What is the purpose of a mission statement?

There are many interesting and enlightening answers to this question. Unfortunately, they fall prey to a common problem with mission and vision statements. In the literature, the experts use the terms in 3 different ways.,In one (the one I prefer) the mission is simply a statement of what the company does and who it does it for. The vision is the h

How do I fix a lagging laptop running Windows 10?

A lot of users regularly complain about the slow and laggy Windows 10 after installing or updating.,This lag in the machine wonu2019t cause any major issues but it will make your overall Windows experience quite annoying. The slow and laggy Windows will waste a lot of your time and which sometimes costs more than anything.,To start with, you need t

What are some good but affordable laptops for students in India?

Hi, It totally depends on your need.,If you are from a Computer Science department or IT or you need for Coding in schools, then go for HP laptop with maximum Core I3 (If you want in cheap)- Search under flipkart you can get the same under 25000 INR. It will also help for Civil Engg and Mech Engg students who uses AutoCad or similar software.,If yo

What are the different composition rules in photography?

The manner in which the photo is composed is also a crucial element of its success.,There are plenty of compositional rules of photography. For example, there are all kinds of ways that you can enhance the look of your landscapes, and take them to being truly eye-catching works of art. Here a few fundamental landscape photography composition rules

How do I connect an HP LaserJet 1300 printer to WiFi to print to both a Mac Air running Catalina 10.15 and Surface Tablet running Windows 10? What is the correct driver to use?

You cannotu2026,Well, let me be a bit more specific. I've dealt with HP printers extensively in the past, and to my recollection, the LaserJet 1300 was not WiFi enabled. A check of the HP specifications shows only Parallel and USB connectivity.,OKu2026 if you MUST access the printer wirelessly, the most efficient way to do that would be to connect

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord: Which is the best smartphone under 2020 in India?

See Samsung's M series and OnePlus both are very good phones but there are some points which I would like to tell,,OnePlus produces one of the best flagships phones which are expensive for common man to afford but nord came as budget phone.,Nord being budget phone does not posses the qualities of one plus .,The processor is snapdragon in both phone

How can I improve good chi in my South East sector for career success, where my toilet is located? It is an auspicious direction but I want to counteract the killing energy of the bathroom.

You have asked a question about your bathroom which makes it obvious you have been exposed to the New Age version of Feng Shui, sometimes called the BTB School, which stands for Black Tantric Buddhsim (even though Black Tantric Buddhism has nothing to do with Feng Shui). And some branches of Buddhism shun the practice of Feng Shui. Associating Feng

What is the real name of the Starbucks Pink Drink, or is the actual name "Pink Drink"?

Some background on the drink: It wasnu2019t a Starbucks drink. It was a custom drink that someone put online, probably through starbuckssecretmenu.com. Please note, this is not a Starbucks run site. It is a fan site where people put drinks with whatever modifications they desire. Baristas donu2019t memorize those drinks and may not even have the st

What are the key ingredients to make homemade salsa?

Hello! I like to think of myself as a salsa enthusiast, of sorts. I'm extremely picky when it comes to snacking on it! I decided a while ago that the best way to enjoy salsa when I'm not near my favorite place is to do it myself. The following recipe is extremely easy and pretty spicy so alter it to your preference. Here it is: ,Roast the following

What is artificial intelligence?

Let me give you a code-free example of how AI works and how you can play around with yourself!First of all, it is important to understand that AI can be a lot of things. However, at recent time one would probably refer to more advanced AI such as neural networks. It is also important to have in mind that neural networks can be a lot of things, and

Why do some people despise all Republican candidates?

It's not the candidates that I despise, it's the GOP, their think tanks & ideology that I find despicable.,Let me start this cathartic post with economics. I was a child of the 80s. I did not follow politics- but my parents devoured nightly news. I was keenly aware of the trillion dollar deficit that Reagan & GHW Bush never balanced.,Think about th

Which country is the most populated in 2020?

Itu2019s still China for right now. However, in a few years, theyu2019ll be overtaken by India. Chinau2019s population is already leveling off and set to decline. Indiau2019s is still growing at a somewhat steady pace. Although its rate of growth is declining, itu2019s still growing faster than China. India still has fertility rates above replaceme

What do you look like after hitting the gym for a year?

Here is my transformation story,My weight was nearly 60kg on may-2018, the time I passed out from college. In those 4 years of graduation I hardly takes 1u20132 meals a day nd 1 L of water (I used to prefer cold drinks over water those days),Here is some pics that will describe above facts (these pics were taken on last days of my college),i am in

Why is the Philippines lagging behind other Asian countries when it comes to tourism?

From the perspective of Americans on the West Coast, these are a few reasons.,SAFETY,Philippines has an unfair reputation as one of Asiau2019s more risky countries to visit, and Americans are infamously paranoid, so this draws many people away from visiting especially with the current political climate in the country. And many may bring up the topi

When is it acceptable to speak up to an employer?

Hereu2019s a list of times itu2019s not only acceptable, but encouraged to speak up to an employer:,When you have a stellar review, but get a cost of living raise. Superman Performance for Clark Kent Wages,When they ask you to do something far out of your job description, with no clear path to a promotion, raise, or bonus,When they suddenly want yo

How can I ask a girl for her number?

I am answering this from my perspective only.Letu2019s say you want my number.,There is only one case where I give my number to a guy and it is that I personally know him very well. And in this case, the you will also have confidence that I wonu2019t say u2018Nou2019 simply because there is no reason to say No. For example, if my co-worker who is w

What is balance brought forward and balance carried forward?

Back before the days of computers, manual bookkeeping and accounting systems were on columnar sheets. At the bottom of each sheet, a line of totals would be tallied. On the following sheet, a u201cbalance brought forwardu201d line would capture these totals so that they would be included in the tally at the bottom of that page.,Nowadays, if I see t

Which is the best 4K resolution monitor for photo editing?

Editing photos is ok to do on basic monitors, but if you plan to make a career of it, or what to level up on your photo editing skills, then youu2019ll need a monitor with color clarity up to industry standards.,There are a few different things you need for a photo-editing monitor. Weu2019ve compiled a list of the best monitors for your editing and

Would Davis be a good retirement place for a couple from the Midwest?

Having had immediate neighbors move from Cleveland to Davis, my wife and I experienced a two year Davis-transition replete with ups and downs.,The Up Potential:n,Thumbing their noses at their Ohio friends on the first 70 degree January day.,Two hours to Lake Tahoe's majesty, two hours to SF and civilization. With emerging barberas and zinfandels wi

What is the best area to stay in Paris?

Le Marais, to be able to stay in the heart of Parisian life, it's the oldest area of the city.,I would recommend finding a nice typical flat on AirBNB for a complete experience.

What are the biggest airlines in Southeast Asia?

There a lot of definitions of u201cbiggestu201d.,In terms of Passengers Carried and destinations served:,Air Asia (Budget)( 60.1 Million-2016) In terms of fleet size:,Lion Air Group(Budget)( 262 airframes).,In terms of Revenue:

What are the best questions to ask an interviewer during a job interview?

Every job interview, like any other conversation in a personal or professional setting, is a two-way street. Itu2019s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the role than whatu2019s in the job description, find out whether youu2019d be a good fit with the company culture, and discover the personalities of the team members who youu2019d be work

Do you like the Apple Pencil 2 more than the Apple Pencil 1?

Do you like the Apple Pencil 2 more than the Apple Pencil 1?Yes, but I wouldnu2019t have bought the Pencil 2 if I didnu2019t need to. I bought the 1st gen 12u2033 iPad Pro as soon as it was available and same with the new iPad Pro. The only delay I did before hitting u201cbuyu201d was reading reviews to see if I could use the old Pencil or not. Sin

Whats your most unforgettable travel experience?

It was 3 November 2019.,My mom and I were returning from a family function. We boarded a train from Kanpur at 11 pm and were supposed to spend all night in the train.,Since, we suddenly planned to attend the function, we were left unprepared to handle the cold night.,My mom covered herself with her dupatta (scarf) . I took out my shirt from my bag

Which companies make the best scented candle?

The perfect candle company will depend on what type of product they offer and the price. Scented candles are a popular home accessory, but not everyone is aware of the many options. A company that offers scented candles in all shapes and sizes can be found with just a few clicks.,Many people are under the impression that all candles are created equ

What is your favorite Indian dish, Paneer Kadai or Chicken Kadai?

NEITHERI hate both dishes.,The Word u2018Kadhaiu2019 -be it Kadhai Gosht or Kadhai Vegetables or Kadhai Chicken or Kadhai Paneer doesnt inspire good taste for me.,Mainly because the dish has Capsicums and a Semi Dryness and a Tangy Taste that i find unappealing to the Palate.,,My Favorite North Indian Chicken Dishesu2192 Butter Chicken or Murgh Mak