Healthy Eating: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What do rich people eat? I have noticed they are mostly slimmer and fitter than the general population.

Rich people are no slimmer, or fatter than anyone else. They can afford trainers, or expensive gym memberships, and private chefs, but for the most part they are no different in body size.,So, being a private chef for rich people, I cook for a lot of rich people. Actually, I don't even cook for upper middle class people anymore. Weight is as much a

Why do you like your Instant Pot? Apparently, no one likes it.

Newbie anxiety does not translate to u201cno one likes the Instant Potu201d. I find the question based on the clickbait article misleading, but, considering the nervousness the mere mention of u201cpressure cookeru201d brings to many, perhaps understandable in its hyperbole.,I like my Instant Pot despite a number of less than lovely results and one

Could Ripple surpass bitcoins market cap following todays spike?

Itu2019s anyoneu2019s guess, but there is a fundamental difference between Ripple and Bitcoin. The XRP coin ecosystem is under the complete control of Ripple, the company. The Ripple organization still owns the majority of Ripple coins. It will always be in their best interest for the XRP tokens to appreciate in value, until it comes into conflict

Will the habit of sleeping directly after eating lead to weight gain?

Yes and No. nWell it depends on what you have eaten and how much you have eaten. If you are eating a bowl of rice at night and go straight to bed, you will gain weight in no time and also have a bigger belly. Always wait atleast half hour before sleep and eat light. The food you eat before sleep digests slowly releasing the energy into the bloodstr

What are some great mid-range smartphones to buy in 2021?

The best mid-range smartphones you can buyOnePlus 8T: An exceptional phone at a fantastic price.,iPhone SE (2020): Apple's best-value iPhone.,Samsung Galaxy M31: Best for battery life.,Google Pixel 4a: The best mid-range camera.,OnePlus Nord: A flawless flagship killer.

Can dogs eat mushroom pizza?

Never tried , but should be okay,But for the only concern is the mushroom, you might consult to veterinarian as some mushroom may contain toxic component.

Is Antarctica the coldest place on Earth?

Antarctica is indeed a desert, a polar desert. A desert just means low precipitation. It doesnu2019t have to be hot.,And Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. So, yes, Antarctica is the coldest desert.,If someone is bothered by the fact that thereu2019s ice on Antarctica, there are actually some completely dry parts called the Dry Valleys that

In which country there is no land?

Hold on a secondu2026 a country with no land? Are you serious? Absolutely! While the United Nations has 193 recognised countries, it also has two observer states, namely Palestine and The Vatican City. But there is a little-known third entity which also holds observer status in the UN. Yes, get ready for this u2013 this is an officially recognised

How do you control your personal finance?

I will tell you how I manage and keep track of my own personal finances.,On 30th of every month, I take a notebook on which I write down my saved cash, balance in bank, money in my pocket, my credit card payments, my remaining loan payments, and all other finances that I need to bring on record.,Then I download my credit card statements from my ban

Was Frank Sinatra simply misunderstood and not a mean person?

Frank Sinatra did not have a life like the rest of us. While envied, his life was filled with a different set of hazards we average people are never faced with, some ever present for him that went in to molding his character.,Frank Sinatra achieved fame very early on in his life, but was irresistible to women even before that. His biographer, Kapla

What are some data analysis methods in a research paper?

Basically I can say there are two methods for data analysis. Quantitative data analysis, and Qualitative data analysis.,Quantitative is method is where you are dealing with numbers and you what to derive mathematical and statistical analyses from your data, by tabulations and cross tabulations.,Qualitative is the method of analyzing text/transcript

Why do Indian startup companies not become as big as the foreign ones?

Why do Indian Startups not become as big as the Foreign ones.,Before answering - it is to be noted that the chance of startups to becoming highly successful businesses are very very low. Very few startups become big and successful businesses.,Now - what you are asking is why Indian Startups dont become a Facebook or Google or Tik-Tok with a worldwi

What are good snacks for a party?

It depends what kind of party?,a cookout/BBQ/Boil/tailgate party would be completely different foods than say a bridal/baby/ shower or housewarming party,I would say I mean you can never go wrong with some deviled eggs, nachos {we do a lil Thing called gumbo nachos}, pimento cheese dip/ shrimp dip + crackers, Jalapeu00f1o poppers, jambalaya, bourbo

What cities will be underwater in 2100?

Here are 11 sinking cities that are in danger of disappearing :,Jakarta, IndonesiaLagos, NigeriaHouston, TexasDhaka, BangladeshVenice, ItalyVirginia Beach, VirginiaBangkok, ThailandNew Orleans, LouisianaRotterdam, The NetherlandsAlexandria, EgyptMiami, Florida..According to the World Economic Forum.

Who was the first person to say that R+L=J?

Probably Elio or Linda u2026 Benioff and Weiss (GoT showrunners) knew well before they secured the rights to adapt it for HBO. Thereu2019s an old anecdote that says when Benioff and Weiss approached Martin about adapting his work for HBO, he asked them a single question u201cwho is Jon Snowu2019s motheru201d, and apparently they gave him an answer

My Asus Zenfone 2 isnt turning on and it isnt charging too. How can I resolve this?

First method,Try to charge overnight with another charger and cable, preferably an original one. This would solve the problem if it's simply a matter of drained battery.,Second method,Press down on the power button for 20 seconds, let go, and then wait for 20 seconds before plugging in the charger. This might be useful if it's a matter of static el

How can I make my house worth more?

Ill just go ahead and copy an article I did a while back, should help you out a bit dudeu2026,Best Upgradeu2019s for WAY under $1000Some of these simple upgrades can easily add thousands of dollars to your homeu2019s value. Looking to resell soon? Why not spend a couple hundred and get a back a couple thousand.10 Affordable Fixes, after doing massi

What are the best drawing tablets with screens?

It's as most likely expected, a 'depends ' answer. ,How big do a screen do you need? Tethered to a computer or a standalone? (which is also 'battery or plugin power?'). ,And of course budget. ,There's also, to some extent, the other drawing hardware variables :n,Technology of stylus (n-trig, pressure capacitive, wacom traditional pressure, or press

What is the importance of defining globalization?

The importance of defining globalisation makes you know the economic climate around you. To open your eyes and see that national economies are just a drop in the ocean but the world is interconnected. You understand the economy is larger than one country but capital and goods flow internationally.,This means knowing the definition enables you to fi

How can you determine your zodiac sign?

There is 3 sign in the astrology can define you.,Moon sign, (As per day of birth)Sun sign, (As per month of birth)Ascendant Sign (As per hour of birth)Jis din aap ka birth hua us din moon, sun, ascendant jis zodiac me tha vo apki rashi hai.,Play store se astrosage app download kriye usme kundli wale section me jaiye,,uske baad apni birth details li

How tall is the Titan of Braavos?

Very tall. Probably 60-90m (~200-300ft),There is no official measurement listed for the Titan of Braavos in the books, or the TV series, but it's supposed to be massive. This is an excerpt from A Feast for Crows:,,Baelor the Blessed would not reach his knee. He could step right over the walls of Winterfell.nThe outer wall of Winterfell is eighty fe

What is the adjective in "This food tastes bad."?

This food is -> As for this food.,It is tasteless -> -tastes bad...[conjunction ending meaning 'although'] This little ending of but makes the first part of the sentence a subordinate clause, meaning it is not the main idea.,The main idea of this sentence is that the food is cheap. We just get a bit of context by adding that it happens to hav

What are some helpful sources about WW2 aid to Soviets?

If you want the primary source Information.,From a British perspective ( to look at the Commonwealth perspective you need a different search ) then look here. This is just the bit for Aug 41/ Sept 42 main items.,This does not cover such things as tanks/planes required for the Aus NZ in the Pacific ( but agreed by Aus NZ that saving USSR was a highe