Is it safe to visit the Cau00f1o Cristales river in Colombia?

It is a gorgeous trip, and it's safe, as long as you fly. I lived in Bogota for a while, and was lucky enough to hop onto a tour my friends had organized - to get there we chartered a cargo plane into La Macarena through a tour service. The plane was an adventure in itself, as we sat strapped along the wall next to motorcycles and people's moving b

What are some dishes I can make using a rice cooker?

Tom Yung Goong by Christian LempIngredientsn,1lb fresh 13/15 shrimp, cleaned and deveined, shells washed and reserved,3 Q water,n,2 tbs Nam Prik Pao (can be bought in most Asian grocery stores),2 shallots, thinly sliced,4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced n,2 C Enokitake mushrooms, root cleaned, stems attached,1 C bok choy, chopped,2'' piece galanga

How do I convert WebP to GIF on WinDows or Mac?

If youu2019re an Adobe Photoshop user, you canu2019t edit a WebP file directly without first adding WebP support using a third-party plugin called WebPShop. This will allow you to open the file, modify the image directly, and convert it to a more widely-supported format like GIF.,If you want to convert WebP to GIF using Photoshop, hereu2019s what y

Where can I find a good, affordable camera bag?

Here is a quick camera bag guide to walk you through the most popular types of camera bags that could be used by a professional photographer in different situations: Great Camera Bags for 2021The following bags are compared in the article above:,Hazard 4 Pillbox,The Camera Pack by Nomatic and Peter McKinnon,Wandrd HEXAD Access Duffle,f-stop Sukha,P

How visible is your Facebook account after you deactivate it?

I have deactivated my account a bunch of times in the past. Usually no one can search for your profile or see your name anywhere on Facebook.,That is, until recently. Now, when you deactivate, they are still showing your profile details to everyone. The only thing we can control is our notifications. Hereu2019s a screenshot of what Facebook says wi

What is the least costly SIM-only contract with unlimited internet in UK?

i think it is monthly plan.. it is very helpful. Today every network service provider including leading and new networks provides SIM only deals. These deals are quite popular especially among tablet users as tablet can be used as pocket PCs. If you are using a tablet like iPad Pro then you will want uninterrupted broadband connectivity so that you

How is eating cooked ginger and garlic harmful for your health?

Before you ask how, ask if. I wasnu2019t able to find any sources that claimed eating cooked garlic or ginger was particularly harmful to your health.,Though there hasnu2019t to much research into it, it has been sugested that cooking garlic reduces some of the health benefits. Crushing garlic releases an enzyme, called alliinase, which forms allic

What is the rudest thing you have experienced while eating dinner at a friends house?

I was in high school and staying with a friend, her mom asked if I would mind making dinner for the family (including a few that would be coming over that night for game night) nothing unusual, I quite often cooked meals for the family, I like to cook so not a problem. The problem came when we sat down to actually eat the dinner I prepared, the mom

What is the average income for the upper middle class?

There are not generally accepted definitions of middle class in the US. In any case, income would be the least useful measure as a billionaire this year may lose millions and still be a billionaire.,"Middle class" various definitions for USA:,1.tThose aged 30 to 69 with $40,000 to $100,000 in household income or $25,000 to $100,000 in investable as

What is the real story of Burger King?

They are not happy with me when i order u201cNo Saltu201d frys. They have to make a separate batch just for me. This guy scares little kids! u201cGee I wonder why?u201d

What are some appetizer recipes?

Anything Shrimpu2026 but Spicy Shrimp is the one I make most often. Itu2019s simple, delicious and only has 3 ingredients.We also make it in dinner portions, served with vegetables, rice, etc. Try using the seasoned flour on flaky fish (flounder is my favorite), oysters, scallops, etc.Shrimp is simply dry coated with u201cKENTUCKY KERNEL Seasoned F

Why does Instagram Stories zoom my picture after I take it?

This is the most annoying failure of Instagram lately. Itu2019s because you do not use a device which has 16:9 aspect ratio. Considering that most devices on the market has 19:9, 18:9 or 18,5:9 aspect ratios lately, this failure looks like a shame.,Facebook and LinkedIn has solved this issue but Instagram engineering is still messed up. Iu2019ve tr

Is there anything inherently wrong with giving your canvas painting a frame like effect? Can I draw 4 borders at the center of the canvas, make the painting inside that border, and paint the around the border to give the illusion that its framed?

There's nothing wrong with painting a frame on the canvas. The trick is that you have to do it well enough so that it gives the impression of a real frame. It would be a form of Tromp L'oeil, creating the illusion of a frame being on the work. It's very common to paint a window within the canvas edges to create an impression of looking through a wi

How do I say Merry Christmas in German?

If you mean the use of X instead of the word u201cChrist,u201d it's because the X stands for the sign of the cross, and is also the first letter of the word u201cChristu201d in the Greek alphabet. The CH sound is written with an X in Greek. The early Christians used to write the formula u0399u03a7u03a6u03a5u03a3, which stands for u201cJesus Christ,

How safe is it to use an aggregator torrent sites to down load a pirated media content for the residents of Western world (European Union, Northern America) and developed Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, etc.)?

It is not safe. Piracy is a crime, plain and simple. Not only are pirate downloads sometimes full of hidden nasty surprises (malware), but you are risking administrative or criminal punishments for violation of intellectual property rights. Donu2019t be a criminal - buy your content legally.

Why is Arihla cheaper than Google Flights?

Would need more details to correctly answer this question (i.e. route, airline, dates of travel). Thereu2019s very little, if any, price differentiation between booking sites when searching air only. It could have also been a function of availability, & one site found a single lower priced seat that the other didnu2019t. Thereu2019s is certainly no

What are the chemicals used at home?

Water, bleach, alcohol, salt, sugar, starch, glycerine. Bicarbonate of soda hydrogen peroxide. Acetic acid. Cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate)

Whats the best day to get married in 2022?

If you believe in Astrology,then please consult an Astrologer for your Horoscope matching with that of the girl and get an auspicious day and date for marriage in 2022 based on your Zodiac sign and position of Stars at that time.

Is a 4-page contract sent by email as 4 separate pages considered legal, or must it be served as a single document (such as PDF) where no part of the agreement can be altered?

How would you send these four separate pages then, as scans ?,In most countries, anything sent or obtained digitally is not considered as trustworthy. So before you can use any form of digital communication like a contract, you and your client, supplier, partner, employee or employer, need to agree to accept and regard each other's digital document

Is coronavirus an opportunity and a threat for India?

India is the world's fourth-largest economy. It produced $9.4 trillion in goods and services in 2017. But it has a long way to go to beat the top three: China, with a production worth $23.1 trillion, the European Union with $19.9 trillion, and the United States with $17.4 trillion.,India had rapid growth despite the Great Recession. It grew 6.7% in

What is the best ceramic cookware set?

I have so many pots and pans, several of them ceramic, and I guess the answer begs more details from the question. What are you attempting to cook? u201cCeramicu201d just doesn't quite cover it. A lot of ceramic cookware is actually a ceramic coating over a metal core. This could be aluminum or cast iron. Or do you mean just straight ceramic, with

What would the life of a passenger on the Hindenburg be like?

Flying on the Hindenburg has often been compared to crossing the ocean on a luxury steamship, and though it was certainly the most luxurious aircraft to ever fly, it would be more comparable to a luxury rail journey. To begin with, a ticket on Hindenburg was not cheap. In 1936, the average yearly salary was about $1,800, so for about $450 for a one

What is a good, free online passport photo making tool?

Passport Photo Workshop is a good and free passport photo making tool. You can easily use for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. For using this software you have to download it from their official website.,Passport Photo Workshop is an all-in-one biometric passport photo software for home, business and organization users. It provides step-by-step wizard

Which camera is most useful for portrait and wedding photography?

Assuming that there are no budget constraints, the possible wish list for wedding photography may have the following-,Full frame DSLR: Canon 5D Mark-III is the undisputed champion here. However, you can also use full frame DSLRs from Nikon and Sony;,Alternate/ Back-up Camera: This need not be a full-frame DSLR. However, it is better to have another