Is it difficult to walk in Pompeii or Sorrento for an older adult with cancer?

Iu2019m an oncologist, Iu2019ve been to Sorrento and Pompeii and my mother had cancer and visited those places after her diagnosis, so I can answer this question from different perspectives.,As a traveler, I have to say Sorrento is one of the most beautiful places Iu2019ve ever visited. The view of the stacked up buildings u201cfloatingu201d on the

Have you ever had a hangover at the Christmas dinner table?

Usually have a hang over whilst getting woken by the children on xmas morning.,I go down and make coffee for the wife and myself, might finish off the whiskey santa forgot to drink. Or put in in my coffee.,Make sure the fridge is stocked with some bubbly, my cans of beer are going to stay cold outside. So alls good.,I'm not working today or st Stev

What is the best way to celebrate your birthday?

Happiness is in sharing.Today I turned 17. Unlike every other birthday this time I'm not active on social media. So obviously I didn't received much of wishes this time. Trust me I'm very happy by this staying away from fake wishes.,So this is how I celebrated my birthday.I went to meet beautiful people suffering from leprosy of Mahatma Gandhi Kush

Is the train ride from Seattle to Vancouver scenic?

Yes. It is very scenic from Golden Gardens beach in Seattle to Bellingham. For much of the way the train is very close to the water. You can see Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula for much of the way. These views cannot be seen by car because the freeway is inland from the coast.,There is food and drink on board. You can get up and walk around.

Can I eat pizza toppings and cheese on Keto?

Maintaining a keto diet often means giving up some foods that used to be our favorite, but that might not have to include pizza. Obviously, the traditional high-carb crust isnu2019t compatible with a keto diet, but can you just eat the pizza toppings instead?,Free Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan - Click Here to Read <<<Many standard pizza t

Why is someone taking orders at a Taco Bell in Florida able to speak only Spanish?

There must be more to the story. Ordering or taking an order at Taco Bell does not require knowing English. Plenty of people who do not speak English order at every fast food place in the nation every day. They fumble through pronunciations or they point at pictures.,Stranger still is that of course Taco Bellu2019s menu is in Spanish. So what happe

How do you calculate the break-even age if you collect Social Security early?

Mr Dunnu2019s answer is probably close enough for your purposes, but I doubt if it is the correct question. Almost anyone will do better financially if they keep working. If they keep working, they shouldnu2019t claim before their full retirement age because they wonu2019t receive the full benefit.,Many people very much do not want to keep working,

Can you suggest some themes to draw?

Do you find yourself constantly asking, u201cWhat should I draw?u201du201cThe creative journey is more important than the traveling.u201d So worry less about producing a flawless book of perfect drawings, and focus more on drawing as much as you can! See below for some themes that might spruce up your sketchbook or take you in a new direction.,Illu

What are some of the strongest liquors by percentage of alcohol?

What drink has the biggest percent of alcohol?,It depends on how you define u2018drink.u2019 If you ask what liquor has the highest percentage of alcohol, that would be 190-proof grain alcohol. Sometimes sold under the brand names Everclear or Gem Clear, this is mostly-pure alcohol.,Now, this may be a liquor, but itu2019s not really a drink. No one

What are some amazing pictures?

For me following are some amazing pictures.,1. A visitor wearing a protective face mask following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), looks at cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, Japan, March 15, 2020.,2. Blue flowers and ribbons are tied to the trees outside the Life Care Center of Kirkland, the Seattle-area

How do you explain hypothesis testing to a layman?

Suppose, I've applied for a typing job and I've stated in my resume that my typing speed is 60 words per minute on an average. My recruiter may want to test my claim. If he finds my claim to be acceptable, he will hire me otherwise reject my candidature. So he asked me to type a sample letter and found that my speed is 54 words a minute. Now, he ca

What is the best whiskey glass available?

Whisky is one of the most known and appreciated beverages. Contrary to what you may see in some movies, Whisky is not traditionally supposed to be drunk in large glasses or even in large gulps. To fully enjoy the beverage and prolong the pleasure to its last drop, it is necessary to give attention to certain details. One of the most important aspec

My photos edited in Lightroom on PC looks different when exported to iPhone. How do you approach this? Do you edit the photo on PC and then again in the Lightroom App on mobile?

The difference is because your iphone's lcd is different from your pc's monitor. And if you upload it on instagram (for example) the user see it differently because of their device's screen. If you have a high end monitor (for the PC) you can adjust the colors so your photo looks (kind of) the same on your PC and iPhone.,No point in editing it agai

Are long distance relationships healthy?

It's not for the fainted heart to be honest.,There are moments where you doubt everything and all those demons on your shoulders are playing with your mind. Is your spouse cheating on your, is you spouse going out with someone else.,After some time you just learn to ignore them and you come to trust the person that you have next to you so much and

Why are Fire Starter Pokemon always based on Chinese zodiac animals?

Hmmu2026 are they? Hereu2019s the Fire-type starters up through the 7th generation:,And hereu2019s the Chinese zodiac animals:,Rat,Ox,Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon,Snake,Horse,Sheep,Monkey,Rooster,Dog,Pig,Looking over that list, I do see a few species that have a Fire-type starter representing them u2014 the monkey (Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape), rooster (Tor

What is the simplest recipe you know that gets the most praise from others?

My Italian guest loved my u2018Fried Tomatoes and Eggsu2019 (You know, fry eggs, fry tomatoes, fry them together, done.) so much she suggested to have it every time she came to my home.,My American friend got addicted to my momu2019s u2018Cola Chicken Wingsu2019. (Stew chicken wings in a whole bottle of cola and soy sauce, thatu2019s it.),My Japane

Is there any difference between apartments in different cultures?

Home is where the hearth is.Isnu2019t it?,Or is it really?,Apartments in Taiwan for example, come without hearthsu2026I mean kitchens. It is not thought to be essential to have a kitchen in an apartment, because eating out is cheap, Taiwanese people are busy and rarely get time to spend in homes, making kitchens out of fashion. Therefore, while loo

What is Direct Democracy?

Direct democracy is where a decision that affects a group of people is developed and decided by that group. It presupposes a deliberative process, of putting forward proposals, hearing what others have to say, and debating the pros and cons, if there isnu2019t simply a direct consensus. An example of direct democracy would be a union meeting in a u

How can I convert video to avi?

As to video converter, you can try Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, which can certainly convert videos to avi. It is a powerful video converter, which can easily convert video file and DVD, burn video to DVD, even download online videos and edit your videos to be a perfect one. You can find it here:n

Can a NRI buy property in India from USA, without visiting India?

Yes, NRI can buy a property in India from USA without visiting India. NRI can appoint power of attorney in India.,Power of attorney can be your family members of father, mother, son, wife, brother, sister, or in-laws. A power of attorney holder should be trustworthy and reliable to you, as they are responsible to take decisions and sign documents o

How can I convert internal hard disk into external hard disk?

You need to have some technical knowledge of using philips or hex screwdriver to remove hdd from PC or laptop. You need to buy a caddy (external casing ) for your type of hard disk. If its computer you will need external casing for 3.5 HDD.,or if its from laptop then go for 2.5 hdd case.,Remove the hard drive from the source i.e. Laptop or computer

How do you calculate standard deviation from mean and median?

You donu2019t. Those two numbers, by themselves, are insufficient to calculate standard deviation.,Example: Data set 1 = {10,50,50,100}. Data set 2 = {0,50,50,110}. These data sets have equal means and medians (52.5 and 50 for both) but different standard deviations.

Whats the best customer service experience youve ever had?

Five years ago, I went shopping for a mid-size tractor to use as a retirement hobby and do some much need landscaping for a bad water runoff problem I had here at the house as well as a failing septic field.,I shopped the fancy, sparkling clean showroom at the Kubota dealership and talked with a really nice young salesman. Looking back at the entra