Healthy Eating: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What do rich people eat? I have noticed they are mostly slimmer and fitter than the general population.

Rich people are no slimmer, or fatter than anyone else. They can afford trainers, or expensive gym memberships, and private chefs, but for the most part they are no different in body size.,So, being a private chef for rich people, I cook for a lot of rich people. Actually, I don't even cook for upper middle class people anymore. Weight is as much a

Do you need a special camera to capture the Aurora BorealisNorthern Lights?

Not u201cspecialu201d as in u201cdesigned for the Northern Lights.u201d,But you wonu2019t get any good pictures on a cellphone camera.,Because some u201caktchuallyu201d person on Quora will jump in with u201cI got a picture of the aurora on my iPhoneu201d u2014 yes, you can get pictures on a phone, but they wonu2019t be any good. This one was shot

What are some easy dinner recipes for kids?

Kids recipes should be very nutritious and healthy as they required a lot of nutrients in their growing stage which helps in supporting their adequate growth and development. A collection of simple,easy-to-make, fun and delicious recipes enriched with a lot of fruits and veggies which makes your kids dinner time more fun and enjoyable are:,1.MINI K

What is the best Canon lens for portrait photography?

I will go with the family here and confirm the choice of having a Canon 85mm f/1.8. I use it a lot for portrait photography.,Also like Hankyoo | Nicolas, said, the 70-200mm f/2.8L is a nice alternative but pretty much expensive. This lens is also used for sport photography, nature shots or low light shows. It is a very versatile lens and almost a m

What are the system requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro cs5?

The system requirements are rather low.,But the more you can offer Premiere Pro, the better. If you are editing a 480p timeline, you do not need much from your computer. But if you are editing a 2160p timeline, a iMac 5K might start to slow down a bit.,So it purely depends on what you are asking of Adobe Premiere Pro.

What are the best pork chop marinades?

I made up my own "marinade" for pork chops and my sons love it. ,Cornflour, a dash of salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, black peppercorn, cooking oil and sesame oil mixed into pork chops, cover and store in fridge for 24 hours. Then grill.

What are somethings to consider when going to Disneyland with a toddler and 7 year old?

I can answer this with a very high degree of authority. I have worked at Disneyland, my husband worked at Disneyland, my daughter currently works at Disneyland, and we have basically lived there through all the stages of my life and my childrenu2019s lives.,First, you canu2019t do it all. Thereu2019s no way. So, plan carefully what you want to do i

Where is one of the most dangerous places in the world for sailors?

Off of Cape Good Hope, Africa. Quoting NASAu2019s Earth Observatory:,Mariners have long considered the waters off Africau2019s southern tip to be treacherous. After decades of failed attempts to navigate around the continent, Portuguese explorers took to calling one of its southerly promontories the Cape of Storms. (It was later renamed the Cape of

What is Forex trading?

Forex, also known as foreign exchange or FX trading, is the conversion of one currency into another. It is one of the most actively traded markets in the world, with an average daily trading volume of $5 trillion. Take a closer look at everything youu2019ll need to know about forex, including what it is, how you trade it and how to leverage in fore

What is it like to be someones personal assistant?

It was fun but very physically and mentally exhausting!,I moved from a provincial town to a big city. A truly new environment to adapt. It was a huge change in my life. I can remember the amusement I feel seeing several towering buildings since I am used to see trees, wet markets, and bungalow houses everyday. I was so excited but on the inside I h

What are some good snacks that can help me become fat?

When my nephew needed to gain weight, his doctor wanted him to consume extra 2,000 calories a day and recommended milkshakes. The kind you can get at many fast food restaurants, like McDonalds, whose large shake is around 850 calories.,Itu2019s full of sugar and fat, and theyu2019re drinkable calories, and there is a fair amount of science behind t

What was your biggest cultural shock visiting Japan?

Oh my - so many things! I had absolutely zero idea of what Japanese culture would be like the first time I visited. Before I went to jail, I had almost no problems with culture shock. Every person I met was incredibly polite and didnu2019t seem to mind that I was butchering the language - but after going to jail that all went out the window!,These

What is the best alternative for iMovie for Windows?

iMovie is a big name in video editing. Mainly because itu2019s a great software for beginners but also because it's very well suited for macOS. However, there is no way you can use iMovie for Windows because itu2019s Apple's own macOS only app.,But there are also some of the best alternatives for iMovie for Windows. These apps are great if youu2019

How do I change the WiFi on a Canon printer?

You are going to have to ask the question better than that. Which model? Change WiFi modes ( ad-hoc or network ), or change which network in network mode or change which computer in the ad-hoc mode?

How much protein is there in chicken breast?

Protein is a macro nutrient necessary for the proper growth and function of the human body. There is considerable debate over the amount of protein a person needs to consume per day, the current recommended daily intake (RDI) for protein is 46 grams for women aged 19-70, and 56 grams for men aged 19-70. Any excess protein is turned into energy by t

What are the best cameras for Instagram in 2022?

The best camera for great pictures for Instagram is Sony ZV-1- which is brilliant for blogging and works great to create content on social media. Another great camera is Olympus PEN E-PL10- which is a simple design camera but great for Instagram.

How much does it cost to see the Statue of Liberty?

To see the Statue of Liberty? Nothing.The Statue of Liberty faces towards the water, so the front side isnu2019t easily visible from anywhere on land other than Governors Island, which is only accessible by a ferry that charges a fare .,However, the back of the statue is easily visible from New Jersey, especially from Liberty State Park, which is f

Which is the most scenic railway ride in the world?

Konkan Railway in Indian,n,nStats:-nLength: 762 KmnNumber of major bridges: 179(with total linear water way of 21.50 Kms)nNumber of minor bridges: 1819(linear water-way of 5.73 Kms)nNumber of tunnels: 92(total length 83.60 Kms)nLongest tunnel: 6.5 Km.( Karbude tunnel)nTallest Viaduct: 64 meters in height (Panval viaduct)nLongest Bridge: 2065.8 m. (

What is the nature of sale?

SALE - An agreement by which one of the contracting parties, called the seller, gives a thing and passes the title to it, in exchange for a certain price in current money, to the other party, who is called the buyer or purchaser, who, on his part, agrees to pay such price.,This contract differs from a barter or exchange in this, that in the latter

What are some business plan examples for flipping houses?

The term flipping refers to purchasing an asset, holding it for a short time, doing some re-innovation on it, and selling it for profit. Are you thinking of starting a real estate flipping house business? Well, the business is extremely profitable provided that you manage it properly.,Source: Google ImagesAll you need to do to set up this business

Which are the most "Germanisedu201d non-Germanic countries and regions of Europe?

Were it not for the language, Czech Republic and Slovenia would be almost unrecognisable from Austria. Very similar culture, very similar way of life, very similar history, architecture, food, even nature is similar.,I would say that these two countries win this particular race hands-down(*).,Next in a row would probably be North Italy, Croatia, Hu

Wouldnt strategic bombers such as the B-52 or Tu-160 make a better platform for an air force one or presidential transportation aircraft than civilian passenger airliners like the 747?

Heck, no. I canu2019t speak for the Tu-160 but the B-52u2019s human-accessible interior is TINY. Most of the fuselage is fuel tank or bomb bay. That double-deck B-52 cockpit? I couldnu2019t stand fully upright on the upper deck and Iu2019m not tall. The lower deck is shorter. (Or maybe it was vice versa - hard to stand in the bottom and no room in

What folk stories are behind the order of the Chinese zodiac?

Beside the tricks that rat played in the story youu2019ve mentioned, there are other legends about its priority in those animals:,(From Tales and Legends about 12 Animal Signs),1.The Number of Zodiac Animalsu2019 ToesMany famous scholars in history had their own interpretations about this interesting topic. There was a scholar in the Song Dynasty (

What things do people from Philippines miss most when they go abroad?

Affordable massage.A 2-hour massage in my city costs 500 PHP or 14 AUD at most.,A 30-minute Thai massage in Sydney costs 35 AUD.,Cool weather.Itu2019s relatively cold in Baguio City, my hometown throughout the year. In Sydney, the heat can kill you in summer days. Singaporeu2019s hot weatheru2019s the same but the cool winds make it tolerable throu

I have seen over 1075 movies, including half hour videos. Can you beat that?

That sounds like a lot! Is your retention of plot, acting/actors, studios, directors, and DPs good? If so, and you have a good vocabulary, you can put all that accrued data to work by reviewing the films with, maybe, some comparisons to other films of the same director, genre, studio, or plot similarity. Doing this not only could make your efforts

Whats the best way to find a list of manufacturing companies in any given US city?

Thatu2019s actually a useless selection for marketing purposes but most list brokers have them (never complete because many businesses that do manufacture are listed as a retailer, wholesaler, job shop, etc. as their primary business.) The Thomas Register of Manufacturers was the gold standard for this and theyu2019re still available online and as

What is some recommended free software for creating organizational charts?

Edraw Org Chart SoftwareYou can try:,Built-in Card Shapes: The software has many pre-defined symbols with different styles and usage.,Edit Vector Based Elements: All the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format and thus editable.,Automatic Formatting Tool: You can add shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes.,Input Data F