Whats the least racist country for black people?

I am a Nigerian girl. 23 years old. Living in Madrid, Spain. Dark skin. Travelled 54 countries, most alone.,This is the list so people can see what places iu2019m talking about:,In Africa:,Nigeria (Abeokuta, Lagos, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Oron, Ore, Ile-Ife, Kogi and Abuja),Cape Verde (Praia),Senegal,Morocco,The Gambia,Guinea Bissau,Guinea (Conakr

How do you make orange paint without yellow?

Most coloursmen make a variety of orange paints. So you can buy what you need. If you are just sitting with some red paint and you want to make orange but have no yellow then you are out of luck unless you could get a bit crafty and try using Ochre or Raw Sienna and get a sort of slightly grubby orangey colour.

How hard is it to learn to cook delicious Indian food?

My mum taught me how to cook delicious Indian food in about an afternoon, when I was leaving home to go to university.,Now, I will teach you.,All you need to know are the basic concepts, which are easy: you start with a base, and then follow either the basic u2018dryu2019 recipe, or the basic u2018wetu2019 recipe. Everything else is just a variatio

How long does bacon grease keep?

Ah bacon grease. Tasty residue of the morningu2019s breakfast. Maker of really awesome bacon scones (yes itu2019s a thing, I make it once a year and will be glad to share my recipe later). Tasty rendered bacon fat residue that can make cooking your eggs and hash browns especially yummy. Builder of heart attacks but damn itu2019s so good.,As for how

At what percentage should I charge my iPhone? Should I use it while its charging?

With all lithium ion batteries, you should try keep your phone battery partially chargedu2014between 60% to 80%.,Try not to charge it all the way to 100%u2014that puts strain on the battery, which can wear it out quickly.,Never fully deplete your battery. Despite what you may have heard, this will actually damage the battery.,Quick partial charges

How much water should I drink in a day?

You drink when you're thirsty. 8 glasses is a myth. Drinking every chance you get can kill you.,Our bodies are designed to tell us when we need water. This mechanism is called thirst.,If you want a visualization to encourage you to drink a bit more (or less) than what thirst dictates, you can check out the color of your urine. The yellow in urine (

What things do people from Philippines miss most when they go abroad?

Affordable massage.A 2-hour massage in my city costs 500 PHP or 14 AUD at most.,A 30-minute Thai massage in Sydney costs 35 AUD.,Cool weather.Itu2019s relatively cold in Baguio City, my hometown throughout the year. In Sydney, the heat can kill you in summer days. Singaporeu2019s hot weatheru2019s the same but the cool winds make it tolerable throu

What is your favorite ride at Islands of Adventure in Orlando?

Six pack abs,Sky DivingScuba divingBungee jumpingUniversal studios Orlando, florida,Disneyland florida,White water river rafting,Smokey mountains, North carolina,Cliff diving,Under sea walk,Bat caves, malaysia,Para sailing,Trekking,Jet ski ride,Cavanaugh flight museum, texas,Ski dubai,Palm jumeirah, dubai,Met red indian,Stone mountains, atlanta,Jam

Whos the greatest hustler in history?

Joe Ades, the "Gentleman Peeler" of New York City. If you lived in New York in the 90's or 00's, you might have recognized this guy:,Photo: Joe Ades: the potato peeling millionaire [ http://30daystox.com/joe-ades-the-potato-peeling-millionaire/ ],To many New Yorkers, he was one of the cast of characters that made it great to live in New York City.

What are the most inspiring short stories?

Masudur Rahman BaidyaIt was in 2005, that I first came to know of this fine gentleman, during a swim meet in Kerala.,Born in West Bengal, India (not far from Kolkata), Mr. Baidya had a knack for swimming. As destiny would have it, in 1979, at the age of 10, he tripped and his legs came under the wheels of a train. He survived miraculously but lost

Do you have a right to read your teenu2019s personal diary?

I used to think children had a right to some privacy and I gave my very trustworthy and responsible 13-year-old daughter hers. One day, after her weekend with her father, he called me. He asked me if I ever read her diary and I was honest and said no. Well, evidently he had and was furious to read private accounts.,The loss of her virginity that su

What are the 5 healthy low calorie recipes for weight loss?

It is important to eat a nutrient-dense vegetarian diet when you are on a weight loss diet. Make sure you include the following in your diet:1. Whole grains: Include healthy grains like brown rice, quinoa, khapli or farro, millets and couscous.,2. Legumes: There are several healthy options like lentils, kidney beans, soybean, black bean, and chickp

What are some amazing bunk bed ideas with desks?

If you have kids at home and are looking for some cool bunk bed ideas, this post will surely help you select the best designs for your kid's rooms as it showcases cool bunk bed ideas that have one common feature associated u2013 a desk. Yes, today, we are going to show you some of the best kids' bunk beds that come designed with desks.,What is a bu

What are the most terrifying bridges in the world?

HUSSAINI HANGING BRIDGE is the most dangerous bridge in the world.Located in the village of Hussaini in Northern Pakistan,crossing the Hunza river.,Courtesy:Google imagesHussaini bridge and river Hunza.Massive gap between the planks.WHY IT IS DANGEROUS?It is very old,narrow,massive gaps between the planks & planks are uneven too,side to side swing

Why did camera quality in the 90s look so bad compared to the 80s and even the 70s?

Are you speaking of image quality, or that of the cameras themselves? And which sort of cameras? Doesnu2019t really matter, becase they go together.,The Photo Enthusiasts, Circa 1950u20131960Smaller cameras in the 1950s for serious users were really nice. Made of finely machines metals, they were literally mechanical works of art.,However, these we

How did Steph Curry get so good so quickly?

I disagree with the premise that he became good "so quickly". Steph was drafted in 2009. It took him 5 seasons to make his first all-star team. It took him 6 seasons to make his first All-NBA First Team and to win his first MVP. He did that during his age 27 season. ,Let's compare Steph's ascension with the other recent MVPs:,Kevin Durant was draft

How do you cook frozen vegetables without them getting soggy?

With the exception of green peas, I would defrost in cold water first then either steam or quick saute. With peas, defrost either in cold water or in the fridge overnight and then place in strainer and dip into slightly salted water to get hot or quick sautu00e9 as well.,If frying is your goalu2026 as a tempura style, after defrostingu2026 place ve

How do you get the UK Land Registry to change a house from leasehold to freehold?

All property in England and Wales is centrally registered by the Land Registry. The first thing to do is do an online search here: Search for property information from Land Registry. If that shows the correct information, you problem is just websites using an out of date database. Since changes from leasehold to freehold are rather rare, its quite

What are the best tips for writing a resume?

Don't write resume of a NASA Scientist, your qualifications must be in sync with reality.,Don't mention fake projects for which you purchased a ready made file from the local stationary shop, you will be grilled like a sandwich.,Concise is beautiful, lengthy is ugly. (HR and interviewers are not interested in reading stories, they want matter),Don'

What are some unique pure Tamil baby girl names starting with K?

u0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0ba4u0bbf nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bb2u0bb0u0bcd nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bb2u0bc8 nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bb1u0bc8 nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bc1u0b95u0bbfu0bb2u0bcd nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bc1u0b95u0bc8,u0b95u0b9fu0bb2u0bc2u0bb0u0bbeu0bb3u0bcd nu0b95u0b9fu0bb2u0bc6u0bb4u0bbfu0bb2u0bbf nu0b95u0b9fu0bb2u0bcau0bb2u0bbf nu0b95u0b9fu0bb1u0b

What are the best topics for civil engineering PPT presentations?

If you are interested in presenting some case study of civil engineering then you consider the following topics,,Construction difficulties of chenab bridge (jammu and kasmir),Failure of gravity dams,Failure of slope due to earthquake or rainfall, soil erosion,Application of state of the art technique in monitoring any civil engineering structure.,I

Which restaurant would you recommend for lunch or dinner, if someone were to visit your city just for a few hours? And what item(s) should one order there (preference: vegetarian)? AddressYelp link would be helpful

The best single items to eat in Nashville (other than meat)If you ever stop through Nashville, Tennessee, youu2019ll be entering a culinary mecca with some of the best food youu2019ll ever eat! To select one place and one dish would exclude a lot of amazing experiences and depends on which foods you like. So Iu2019ll give you a top 10.,It would tak

How do you use color filters in photography?

I can only partly answer this because im not the best black and white photographer.,OFTen times with film, yellow, orange or red filters weu2019re used to change skin tones and create a more dramatic contrast profile.

What does a single, driven, socially capable, pretty girl in her mid 20s, with no kids or house of her own, do with her life? Should I join the Peace Corps, start a nonprofit, become a hobo, or what?

Days are long, years are short !!Considering that you are right nor 25 and would get married when you are 30 years old, this gives you 5 years of time which will never come back as is. I would suggest you should try any of these things-,Travel ,- Travel to places which help you seek adventure - Alps or Amazon Jungle,- Travel to places which help yo

Can you use a business lounge after a flight?

Yes you certainly can in some places at least. At CDG airport in Paris there is (or was quite recently) a lounge available for business (or first) class passengers after coming through arrivals and collecting baggage etc. Very useful if you have some time to wait for another flight or a late meeting and would like to take a shower.

What are some colors that go well with navy blue?

A quick visit to Google is really all you need to do:,navy blue color palettesTry it yourself next time!,Click here: GoogleBelieve it or not, itu2019s even faster than posting a question on Quora.

What is the difference between British and Russian mentality?

I will describe the way a Russian company operates, as I have had an intimate look into its inner workings, to shed some light on the logic, strengths and shortcomings of Russian mentality.The PatriarchThe head of the company and the majority stakeholder is a Patriarch. He didnu2019t start this way, but gradually the collective need dictated he fil