What are some of the good jobs in the biotechnology industry in India?

What is Biotechnology all about?Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advances healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control. Biotechnology can be classified in

What is the technology stack behind Google Street View? Whats in the cars? How is power and cooling managed? What happens when the car stops? What cameras are used? How is data stored? When and how is it uploaded to a server?

Great question. This is something that has interested me for a while, and I have pieced together all the information I could find on the technology that makes Google Street View work.,These details come from a number of different sources, but the key ones are:n,A Google Street View driver, who goes by the handle GoogleDriver419 on Reddit and has fi

What are the best strategies for social media marketing?

3 weeks ago, I had zero followers on any of my social media platformsu2026,Today, I have 447,000 views on Quora.,My answers have been upvoted over 11,800 times.,I even got published in Forbes.,How did I mange to pull that off in such a short amount of time?,I used one of the most powerful strategies in social media marketingu2026,Create content on

How much will it cost to rent tables and chairs for a 120-person party?

In what country?,In what state?,In what city?,What date?,For how long?,What shape table?,What size table?,A wood table? If so, what kind of wood? Solid or veneer?,Metal chairs or wood chairs?,Folding chairs?,Will you need them delivered?,I'm sure there are plenty of other bits of info needed to give an adequate answer.

How long will it take for a man from Greece to get a green card?

As much time as it takes for a man or woman from any other nation may be with the exception of India, China, Mexico and Philippines. Time to obtain a green card varies depending on what channel are you getting petitioned and subcategory under your classification.,Visa bulletin gives approximate current wait times for all possible sponsorship channe

What is the UNiDAYS discount for Apple?

UNiDAYS has some great student discounts for Apple products. Basically it offers up to 10% off when you shop online.,UNiDAYS Apple Music discount: if you a student of university or college you can get discount on Apple Music for up to 4 years. Discount amount depends on your country of residence. You can check availability of Apple Music discount h

What is the difference between aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is mainly focusing on designing and testing of flying machines which can be operated in earth atmosphere like aircraft, helicopter etc. Whereas aerospace dedicated to outer atmosphere vehicles and equipments like rockets, space vehicles etc,This is the simplest answer. You can find more details from Wikipedia.

What is the meaning of the new Surf Excel Easy Wash Liquid "Ghule Ghule" advertisement. Does the term mean something in Hindi. Is the same catch-word used across all its regional language versions?

Although, I haven't seen the advt in non-hindi, must say it's targeting the clothes liquid market by using children like all advts like Daag ache hote Hain, Po ro Po, the recent Hindu-Muslim Holi and Namaz advt.,The basic theme is to make a catching phrase like Po ro Po.,This new advt uses the catchy word Ghule Ghule in which the children enact the

Without a private VPN can you hide your IP address?

You can use proxies also. This will hide your real IP address behind the address of the proxy server. As long as it is an anonymous proxy.,But a VPN is, by far, the best way to accomplish this task. It's more than just your IP address. It's also the actual data. Your ISP, or public wifi spot, wouldnu2019t be able to see your traffic.

How accurate are laser measuring tapes?

More accurate than a steel tape. When you measure a distance greater than about 3 metres the tape is bound to sag so the measurement is not very accurate.,A laser measure working at the speed of light does not have any sag. Obviously cheaper models are not as accurate but I would say even the bargain basement models are better than a tape measure.,

What are some good projects for students to improve programming skills?

I recommend you going through the following list of projects that surely will help you improve your programming skills.,Numbers:Find PI to the Nth Digit - Enter a number and have the program generate PI up to that many decimal places. Keep a limit to how far the program will go.,Find e to the Nth Digit - Just like the previous problem, but with e i

Would an amendment proposed by McConnell to the Patriot Act be passed to let the FBI collect records on Americans web-browsing and search histories without a warrant?

I think it will pass, yes.,Unfortunately, most Americans have been sold on the idea that the Patriot Act is necessary for their own protection: ironic, really, that you consider that the party that so often speaks of itself as being the only entity to stand up for true liberty in the United States is so often the one most hell-bent on curtailing it

What colors make light green?

Light green might mean a thousand different nuancesu2026,So, to remain a bit vague: letu2019s just say that if you take green and add white, you will get a variant of light green.

What are the best sights to see in Nashville, TN?

In the downtown area: ,Don't miss the Country Music Hall of Fame, even if you aren't a Country Music fan. Allow several hours.,Walk around downtown -- 2nd Avenue and Broadway. Safe night and day and lots of free music venues. Most will have their doors open so you'll get a taste of their musical offerings when you walk by.,Ryman Auditorium -- origi

Which is the best gaming laptop under $500?

You could probably find something on ebay with a 940MX GPU under $500 that would pass as a marginal u201cgamingu201d PC.,But spending even $530 for a refurbished Acer 5 A515u201351G would get you an excellent MX150 GPU together with the amazing mobile quad-core i5u20138250U and 8GB of DDR4u2014plus the speed of its 250GB SSD.,This little wonder wil

How long do you microwave an egg for?

Depends on what youu2019re making and the wattage of your microwave. Check if it has preset recipes. All microwaves do.,Add more details to the question for a specific answer.,Cheers,,Sneh.

What is your review of the OnePlus Nord 2?

The latest OnePlus Nord 2 flagship u2014 NORD 2 5Gu2014 heats up the affordable flagship segment with a top-end Mediatek chipset, improved cameras, software and battery life. The phone u2013 which looks similar to the OnePlus 9R u2014 is priced between Rs 29,999 and Rs 34,999. Going by the specifications, the phone is a value for money offering. It

How many satellites has SpaceX launched in 2022?

Surprisingly - itu2019s VERY hard to count.,The problem is that they launch a lot of micro-satellites. The tiny ones - the size of a loaf of bread - or cube-sats that are 10cm x 10cm x 10cm cubes or nano-satellites that are even smaller.,SpaceX contract with companies that specialize in this kind of thing - and those companies make contraptions suc

What made your u201cjaw dropu201d during a job interview?

Back in 1997 I had a job interview for this Steel company. Prior to the job interview I stopped at the bank and requested roughly $50.00 in quarters so that I can have money to spend at the laundromat.,This was a four person panel interview. I was somewhat nervous because this would be the first job that really paid well for me.,So as I was prepari

What is the best recipe for buffalo wings?

Cook the wings however you like. Normally, I like to deep fry them in peanut oil. But, occasionally, I cook them on the grill to incorporate some of that smoky flavor. Either way, donu2019t overcook. Err on the side of slightly undercooking.,Next, make your sauce. For two dozen wings, Iu2019ll use 1/4 cup butter, a few tablespoons of white vinegar,

Why do people like to stick gum under desks?

Because they are thoughtless selfish a-holes who have no care or concern for anyone else who has to happen to touch such thing by accident, get it stuck to their clothes, knees or else or has to scrape and clean it.,No one needs to chew gum entering a restaurant or any eatery. Dispose of it properly before and if that forgetful, ask the first perso

What are positive effects of globalization in the Philippines?

Globalisation is a somewhat ambiguous and blanket term that can mean many things to many people.,It can mean the rise of international institutions like the United Nations and associated bodies, including the IMF. I think in large part The Philippines has benefited from these in the 20th Century, and now makes loans to the IMF, for instance, to ass