Why do parents give their only child a bunk bed?

My bedroom as a child was less than 10 feet by 10 feet. I had a twin bunkbed, a small table for a desk, a built in cabinet/shelves for some storage, and a narrow closet door. I could stand in the middle of the room and reach out and touch the closed bedroom door, the bunkbed, the desk, and the cabinet all from the one spot in the middle of the floo

How do credit card disputes work?

If by credit card dispute you mean disputing fraudulent charges on a card you hold and you are in the United States:,Notify the card issuer immediately (by phone) that fraud has taken place. They will ask you to identify the fraudulent charges.,They will investigate the incident on the back end.,They may or may not ask you to sign an affidavit of f

What is the best way to get cheap Disneyland tickets?

A warning for the second part of the question. I personally would never trust a non-Disney approved website or reseller for admission media. Unless you are a high stakes gambler. ,Simply search Google for "Disney ticket arrest" and see pages of articles of people arrested for selling bogus tickets. Sometimes counterfeit, sometimes already used, som

What is the symbolism of the 1991 Chinese zodiac sign?

1991 is the Chinese Female (Yin) Metal Sheep year.,Metal is from Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth),Female Metal is related to jewelry, fine metal or precious gems.,The color of Metal is white or gold.,We can say 1991 is white sheep or Golden Sheep Year.,Some Chinese zodiac sites might call 1991 is a u2019 goatu2019 year.

What is the definition of competitive advantage?

Competitive advantage is the favorable position an organization seeks in order to be more profitable than its rivals. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, an organization must be able to demonstrate a greater comparative or differential value than its competitors and convey that information to its desired target market. For example, if a c

My Epson WorkForce printer has 2 paper cassettes. How do I set the printer so once paper in cassette 1 runs out, the printer automatically switches to paper in cassettes 2?

Look for setting automatic selection of paper tray.,All the HP Word combinations I had had the setting to only use tray 2 or automatic selection of tray, I think it automatically would pick tray 2 then if out start on tray 3.,Look for something similar in printer setup, possibly on a display on printer, then in what ever app is printing to that pri

Are Canon mirrorless cameras as good as Sony mirrorless cameras?

Depends on what you want, to be honest.,Here are some areas where Canon cameras are better than Sony mirrorless:,Ergonomics - Sony has used the size advantage of the mirrorless to make their full frame cameras as small as possible. Unfortunately, this compromises how it feels in the hand. For people with average to large hands, the grip is quite sh

What is a good action camera that costs less than $150?

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera $54.99Xiaomi's Yi camera raised a few eyebrows when it was announced recently and the result is enough to make even the most well-known GoPro stop in their tracks. Xiaomi's Yi Action Camera is a compact action-travel camera made for the non-sedentary photographer.,The YI Mini Dash Camera features a high-end video processor t

What is the procedure for applying for an MS abroad?

In order to apply for a US university, you need to fill an online application for the program on the universityu2019s website. The application will ask for the following- (If you are applying to other countries, GRE may not be required but rest of the requirements and process will remain the same),1.) GRE Scores n2.) TOEFL or IELTS scoresn3.) State

How is eating cooked ginger and garlic harmful for your health?

Before you ask how, ask if. I wasnu2019t able to find any sources that claimed eating cooked garlic or ginger was particularly harmful to your health.,Though there hasnu2019t to much research into it, it has been sugested that cooking garlic reduces some of the health benefits. Crushing garlic releases an enzyme, called alliinase, which forms allic

What is the unique ingredient of spaghetti bolognese?

Simple Delicious,Same Bolognese Served over Rigatoni,Rigatoni with Bolognese SauceIn parts of Italy, the sauce starts with a battuto, a flavor pack made with minced carrots, celery, onion and salt pork. Once cooked together, it is called soffritto.,Mom usually started her "gravy" with slices of salt pork, discarded once rendered. Next she sautu00e9

Will I lose weight if I dont eat at night?

Yes. The weight will reduce if we don't eat at night. The reason is that, the food we eat gets converted in glucose and then it is oxidised to convert to ATP, which the cells use for metabolism. The excess of glucose gets converted to glycogen by insulin. Glycogen is the storage material and hence it gets accumulated.,So now if we don't eat, there

When will the Huawei P Smart Z get the EMUI 10 update?

Huawei announces EMUI 10 update scheduleShenzhen, China, 20 January 2020 u2013 Huawei today announced the global schedule for Huawei devices to receive the free EMUI10 update. First unveiled at Huawei Developer Conference last August, the latest version of EMUI10 introduces a new interface, Dark Mode, improved performance and security and support f

Where does the GoPro Studio hide the tool to stabilize the video?

If you are talking about hardware stabilization inside GoPro, as far as I know, there is none. The stabilization only happens in the software. It's not easy to physically stabilize the footage, and for existing examples you can look some Sony Camcorders (where you can see their lens move) and Olympus cameras, with the 5 axis stabilization, where yo

Which network topology is best and why?

Well it depends upon the environment you are going to use foru2026 Mainly there are four types of topology, you can consider anyone according to your needs.,1) Mesh Topology: All workstations are connected to each-other dedicatedly.,Advantage: Dedicated connection for all workstations.,Disadvantage: The more wires required for each connection.,2) S

How do I make an amortization schedule by hand?

An amortization schedule is a table or chart that shows how much of each payment goes to pay off the principal balance and how much goes to pay the interest on a loan. They are used by borrowers to understand their loan payments and by lenders to track the performance of their loans.,To make an amortization schedule by hand, you will need to know t

What colour scheme and style would suit my new living room? Something modern, clean and masculine to go with a light pine coloured floor and off-white walls for a small room.

Mid century modern is huge right now but it is timeless. It also comes from an era when pine floors where common. The clean lines and solid prints will give you the masculine feel and offer some bolder colors to help with the "pop" factor. Lastly MCM furniture most often is minimalistic and will help scale wise for a smaller space. n

What are the best places to visit in Paris, France?

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Paris(source:www.travelbhai.co.in)Gracing the banks of the Seine River, Paris has a way of romancing visitors with its elegant beauty and magical ambience. This incomparable city is filled with grandiose monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and the Champs-Elysu00e9es Boulevard. Yet the charm of Paris lies in

How do I call an Australian mobile from the USA?

You should be able to just dial the number,Dial +61 (the Country Code for Australia) then you normally drop the leading 0, but type in the rest of the number,If is very easy to use an Internet search engine to find the country code for anywhere in the world.,I hope that helpsu2026 bear in mind that International calls can become quite expensive, so

What should I buy for my gf on our 1st anniversary?

My husband got me an anniversary sundial that sits on the window sill and makes rainbow colors on the floor of our family room when the sun shines. It was handmade just for us and the guy who made it added a special date line to the design that the time shadow follows on our anniversary each year, and the best part is, there is a special mark on th

Is India going to face historic technical recession?

The term technical recession refers to a period of poor economic activity which is continuous. Thus 2 continuous terms or Quarter of negative growth gives signals of Recession as above. In the FY 2019u201320 last Quarter ( Jan - March)showed a poor growth at 3.1 % as per revised estimates. Going forward the 2 nd Quarter April- June in FY 2020u20132

How can you boost your cell signal at home for free?

If you struggle to get reliable cell signal at home, then there are a few things you can try for free:,Update your phone,Switch to a less crowded network,Use WiFi calling when itu2019s available,Switch carriers,If all else fails, then you can look into your options for installing a cell signal booster. These work by amplifying signal from nearby ce

Do you have example vision statements?

I can share ours. "Client Focus's vision is to become the best place in the world to be an employee or a customer.",I am going to assume that you want more than just a statement, so I'll take the liberty of sharing how this came to be.,The thing is, we didn't sit around trying to figure out what our vision statement should be. Instead, it happened

How is the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) formed?

The solar wind, which is highly charged electrons protons, stream away from the sun at speeds of about 1 million miles per hour. When it reachs the earth, it hits the earth's magnetosphere, a teardrop-shaped area of highly charged electrical and magnetic fields. They bounce off the front of it, and slide up over the top and bottom of it. The magnet

Which is better: Nikon D3400 vs Canon 1300D?

Based on the specifications comparison Nikon D3400 has got the sharp side. Nikon has better resolution and bigger sensor sizes to give you very sharp and crystal clear images. On the other hand, Compared to Canon 700, D3400 has 2 more AF points, letting the users to lock down the subjects much instantly, whereas with only 9 AF points the Canon 700D