What is a healthier alternative to white rice?

Parboiled rice is a great alternative to simple white rice. Parboiling is not exactly partially cooked rice, rather the whole grains are partially boiled in the husk. It drives the nutritions from bran to the endosperm, hence its nutritionally rich compared to white rice. Also, the whole process makes the rice higher in its fiber content. ,As an en

What are some helpful tips if youu2019re flying alone?

You donu2019t have to worry too much. I travelled 1st time last year and following were my observations.,keep your passport, tickets etc handy.,Read the digital signboards carefully at the airport to keep a check on your flight/airlines.,You can keep your important stuff in one bag which you will be allowed to take inside the flight. Maximum weight

What can I do with bachelor of arts degree?

I got a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) in Illustration.,I also got a BA in Multimedia- 3D Animation.,I have other degrees but those are not relevant to this answer, so letu2019s just talk about my BA and BFA.,Was the degree (and the student loan) worth it?,Well, I didnu2019t find a job with it, if thatu2019s what youu2019re asking. To be honest, none o

What kind of skills and character traits make a good trader?

What makes a great trader? ,In general:,1- Effort n2- Emotions n3- System n4- Risk n5- Independence1- Effort. There is no holy grail in the market, but if I were to select the pair of success-contributing factors that comes closest to representing it I'd pick hard-work and discipline. Hard work and discipline lead to the development of self-confide

Is Canon 90d waterproof?

I fly my drone in extreme weather conditions , which means I fly in pouring rain and I have used many camera to capture the drone in the Pouring rain.,The Canon D 80 /90 / R /50,Sony / 6500 / AR,Panasonic g 85,There has been only 1 Camera that has held up beautifully in the pouring rain and that is the Lumix G9 .,This camera has been a blessing , i

What is the silliest reason you cried while pregnant?

It happened during my third trimester. My husband always brought some Indian delicacies on Friday while I was pregnant. I never thanked him or praised him for bringing so many food items that too without me asking. On one Friday he didn't bring any, because he cudnt travel, he had more work. And traffic in our city was pathetic(he had to go to oppo

Why is a gram of platinum cheaper than a gram of gold? It also fetches a lower loanable price in pawnshops here in the Philippines. What are the factors that contribute to this?

Both metals are traded as commodities on several exchanges globally; demand and supply determine prices.,At the moment, given the uncertainty in many markets and the expectation of a new global stock market crash, gold is seen as a safe haven so its price is increasing. Platinum is less sought after as a safe haven, and its demand for industrial us

Do you regret moving to Ireland? Why or why not?

EDIT (04/03/2021): Those in Italics are recently added. Yes, I understand Dublin is not representative of the whole of Ireland (and apparently some are annoyed) so Iu2019m going to emphasize for the Karens that I lived in Dublin, Ireland from Sept 2018 - Sept 2020. Dublin is a PART of Ireland (sure, doesnu2019t paint the whole picture) but still a

How does one convert .doc files to .pdf files?

For this PDFelement is best solution which is have feature to convert PDF files into word document. It is a all in one solution to edit and create PDF document.,PDFelement provides you in the best work environment to create beautiful-looking documents which you have get many features to customize your PDF according to need like you can change the f

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ waterproof?

One more time: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WATERPROOF.The Galaxy Note 10+ is water-resistant. Leave it in water long enough or deep enough, and you'll damage your phone.

What is the most selfish act youu2019ve experienced with a narcissist?

This is still really hard to talk about and it happened almost 10 years ago, though I still bear the scars prominently. Both physically and mentally.,This will be my first time speaking about what happened so please bear with me.,This is not going to be easy to put to words, relive, remember and share with all of you. My hope in doing so is unquest

What does dreaming about pooping in a dirty toilet mean?

What does dreaming about pooping in a dirty toilet mean?It means you are a disgusting troll trying to annoy people on this site. Find something useful to do with your life instead of wasting it on this mindless drivel you post.,Go back to Tik-Tok, itu2019s more your speed.,02u201322u201322.

What is the reason behind SolarCity corp. share price rise?

In a sentence, Solar City is a finance company, specialized in vertically integrated solar equipment leasing and leverages their credit exposure using the tax equity, bond, asset securitization, and public markets. ,,,nUPDATED March 25: The gigafactory announcement confirms that Solar City and Tesla is moving forward on mass production residential

What is some recommended free software for creating organizational charts?

Edraw Org Chart SoftwareYou can try:,Built-in Card Shapes: The software has many pre-defined symbols with different styles and usage.,Edit Vector Based Elements: All the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format and thus editable.,Automatic Formatting Tool: You can add shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes.,Input Data F

How do I crack the TCS aptitude test?

Unlike other answers, The best suggestions and guidance regarding TCS aptitude can be provided by the one who has already cracked the TCS hiring process. I got placed in TCS and would really love to answer this question as I have experienced the exact process and went through the same situation.There are numerous myths regarding TCS Aptitude that i

What was it like hanging around one of the real Sopranos in North NJ?

I grew up in Elizabeth NJ, in the 1970s and 1980s and still have family there. Iu2019m of Cuban descent and there was and is a large Cuban/Hispanic population as well as Portuguese, Brazilian, Irish, Polish, Jewish, African-Americans, and Italian.,Elizabeth being next door to Newark and across the water from NYC, had a HUGE influence from the LCN,

How do I make a compound interest calculator in Microsoft Excel?

The formula for compounding is as follows:,Future Value = Principal x (1+rate)^periodTo calculate interest rate simply deduct principal from the FV,This can be done in excel by typing above formula in excel and linking to input cells to make it dynamic. You can do something like this:

Why didnu2019t the US invade N. Vietnam and capture Hanoi and Haiphong in 1966?

Because they were not interested in starting WW 3.,Also, it would have demonstrated that all the propaganda about helping an u201cindependent countryu201d called South Vietnam was a total lie. The war was sold to the American people as being a conflict between different kinds of Vietnamese and this would have proven that what the war was really abo

What do you think about Globalization? (in your own opinion)

I am against Globalization because I know that I have need for my nation state the USA. At this moment it is defending me against an Epidemic coming in from China (2/15/2020) and that need doesnu2019t go away when the epidemic is gone as there is always another threat like it. I am against it because the oligarchs of China will steal my economy if

What are some best birthday wishes to girlfriend?

Today is her birthday. She is someone who Iu2019m very thankful to have. At 3 am, when my emotions were at peak and I was completely genuine, I typed whatever my heart whispered to me. As I finished typing, I realized it was perhaps the best birthday message that I ever wrote for someone. It went like thisu2026,,One of my favorite quotes is, "At le

My family of 5 is driving from Paris to London to a hotel that does not offer parking. Should we park in a city car park for 120 pounds over three nights or park on the outskirts and take the tube to the hotel?

What is it that you think homeless people do all day? Just hang around, trying to survive? I guess some do that, but there are plenty of homeless people who have stuff to do. Work. School. Family responsibilities. Looking for jobs. Signing on at the Job Centre or welfare office. During my months of homelessness, I had college five days a week. My c

What is the healthiest and tastiest recipe for making dried beans (black beans, red beans, chickpeas, etc.) from scratch using an electric pressure cooker? Do you add salt while cooking or after cooking, any Cuban black bean recipes out there?

In the pressure cooker saute some onions, carrots and peppers (or whatevere aromatic veg you like).,Put the dried beans in the pressure cooker. Cover with 1.5 - 2 cm of water. Add just a little salt and no acid ingredients.,Add a bunch of chopped hard leafy greens, including the stems. Collards are best I think, kale is good.,Put a spoonful of oil

Who raised Buddhism from being a local sect to a world religion?

I donu2019t think Buddhism was a local sect since Buddha time. When Buddha passed to Nibbana, eight kings demanded his relics.,It was spreaded faster during Emperor Asoka time. It was about 200 years after Buddha passed to Maha Paarrinibbana. Ashoka inherited his grandfatheru2019s empire. Indian subcontinent was no longer a combination of small kin