure to use the exact formula the recipe calls for, like all-purpose vs bread flour!

How do I calculate the correlation coefficient in Excel?

For linear correlations you can install the data analysis toolpak by going to options -> add-ins -> hit u2018gou2019 at the bottom -> check the analysis toolpak and hit ok -> now navigate to your data tab and select data analysis on the top right -> lastly select correlation and specify your data.,That will leverage built-in excel fu

What are the best fence ideas for your home?

The type of fence you will choose for fencing your home greatly affects the exteriors of your home/office. Here are few of the best fence ideas:,Aluminum Fences: Being very strong and secure, aluminum fences have various attractive designs your placeu2019s exteriors. It doesnu2019t require a lot of maintainence, other than the time when you are pla