What are some beautiful architectural buildings?

There are many beautiful buildings out there. Whether you would like them or not depends upon your taste. According to me, here are some excellent designs:,The Ribbon Chapel by Hiroshi Nakamura, located in Hiroshima, Japan,The Concept behind this architectural wonder is simply mind blowing. This is a wedding chapel with intertwining staircases, whi

How are people passing time during this pandemic?

Is it OK if I do this one as a list? Here are 30 Trends that weu2019ve found in the past few days (and you can find more here).,"Virtual tour of national parks" spiked +700% over the past month US,u201cHome office funny memeu201d spiked +4,900%, past 30 days Worldwide,Refillable wine bag chair spiked +5,000%, past week US,u201cJohn Krasinski promu2

Whats the technical difference between a "living room" and a "family room"?

A living room is for entertaining guests, in my view it shouldnu2019t have a tv, the entertainment is the guests, itu2019s not for children, itu2019s the one room that should be neat and picked up so when people come to visit they arenu2019t overwhelmed with pink and purple plastic or yellow trucks and Legos.,The family room is the space for televi

How do I recover data from WD my passport hard disk when it is not detected?

The WD external hard drive not showing up on the computer, it means you cannot access the drive to manage your data on the device. The solution to recovering our data from WD hard drive, you should fix the WD hard disk recognized and detected on the computer.,How to Solve My WD Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows:Update WD hard disk device driver:

What is the SBAs definition of small business?

The SBA defines a small business as one that typically makes a maximum of $750,000 u2013 $38.5 million in annual revenue and has less than 100 u2013 1,500 employees, depending on industry. A small business is a privately owned company in the legal form of a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

Which country is cheaper to study abroad? USA or UK?

It really depends on a lot of things.,UK UniversityIf you are a Brit, then it depends if you are Scottish or not. If you are Scottish, firstly, congratulations, you are one of Godu2019s chosen people. But secondly, you can attend university in Scotland for free - good news! You win Quora today! But if you are from England, Wales or Northern Ireland

Russias war against Ukraine is not going as they thought. Putin appears to be looking for an "exit strategy" where he can leave the country. If he does, will the world just go back to normal with Russia or will the world demand reparations?

The Russians are winning. I want you to screenshot this answer. We can come back to it in 6 months. Go ahead.,The Russians have voluntarily moved their forces to Donbass. They havenu2019t u201cretreatedu201d because they were losing in battle. The Western media and Zelensky know that Westerners are so zonked out they would interpret this to mean th

What caused the financial crisis of 2008 in the UK?

The American sub-prime market collapsing caused a global financial crisis.,Basically too many people were given mortgages in USA that could not afford them.,These mortgages (or rather the debts) were rebundled and resold by crooks to gullible overpaid bankers world wide infecting the global financial system.

How did your marriage end?

I got married to a good person actually. He agreed that he liked me and vice versa, so our families moved ahead. We both are from Tamil Nadu, India. We have spoken a few times before wedding and he was nice to me. At our wedding night he said first lets become friends and then we can move to the next step. I too accepted. In a month we moved to Ont

What are some cheap foods that are also healthy?

The first thing would be a vegetarian or mostly vegetarian diet. Just that alone will save you a lot of money. Buy dried beans, lentils, and chickpeas rather than canned. I have the routine down of putting my beans and chickpeas to soak when I go to bed and then pressure cooking them first thing in the morning as I get ready to leave. They're ready

Where did the American salad of cucumber, onion, and tomato in vinegar originate? It seems to me that it could be Midwestern or Southern. How common is it in the nation?

Thatu2019s a shepherdu2019s salad, and you find versions of it all over the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It is found in Israeli falafel shops and Turkish restaurants and in Greek restaurants, with the addition of olives and lemon juice. Itu2019s well nigh ubiquitous all over the fertile crescent. Itu2019s also very American, since tomatoes ar

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

In the event that you like the format of your current kitchen and your cabinets are fit as a fiddle, Color them can be a shrewd approach. If you look our kitchen projects we builds lots of projects. But white kitchens are look perfect and its combine with other color as well. Once visit this kitchen gallery Orange County Kitchen home Remodeling Pro

Interior Design: Which is the best way to decorate your home?

A dwelling place to live peacefully. My idea of my home (rented or own) is somewhere I have my comfort zone. I have no degree on interior designing but I love doing the home decor for my house which is by the way a rented one. And to have a more homely feeling and the essence of the my persona to reflect I love using vibrant colors.,Sharing few pic

What is your favorite dessert to make (and how do you make it?

I love cherry pies. This is one of my favourite recipes:,Cherry pieIngredientsFor the pie filling150g/5oz good-quality black cherry jam,100ml/3u00bdfl oz water,1 tbsp ground arrowroot, mixed to a paste with 2 tbsp water,750g/1u00bdlb fresh red cherries, stalks and stones removed,For the pastry250g/9oz plain flour, plus extra for dusting,175g/6oz fr

Why did 80s video game covers look better than the actual games?

Because often someone designed the box cover and poster art without looking at the game or even asking for sample screenshots. They also hired outside artists to paint a picture inspired by the game, almost like the cover of a paperback novel is just the artistu2019s impressions of what the main character(s) look like.,I worked on Prince of Persia

What is the best way to make passive income online?

Here is how I did it.,I made an app. I had a few goals one of which was to make it the one of the best apps. It was my first app. Now there were a few things I realized. I don't have money to advertise. So what to chose to make? Something which everyone, literally everyone will download if they find it good.,There were thousands of apps already of

What are the most important facts about the statue of Christ The Protector in Brazils Encantado thatll be taller than the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro?

The facts:,Encantado is a small town in southern Brazil.,The statue is being built in donated real state by families that idealized it 10 years ago.. Itu2019s cost is quite lowu2026 R$2 million. Again, from donations to an organization responsible for building it.,Rio de Janeiro mayor responded that u201cbuilding a big Christ statue was easy, he wa

Isnt Vanellope von Schweetz a Disney princess?

Technically, not yet. She hasnu2019t been inducted.,She does fit all the requirements though. Sheu2019s a human, she has a sidekick (Ralph?), had a primary role in her first movie appearance, was born (coded) a princess, and her movie did well in the box office.,Aside from her height, she would make a great Disney Princess.

What is the difference between intramolecular forces and electrostatic forces?

Intermolecular forces are formed between molecules and, intramolecular forces are formed within the molecule.,Intramolecular forces are much stronger compared to intermolecular forces.,Covalent, ionic, and metallic bondings are types of intramolecular forces. Dipole-dipole, dipole-induced dipole, dispersion forces, hydrogen bonding are the examples

What is life like working in Cambodia?

First thing first, it depends on what kind of job you're doing. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia's largest capital city, life for expats is typically good.,You can enjoy the multinational environment.,The cost of living is not too low and not too high comparing to cities in East Asia.,English language can go you going with much difficulty.,City night and we

Is Russia a dangerous place to visit alone?

Channing Tayloru2019s information is not entirely current. Here come corrections from a Muscovite who deals with foreigners here a lot.,I would say that Russia is not dangerous but it is really recommended to have some advance reading and learn a bit of spoken Russian and Cyrillic alphabet. Ability to read Cyrillic alone will greatly improve your s

Are EST and EDT the same thing? If not, what is the difference?

EST and EDT are NOT the same.,Eastern Standard Time (EST) is the common English-language name for the North American standard time zone that is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-5). EST is the standard time zone in parts of Canada, the United States, and Mexico and all of the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Haiti, the Cayman

What are straight-up facts people wonu2019t swallow?

During Easter dinner my uncle asked me to tell the family something u201creal.u201d,Without blinking I said: u201cThe Average Man wants to be rich, the Rich Man wants to be king and the King wants to rule the world!u201d,THE REALIST FACTS OF LIFE,I. The AVERAGE MAN u2026 The RICH MAN u2026 The KINGMy uncle Charles lives a nice, well-adjusted middle