What is your definition of computational thinking?

There's a very old joke that illustrates this, quoted in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I've rephased it into slightly more conventional English that that used by the protagonist.,There are three men on a train, an economist, a logician and a mathematician. They have just crossed the border into Scotland, when they see a brown c

How do you keep fried fish crispy after frying?

Yikes. Not possible. The reason why is the very nature of deep frying.,Now you can see the batter of this beauty is all nice and crispy. But while it was in the oil, it was actually the only thing really being cooked by the oil.,You see, the oil and the coating acts as a BARRIER to prevent the moisture in the fish from escaping, sealing it inside t

What should I do when my girlfriend says we dont have any future in our relationship because I am a Hindu and she is a Christian, but still wants us to continue our relationship?

Give her the example of my family.nMy uncle is a Hindu (Marwadi!).nMy Aunt is a Christian.,My uncle is orthodox (don't ask how he married her, everything else he is orthodox).nMy Aunt is very liberal and open minded.,My uncle is from India.nMy Aunt is from Philippines.nYes, they crossed borders when even international telephone call was unimaginabl

What is a hotel marketing mix 7Ps?

Relating hotel operations to the 7ps. (1)product is the service the establishment render (lodging, reserve). (2) price is the cost of spending quality time through lodging. (3) promotion comes as discount given to lodgers. (4) place can been where or the environment of the establishment,most customers like lodging in a quite and spacious environmen

Under which conditions will cyclic photophosphorylation take place?

Cyclic photophosphorylation take place under conditions which exclude non-cyclic photophosphorylation,The situation is created if the activity of pigment system II blocked .This will be accomplished by the use of specific inhibitors or by using wavelength of light greater than 680mu.,Under this conditions,(i) only pigment system- I remains active,i

How do you thicken a keto soup?

Harsh, bloodless days can be here, but so is the soup season. Grandmas anywhere have stated it before, so weu2019ll simply bypass alongside the sentiment: Hot soup is splendid comfort food. And keto fans can get in on the movement at the same time as sticking to low-carb desires with the ones tasty (and secure) broths and stews. Plus, it doesnu2019

What are the best countries to visit in South East Asia?

Most people who have travel to Indonesia always recommend the traditional Bali and Lombok for its distinctive culture, developed tourism infrastructure, amazing resorts and beaches... but Indonesia is actually way more than these 2 island..,If you really want to do some amazing Scuba diving, i really recommend Indonesia for its diversity in marine

What are some of the most famous inventors from the Industrial Revolution?

Coke is basically the charcoal version of coal. It's been baked until all the volatile gasses and tar has been burned off or distilled away leaving almost pure carbon. Britain had run out of trees to build warships. So they started burning coal for heating houses. However as mentioned before, coal has impurities that made it less ideal for making w

What is an extraordinary combination of colours I can wear?

Some different combinations for both men and women.,These combinations generally go with both Indian and western wear.,Turquoise & blue,Maroon & white,Beige & dark green,Pink & black,Lavender & purple,Sea green and yellow,Source - google,.,These were some colors which many don't know about..but they look pretty amazing to wear ud83dude04,Thanks for

Who will be the 46th president of the United States of America?

Mike Pence as succession from his current VP post.,I am amazed every morning when I rise to find that Trump is still POTUS. The Republican Congressional leaders hang onto him so heu2019ll sign their bills, which is stupid because Pence would probably sign them faster and without any controversy. Trump actually stabs them in the back all the time. P

Why wasnt the Cologne cathedral bombed during the WWII?

As the others mentioned, the cathedral wasn't spared deliberately - it was both targeted deliberately (probably not on orders though as it wasn't worth the effort) and hit by near misses. You see, the cathedral happened to be built right next to the main train station and repair yards, and the biggest railway bridge across the Rhine - both very imp

What is life like working in Cambodia?

First thing first, it depends on what kind of job you're doing. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia's largest capital city, life for expats is typically good.,You can enjoy the multinational environment.,The cost of living is not too low and not too high comparing to cities in East Asia.,English language can go you going with much difficulty.,City night and we

How do we make KFC chicken at home?

The recipe was printed by the Chicago Tribune on August 19, 2016 although KFC did not confirm it was the actual recipe, they did not deny it either. In their test kitchen, the Tribune was successful in replicating the recipe by adding a 12th ingredient, MSG which KFC admits using.,credit: By Edgy01 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, File:Colonel H

Is eating rice equivalent to eating sugar?

Cooked rice is far more nutritious than sugar, and it is also much lower in carbohydrates and calories.,Raw rice is a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate food. 100 grams of raw rice contains 70 grams of carbohydrates and 340 calories.,However, cooked rice is significantly lower in carbs and calories due to the large amount of water added during the coo

What is the difference between operating and non-operating expenses?

Not all of the costs a business incurs relate to running the business itself. These expenses, such as staff and advertising, are known as operating expenses. Businesses also have non-operating expenses and perhaps some non-operating revenue as well, such as the cost and possible income stemming from a lawsuit.,When you prepare an income statement f

Could Ripple surpass bitcoins market cap following todays spike?

Itu2019s anyoneu2019s guess, but there is a fundamental difference between Ripple and Bitcoin. The XRP coin ecosystem is under the complete control of Ripple, the company. The Ripple organization still owns the majority of Ripple coins. It will always be in their best interest for the XRP tokens to appreciate in value, until it comes into conflict

What should Reebok be doing to reclaim some of their lost marketshare from Nike?

I don't view Reebok as having lost market share to Nike. ,Reebok has lost market share to Skechers and Under Armour, Hoka One One, and other emerging brands in the athletic footwear marketplace, especially in running.,Reebok was never a very technical brand, and when it was acquired by Adidas it became something of a downmarket stepchild. The shoes

What database is best for storing financial statements?

This is coming from a CPA.,Have you ever read a set of financial statements? The footnotes are an ESSENTIAL part of them.,How does ANY database handle such long verbage properly?,If you are just look at numbers pretty much any database will work.,If you are looking at the complete financial statements then I would suggest a simple PDF.

How is authentic fried rice prepared?

I always feel a little short-changed when I eat fried rice at a restaurant. Most of the time, it is 90-95 percent rice and five to ten percent meat and vegetables. Although I like to joke that "my version" is the opposite (i.e. 95 percent meat and veggies, five percent rice), it's probably closer to 50/50.,Fried rice recipes will vary widely, depen

Which is the richest country in the world in 2021?

Worlds Richest Countries by Per Capita GDPQatar,Luxembourg,Singapore,Ireland,Brunei,Norway,United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,LIechtenstein,Switzerland,Qatar has a GDP of nearly $ 143,000 a year,Worlds most prosperous Countries by Lowest Inequality IndexNorway - 65.7,Denmark - 73,Ireland - 77,Sweden - 86,New Zealand - 103,Luxembourg - 128,Malta - 161,Seyc

What are some good Charlotte cake recipes?

Charlotte Cake Recipe with RaspberriesIngredientsFor the Raspberry Mousse:10 oz 2 1/2 cups solidified raspberries,1/2 cup granulated sugar,Juice from 1 medium lemon 2 Tbsp for mousse + 1 Tbsp for basic syrup beneath,1 Tbsp Knox unflavored Gelatin from 1/4 parcels,3 cups substantial whipping cream,6 Tbsp confectioners powdered sugar,For the Sponge C

How can I export my product from India?

Export in itself is a vast concept, and an exporter requires a lot of preparations before starting an export business. To start an export business, the following steps may be followed:,1) Establishing an OrganisationTo start the export business, first, a Sole Proprietary concern/ Partnership firm/Company has to be set up as per procedure with an at

What are the top tourist attractions in Copenhagen?

Tivoli Garden: A 19th-century amusement park,The Little Mermaid: Copenhagen's most famous tourist attractions: The sculpture of The Little Mermaid.,Nyhavn: Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark.,Amalienborg: 18th-century rococo complex of palaces, with a museum & marches/displays by royal guard

Whats the coolest thing you saw in the Galapagos?

The coolest thing I saw, by far, was Diego.,Diego has almost single-handedly saved his species from extinction. 50 years ago, there were just 15 of chelonoidis hoodensis left. Diego has since fathered 800 offsprings. 800!,I also captured him in action, with the photo above, as well as this one:,(What is this, foreplay?),The second coolest thing was