Whatu2019s the film Dune about?

5 stars with a caveat. (no caveat now because Part 2 has been confirmed)If I have seen a more stunning movie I cannot remember it. This movie makes Star Wars look like a joke. The way they play with perspective is something to behold.,You know how every movie shows the big CGI shots in the trailer, thatu2019s not the case with Dune. Every 2 minutes

Whats the best bourbon whiskey?

This is one of those simple questions which requires someone to take the time to show the questioner how far-reaching their question really is. So, if youu2019re going to want a meaningful answer to this kind of question, youu2019re going to have to read my long answeru2026,Rather than tell you *my* subjective favorite, Iu2019ll tell you about some

How can cruises be improved in a post-COVID 19 world?

This question is being answered by me u2014 somebody who has never been on a cruise, and who has no plans on doing so in the near future.,Here are some of the reasons I would not want to be on one:,Too many people who want to u201cpartyu201d,Too much alcohol,Small cabins (unless you pay a premium price),Port visits are too short,Not suitable for th

Why is Casablanca so highly regarded?

Casablanca is, quite simply, the best example of utter cinematic perfection ever filmed.,That is not hyperbole - though I freely admit to it being enthusiastic. :),As others have said, the cinematography was utterly superb - beautifully noir with contrast between black and white so crisp you nearly forget youu2019re watching black and white at all.

What are the roles played by the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

The World Trade Organisation is important as it oversees trade negotiations between countries as well as providing a place for dispute resolutions. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland it is the largest international economic organization in the world.,Formed out of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), which along side it was designed at

My major is English education, what else can I do except be an English teacher?

Absolutely anything.,But, my advice would be to find the industry/job you love and feel passionate about.,Your major does not limit you in what you can do.,In my own experience, most people are doing work unrelated to their major.,The other two questions are more important:,(1) How do you get skills the employer is looking for?n(2) What do you real

Can I use my glossy paper in all printers?

What is your printer model? What kind of glossy paper? There are different technologies for coating glossy media.,If the glossy paper is designed for Inkjet printers then it would likely work in any printers that use dye based color inks. Depending on the paper and printer the colors may not be quite correct and require some adjustments in the driv

Should I watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5?

Nah, itu2019s crap.Not even Captain Jack Sparrow could save this movie.,Itu2019s like the first movie, so everything is predictable, only it sucks, because you actually feel bad for the bad guys who are killed.,Sure, the visual effects are cool, but literally ever movie nowadays has good visual effects.,The story is predictable, the comedy falls fl

How do I install Final Cut Pro X for free?

You don't.,You can however, download Davinci Resolve for free, if your machine will run it. Itu2019s a very good editor and color grading software.,Oh and they just released Ver.14 which is amazing.

How do I decorate a wall with pictures?

Rather unusual and un-traditional family portrait.Select frames of the same color, but vary the designA flexible grid pattern is perfect for most family walls.Picture frames of the same size and shape could be used to create an original and stylish du00e9cor.A few family photos displayed on the wall, above your desk or work area, can make this spac

Can you show me a picture of your pet?

There was a female dog who used to come to our house daily for food . I named her blacky . She was not less than my pet but still she was stray . She got pregnant and gave birth to 4 puppies on 25th August 2019 .,The owner of the plot threw them away after some days and on 21st September I found them again in our colony .,I kept all of them in my h

What are the easiest Christmas cookie recipes to make?

Iu2019ll take u201ceasiestu201d to mean limited ingredients and ease of preparation. Shortbread cookies are the absolute minimum in my view.,But first let me discuss u201cChristmasu201d cookies. Christmas cookies are just regular cookies that are decorated in a Christmasy-way or made in Christmasy shapes. So one easy way to make a Christmas cookie

How do you know that you live in a real small town America?

I took a trip to visit my parents, who lived in the desert near Lake Havasu City in Arizona. So, both my young son and I made the 4-hour drive and about 30 minutes prior to arriving, we got a blowout in the back right tire. My first thoughts after safely pulling off this lonely desert highway, was the heat. The temperature was 110F (43.3C) and my i

Is Justin Trudeau turning Canada into a joke internationally?

Iu2019m no big fan of Trudeau. Iu2019m a member of the NDP who used to be with the Progressive Conservatives, so Iu2019ve never voted for the Liberals at either the provincial or federal level in my life.,The answer is u201cnou201d,Here are the Reputation Institutes rankings from 2016,25 Most Respected Countries In The WorldCanada finished first.,H

What is the difference in taste of catfish, tilapia, and swai fish? What is the preferred way of cooking each: breading fried; deep, crispy fried, or battered fried? Can any of them be baked?

First: It will depend on if the fish are farm raised or wild caught. For instance, Catfish tends to be muddy tasting if wild caught, but farm raised would be bad for your health, because they eat their tank mates poop. This goes for all farm raised fish. Swazi and Tilapia are equivalent to carp or Gold Fish. They eat whatever doesn't eat them. nCat

Where do you insert a micro SD card in a laptop?

It depends on the type of laptop. Some have a MicroSD card slot, although these tend to be on smaller PCs. My Asus T100TA two-in-one laptop/tablet has a MicroSD slot in the right hand edge of the screen/tablet section. I also have a Lenovo MiiX two-in-one with a MicroSD slot in a similar position.,Some laptops have a full size SD slot. If there is

What does 1000 pesos equal in US dollars?

There are multiple currencies known as the peso, including the Philippine Peso, the Cuban Peso, the Cuban convertible peso, and the Mexican Peso.nhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pesonhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_convertible_peso,Doing a Google search for this question, specifying the country specific peso, should give the correct answer.

What are some ways to cook chicken marsala?

Ingredients:,3 small to medium brown onions,100g butter or 100 ml olive oil,1 teaspoon salt,Fresh ginger (about 2-3 inches long) peeled and finely chopped.,2-6 fresh green thin chillies chopped,Two ripe tomatoes, roughly chopped (or u00bd can of tomatoes),2-3 cloves of garlic,A good handful of fresh coriander (cilantro),u00bc teaspoon turmeric powd

Which is the best IAS coaching in Delhi and Patna?

Best IAS Coaching in PatnaWhat is IAS?IAS is Indian Administrative Service. The examination for IAS is conducted by Union Public Service Commission through the UPSC. An officer selected into the Indian Administrative Service gets exposure in very diverse roles like the collector, commissioner, head of public sector units, chief secretary, cabinet s

What kind of doctor do I consult to help me gain weight?

You are 23 ,5u20328u2033and weigh 56 kg .,You are a little under weight .Your minimum weight should be 60 kg and your ideal weight should be 66 kg (according to your BMI ) . Certainly you have to gain weight and itu2019s minimum 4 kg and maximum 10 kg . We know carbohydrate ( rice , bread , potato ) and fat play main role to increase weight , prote

What is the Bitcoin price live?

Go to the main MtGox page, and then in the upper left click on the squiggly graph icon. A chart should drop down from the top, which will show any interval from the last day up to the last month.

What are your favorite places to travel in Asia and why?

Welcome to Arabia!,Saudi Arabia is a wonderful destination, especially because it has just opened for international tourists. After decades of being closed for international tourists, most of Saudi natural attractions remain untouched and pristine. The Saudi culture, history and cuisine are just being discovered by international tourists.,Furthermo

Whats the worst tasting thing you have ever actually eaten?

DISCLAIMER. Some viewers may find these disturbing or gross, please do not continue reading if you have food sensitivity or whatever. Read at your own risk!,I am from Philippines and here are the list of food I find disgusting!,Balut. Youu2019ll find several types of balut. Depending on the incubation time (18 to 21 days) and on the way the embryo

What are the different types of Christmas tree lights?

The holiday season is illuminated by Christmas lights that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The bulb type, energy source, and design are all factors to consider before making your purchase. Armed with buying information, you're sure to twinkle, shine, and glow brighter than any of your neighbors.,Common Christmas Bulb TypesBoth incandescent a

Can I make donuts without active dry yeast?

You can make sourdough donuts, which are amazing. Or you can make cake donuts, which use chemical leaveners, usually both baking powder and a bit of baking soda. You can even get a donut pan and bake your donuts in the oven, instead of frying them. Donuts are very versatile.

What is the role of public relations in communication marketing?

Communications Departments should rely on the Public Relations department to set guideline on how the company is to be portrayed, what messages are to be disseminated and best practices for the overall image of the company. The work in unisonu2026 typically. They can also be the spokesperson for a company when it comes to crisis managementu2026 eac