Weird and wonderful places abound on our planet?

",Tailor-made Travel,20 seriously weird places around the world,Rough Guides | Travel Guide and Travel Information | Rough Guides /BLOG /20 SERIOUSLY WEIRD PLACES AROUND THE WORLD,written by Rachel Mills,updated 8/3/2021,Share,mail_outline,attach_file,The world is a weird (and wonderful) place. And from a rose-coloured lake to a Japanese island rul

How do I convert WebP to GIF on WinDows or Mac?

If youu2019re an Adobe Photoshop user, you canu2019t edit a WebP file directly without first adding WebP support using a third-party plugin called WebPShop. This will allow you to open the file, modify the image directly, and convert it to a more widely-supported format like GIF.,If you want to convert WebP to GIF using Photoshop, hereu2019s what y

What is the best gnocchi recipe?

I used this recipe by top Italian Chef Giorgio Locatelli. It turned out really delicious and even my Italian friends said it tasted like home!,Get recipe here >,Step-by-step photo instruction here >

Is any part of England worth a visit, apart from London?

Londoners visit Brighton for a day trip and walk along the sea front. It is an affluent town like London. 1 hour by train from Victoria train station.,Windsor is worth a visit as well. 45 minutes by train from Waterloo. River boat trips, and Windsor Castle.,Edinburgh is worth a visit if you are flying up there if you are short of time for the 300 m

Whats a great, but simple, chicken breast recipe?

Chicken Parmigiana for mehere is the recipe from,Ingredients2 eggs, beatenn3 cups bread crumbsn6 pcs thinly sliced chicken breast cutletsn1/2 cup white winen12 large tomato, choppedn1 tsp dried oreganon12 pcs basil leaves, choppedn1 medium onion, finely choppedn4 cloves garlic, mincedn2 cups mozzarella cheesen1/4 cup grated Parm

What do mole on right upper eyelid of gents indicate according to Indian astrology?

The ancient Bhrigu samhita has description on the position and effects of moles on human body. It sometimes reflect the intensity of some act depending on the position and color. As asked in the question, the mole on right upper eyelid is a symbol of prosperity as rightly answered by Rohitesh Bansal. In addition, if the position is at central eyeli

What does a u201cclear blue skyu201d mean?

The color blue is also associated with a clear blue sky or a calm sea. It is connected to peaceful scenes that are serene, soothing, and calming. Furthermore, blue symbolizes authority and brings desirable characteristics. Psychologically, this color symbolizes integrity, honesty, trust, and competence.,Spiritually, the color blue means coolness an

Could a megalodon still exist in the Mariana Trench?

Could massive sea animals, like the Megalodon, live in the Mariana Trench?The ocean can be classified in layers, or zones, that very by depth.,Generally life in the deepest zone, the Hadalpelagic Zone, is small. The trenches are nutritionally sparse compared to the zones nearer to the surface, so it would be very hard for a large animal to get enou

Which is best photo background editor app?

Removing background from photos, especially when it's not perfectly white or completely transparent, can be quite difficult and time-consuming if you don't have the right tools. The process commonly referred to as cloning, involves painting over the desired area of the image, carefully erasing any part of the subject that overlaps with the backgrou

What are 4 characteristics of Renaissance architecture?

The architecture of the Renaissance left a lasting impression on Europe with its straight lines and elaborate ornaments.,Renaissance architecture was born in Florence, Italy, and quickly spread throughout Europe until the end of the 16th century.,Mediaeval Gothic style was replaced by Renaissance style, which was influenced by Roman ruins in Italy

What are the functions and objectives of the IMF?

The main function is to provide financing to member countries that are short of foreign currencies in order to finance their foreign payments needs and avert a currency crisis : a sharp devaluation of a countrysu2019 currency. Its main objective is to promote balanced trade and growth with low inflation, sustainable fiscal deficits , debt, and bala

What do baby whale sharks eat in the wild?

The whale shark, no matter how old is a filter feeder u2013 one of only three known filter-feeding shark species (along with the basking shark and the megamouth shark). It feeds on plankton including copepods, krill, fish eggs, Christmas Island red crab larvae and small nektonic life, such as small squid or fish.,Here are a few great references you

Can you use GoPro Quik on a Mac?

The cheapest and most straightforward solution would be a Teradek VidiU for $699 to stream the HDMI signal from your GoPro (or any HDMI capable camera) to a server with a 2mbps sustained or greater uplink bandwidth. You may or may not need yagi type directional antennas attached to an wireless access point and your home base router to ensure an uni

How visible is your Facebook account after you deactivate it?

I have deactivated my account a bunch of times in the past. Usually no one can search for your profile or see your name anywhere on Facebook.,That is, until recently. Now, when you deactivate, they are still showing your profile details to everyone. The only thing we can control is our notifications. Hereu2019s a screenshot of what Facebook says wi

What are the most beautiful places in India?

This is my personal travel experience.,Also known as u2018Switzerland of India',some argue it's much better than Switzerland, this place located at about 14,000ft above sea level is a place everyone should visit. Yes! I'm talking about Leh-Ladakh.,The journey towards Leh itself is the evidence of the beauty, awe of this place.,This picture is taken

Are there any national parks in the Philippines?

Yes.,There are several national parks in the Philippines. And, these national parks are under the list of the protected areas in the country administered by the Philippine Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.,Here are some of the national parks in the Philippines which are my personal favorites.,Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Nati

Whatu2019s the best part about getting older that no one ever talks about at all?

Needing reading glasses. Stay with me hereu2026,When I was turning 46 I found myself single once again, after the slow but steady demise of my 2nd marriage of 12 years. Holy cow, where was text messaging and internet dating when I was a kid! At any rate, thatu2019s a rant for another question. Letu2019s just say about the same time that I started n

What can we learn in Tally?

You will learn posting of basic accounting in tally. You can do bank entries , cash entries ,purchase sales journal entries in tally. Above this you can convert all this data into excel, PDF for further working .

Why are the rainbow hair colours never permanent? Why can we make brownblackredblondegrey permanent hair colours, but not redgreenblueyelloworangepink, etc?

The difference is between oxidative dye and direct dye. Oxidative dye changes the structure of the hair, opens the cuticle, lifts the natural colour and deposits the new colour. Direct dye only deposits colour. It is actually more permanent than than oxidative dye if you do it right. No shampoo. At all. Ever. No hot water, no sun, no heat of any ki

How do I connect a DVD player to a TV red, white, and yellow?

If your DVD has red, white and yellow jacks on the rear that look like the ones on your TV, then you just need a suitable cable. Any local electronics retailer and many home stores will have them. They are commonly called Audio Video RCA cables, or something like that. Here is one from Amazon., iMBAPrice RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable Gold

Why do Filipinos prefer to migrate to Australia?

Sure, compared to the United States, Filipino migration to Australia might seem few, but donu2019t let that fool you u2014 Australia IS one of the preferred destinations for Filipinos to migrate too. Why?,Summary of my long post:n1.) Jobs pay well;n2.) Standard of living is manageable: food (meat for instance) is cheap, even if compared to Ph stand

Whats the scariest ride at Universal Studios?

If youu2019re talking Universal Studios Hollywood then the scariest ride under my perspective isu2026Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride.,See the video for yourself:,Because the ride is a high speed indoor roller coaster transporting guests through moments reminiscent of the 1999 Mummy franchise.,The ride launches the riders from a complete standstill t

What is the best interview question ever?

I attended an interview for the first time of a core company that was conducted in my college campus. I was very nervous. I did not preapre much.,When i reached the waiting room i saw some people were busy reading while some were talking about the company and i was listening to their conversation keenly. Then my turn came. I went to my panel along

Can I upgrade my laptop graphics card?

No, unless you have one of those high end/workstation 2000+ USD laptops which use MXM slots.,Example below, both CPU and GPU in this Eurocom laptop can be replaced:

Can I submit a resignation during suspension?

If you want to resign and they are going through processes to remove you, they will bite your hand off to accept your resignation.,This is because by resigning you take away any possibility that they make an error somewhere along the line and sue them. It also allows them to move on without having you around.,If you plan to do this ensure that they