What colors go best with dark green?

There are several possible answers to this question as different people will have different opinions.,However, some popular color combinations for dark green are black, navy blue, and shades of purple.,These colors can be used together in a variety of ways - from matching shades perfectly to creating complementary opposites - to create a look that

What historical events were considered much more major 800 years ago, compared to today?

800 years ago, huh?,So we are now in the Anno Domini 1217 (MCCXVII), year 6726 since the creation of the world, Hijri year 614, the year 3550 since the hero Dangun founded Koreau2026 In fact, most countries have their own calendars in 13th century, unlike 800 years later when everyone, even Muslims, would have to use the era based on the presumed d

What are some amazing pictures one has to see twice to understand?

Imagine being able to draw your depression on paper...,With it being Mental Health Awareness month, for 31 days, I will be posting an answer discussing one mental illness in the hopes to educate and interact with you all.,The artist who inspired this project, Shawn Coss, drew phenomenal pictures depicting the reality of mental illnesses.,,Obsessive

Is there an equivalent of selecting image A on Photoshop and then using it to cut out a shape perfectly in image (A + B), so youre left with just image B for audio software, a way to exclude acapella perfectly from a song by using the instrumental?

Yes. This is entirely possible if the conditions are correct. You can use destructive interference to remove the common sounds and be left with only the difference between the two versions. If one is instrumental and the other is the exact same instrumental plus the vocal you can use the instrumental to cancel out the instruments from the vocal ver

What is the largest and tallest observation wheel in the world?

The Ain Dubai, world's tallest Ferris wheel, opens in Dubai : NPR. The Ain Dubai, world's tallest Ferris wheel, opens in Dubai The Ain Dubai takes more than half hour for one complete rotation. It stands at more than 800 feet tall u2014 nearly double the London Eye's height.Oct 26, 2021

Which phone under $200 has the best camera?

Right now Moto G4 plus has got best phone camera in this price segment, it is a 16-megapixel shooter with f/2.0 aperture and Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). It also features a laser autofocus for quick focusing. Although the camera performs brilliant in daylight, the night performance is still questionable.

What does it mean if someone rarely makes eye contact when speaking to people?

Eye contact in different cultures convey different meanings:,"Given the increase in international business, communication across diverse ethnic cultures is becoming increasingly common for many businesspeople. ,There are four main communications styles, each style appropriate for different cultural and business settings depending on the objective o

What is the single most purchased food at fast food restaurants in the world?

My wife and I visited a delightful little Japanese restaurant. The food was wonderful. The service was superb. The decorations were great. We loved it.,Two older ladies came in and were seated. They looked at the menu and started asking about why there was no chop suey listed. I couldnu2019t help myself and told them that this was a JAPANESE restau

A woman was rejected by a man and after the rejection, each time they saw each other the man would avoid eye contact. But, after the woman loses about 20 lbs, the man sees her again he & doesnu2019t avoid eye contact. What do you think that means?

Nothing.,u201cDoesnu2019t avoid eye contactu201d doesnu2019t necessarily means anything. It doesnu2019t even mean that there was a contact at all.If it meant something, it is that he isnu2019t uncomfortable around this particular woman.,But if I know the woman in question, and she asked me the same thing, I would say that perhaps she is overthinkin

What is the most famous hospital in the world?

This question is like asking what is the best restaurant in the world? What is the best college in the world?,The answer is alwaysu2026 it depends. On best restaurant, what is it that you want to eat? No best restaurant prepares all food expertly. On college, what is it that you want to learn? No college is academically best in every subject.,Simil

What are the secrets to making a truly outstanding burrito?

OQ: What are the secrets to making a truly outstanding burrito?,Truly outstanding, you say? First thingu2019s first, thanks for the A2A. Secondu2026 I wasnu2019t going to share my secrets, but for the sake of Quorans the Quorld over, I SHALL SHARE! I was considering making a joke post out of this with all sorts of shenanigans about traveling to X c

Does apple cider vinegar have any documented health benefits?

I have been using apple cider vinegar for the past 14 months and finally writing my review on it.,For all those who don't know about Apple cider vinegar, it is a fermented juice from crushed apples. It contains various vitamins and minerals, along with dietary fibers. It is used chiefly for various obesities and problems related to hair and skin.,I

Whats the meaning of the characters on Chinese lanterns?

There are many kinds of lanterns in China.,Like this:,This character u201cu6625u201dmeans u201cspringu201d and usually used for the Chinese Spring festival.,This one can hang up anywhere, the characters on the surface are different fonts of the word "u798f". It means u201cLucky, Surplus, Rich, Plain sailing and so onu201d,You can write your favorit

What is the best portable mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel?

Q: What is the best portable mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel?Probably your smart phone.,Make sure that the SIM is enabled for cellular data, for sharing that data through the hotspot, and for international roaming.,It might also be worth making sure that the phone is not network locked in case you want to purchase a local SIM in a diff

Whats the largest country of all time?

By Area -It has to be British Empire. In 1920 their area was 35.5 million sq. KM (almost double than Modern Russia). They were running on 26.35% of the landmass in 1920.,Image Source - Wikipedia,Population -In absolute terms, it's China is 2021 with 1.43 billion population.,Image Source - pigbusiness website,By percentage of world population, it Ac

How can I learn Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a great method for companies to promote their business online through social media platforms. The main purpose is to create content tailored to each platform.,Before beginning, you must understand the benefits of marketing on social media:,Reach New CustomersWith social media, you are able to reach a greater pool of custom

How do you use color filters in photography?

I can only partly answer this because im not the best black and white photographer.,OFTen times with film, yellow, orange or red filters weu2019re used to change skin tones and create a more dramatic contrast profile.

What are other question-asking websites like Quora?

Note - Bookmark and share this answer if you find it useful.,Internet of ThingsAlmost everything can be done on Internet today.,Read, write and interact with the stories that matter ?,WordpressMediumLanguages with daily targets,Duolingo - wide options to choooose from including Klingon,Busuu - Community based language learning and interact with nat

What type of electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelengths?

My short answer to the question is that currently, we, the physicist community, do not know or agree on the shortest wavelengths of photons (electromagnetic waves), as of Y2021. Please, let me elaborate on my sort of tongue-in-cheek answer and show that I am serious, not least frivolous.,The most of the answers so far on the question say that it is

What are the national foods of Australia?

In terms of choosing a dish that represents Australia as a nation, us Australians will always be divided on this. Generally there are so many foods we associate with our country.,Roast lambAuthentic and traditional dish in Australia. roast lamb is soo delicious and tasty.,VegemiteVegemite is proudly made in Australia. And also Australian food sprea

How much does a good wedding cost?

I donu2019t just mean to toot my own horn here, but my wife and I had a great wedding. Likeu2026 epic great.,Iu2019ve had friends who two years later, still tell us that our wedding was one of the best, most fun weddings theyu2019d ever attended, and absolutely insist that itu2019s not just because theyu2019re our friends and are supposed to tell u

Are Jimmy Page and Robert Plant nice people?

In the late 80u2019s/early 90u2019s I met a friend who worked behind the bar in a pub near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England. As we drove to the pub he pointed out Robert Plantu2019s house (well, lots of gates and a very long drive). I sat drinking a few pints near the bar chatting to my mate as he worked. After about an hour somebody stood ne

Why is Hashima Island haunted?

Please refer this site:,This Abandoned Japanese Island Has Been Desolate Since 1974 u2014 Now Nature Has Taken Over [PHOTOS]You will get all the History on this site.

What are some of the best Skillshare classes to take?

Skillshare is a great platform to learn something new every day. Here are some of my favorite courses:,Animation, Illustration & Graphic DesignAnimating With Ease in After Effects | Jake Bartlett | SkillshareIntro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability | Marieke McCloskey | SkillshareAdobe Illustrator CC u2013 Essentials Training | Daniel Scott | Skillsh

Despite the rise of China, why has that not really translated into a keen interest on the part of people to start learning Mandarin or Cantonese? Is it due to either the difficulty of the language or although large, still not viewed as international?

Answer: u6211u4e0du540cu610fu3002Let me immediately tell you that the (Mandarin) Chinese words I just wrote has the meaning I donu2019t agree. Henceforward I will use the word Chinese with the meaning Mandarin Chinese in this article.,I was never interested in learning Chinese before I travelled to Southeast Asia for the first time in 2016. I chang