Is Oppo Reno 10x Zoom worth for buy?

Apple hired an additional 300 people for their marketing department back in 2013. Theyu2019ve been working hard on this ever since. We got a taste of this last year with the iPad Pro. But now they have fully implemented that plan with the iPhone Prou2026 u201cProu201d because Apple thinks that will attract sales. Thatu2019s it.,I had suspected that

Why does a camera shutter sound the way it does, even in phones?

In professional cameras u2014 and yes, even digital ones u2014 thereu2019s a mechanical shutter. Thatu2019s responsible for at least part of the u201cclicku201d you hear. Most pro cameras use a u201cfocal planeu201d shutter, which operates very close to the focal plane, the point of focus. It sits right in front of film on a film camera, right in f

How do I hire people for my dropshipping business?

Posting job adverts on freelancing sites like Upwork and freelancer will be the best way to find someone.,When posting job adverts be aware that not everyone will have heard of dropshipping. You may want to make the title of the job more general.,For example, itu2019s common for online stores to hire a virtual assistant (VA). A VA can help you with

What is the best makeup for hazel green eyes?

If you look at the color wheel, green and red are at opposite spectrums. Colors such as cranberry, pink, and purple will compliment green and hazel eyes. Different shades of these colors will look beautiful on green and hazel eyes. Try colors like plum, deep purple, and pink as eyeshadows (depending on your skin tone) to make green eyes pop. Colors

Which mobile has a front camera flash?

The following list is of phones with front flash. Note that, only relatively newer phones are mentioned here:,Mi Redmi Y2: 16MP AI front camera with LED light. u20b910,000 for 3GB/32GB variant u20b913,000 for 4GB/64GB variant,Samsung Galaxy J4+: 5MP front camera with Flash. u20b99,990 for 2GB/32GB variant,Samsung Galaxy J8: 16MP front camera with F

What are the best stocks to buy for the long-term?

Here is a list of best stocks which one can buy with an objective of LONG TERM holding.,In fact: I use this list for myself to unearth few good stocks from a heap of average ones.,What is the strategy? How to identify best stocks trading in Indian stock market?,How to start?,Buying stocks of companies which has high sales, high net profit, or high

What are some of the largest sea creatures?

They didnu2019t catch on because of their limited usefulness.,Ekranoplans are, surprisingly, very efficient and stable aircraft once riding on their slim cushions of air. That is the only advantage they have.,Their disadvantages were (among others) that they were of very limited wartime use:,They were very slow and hard to maneuver until airborne,T

Is it normal to have a sofa in a bedroom?

Yes, it is okay to have a sofa in your bedroom. Provided, you have enough space to spare. Remember, bedrooms are spaces where you come to rest and relax. So, cramping it up with unnecessary furnishings can only make your life difficult. If you'd ask us, we'd suggest you keep your bedroom design minimal. Thus don't overdo anything and always plan yo

How do I disable birthday notifications from Facebook?

Stop Birthday Notifications On Facebook (Phone)Launch the Facebook app on your phone.,Tap the three lines in the top-right (bottom-right for iPhones).,Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy and enter Settings.,Scroll to the bottom and find the Notification Settings.,This will let you choose which notifications you want and where you receive them.,Ta

What is promotional SMS vs. transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS: - From the busy schedule of your life, you must don't have enough time to read out all the unnecessary message but on the second note, you don't want to miss out your important messages like bank account information, train reservation, airlines system, Notifications, alerts, discounts and many more. Transactional SMS work over fo

What are the similarities of dependent and independent variables in research?

They are just variables.,It depends on the research and hypothesys. They have to be stated clearly.,If you want to know how blood sugar rise as insuline decreases or viceversa, any of them can be dependent or independent. They are associated.,If the end goal is blood sugar levels with different values of glucagon and insulin, then the last 2 are in

How can we make Koreaboos realize that Korea isnt some fairyland?

Iu2019m so happy you asked this question. Iu2019ve been wanting to talk about this for a long time. I was first introduced to Korean cultureu2026actually Asian culture from Kpop. I wonu2019t deny it and I am most definitely not going to apologize for it. It literally changed my life. However as the years have gone by, I have noticed a difference be

What are some of the best ways to express "I love you" without actually saying it?

One fine day, I was having a casual conversation with mom.,Me: Mom, did you ever say u201cI love youu201d to Dad? (trying to pull her leg)Mom: Never. Saying I love you is not needed if you can show it through your actions.,After few months:Mom and Dad had a fight. A very bad one, I figured it out easily.,u2018Don't call me againu2019 she said and c

How can I edit raw camera images in GIMP photo editing software?

There is (or used to be) an open-source project called camera raw. That is how I used to deal with RAW images before I bought the much lamented bibble (which sadly was sold to Corel, better known as Black Dwarf). If the reason for your enquiry is that you want to process RAW images on Linux, then look at RawTherapee (I did, and stayed away, but YMM

How did Donald Trump label himself a wartime president combating coronavirus?

Trump wants to call himself a wartime president in hopes of being compared to FDR and Churchill. If Trump had been president when Pearl Harbor was attacked, hereu2019s a timeline of how things would have gone:,Sunday, Dec 7th:,7:55 AM (local time): Pearl Harbor is attacked. About 2,500 American service men are killed; many more wounded.,3:00 PM EST

How do I get into interior design?

As an aspiring interior designer, I can assure you that it is one of the renowned design fields. This design field requires aspirants who have a keen eye for design and enjoy playing with colors, textures, and fabrics. To set up a career as an interior designer, the first and foremost step is to get yourself enrolled at a renowned design institute.

Is a diploma holder eligible for the SSC CHSL?

The short answer is yes. Diploma holders are eligible for the SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level). Diploma holders can apply for participating in the SSC CHSL recruitment process provided they meet all the other eligibility criteria specified for the SSC CHSL selection process that year.,Note: The eligibility crite

When it comes to food, what is an u201conly-in-Bosniau201d moment?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the burek is a meat-filled pastry, traditionally rolled in a spiral and cut into sections for serving. Notice the stress on u201cmeat-filledu201d, an example here below:,The same spiral filled with cottage cheese is called sirnica, with spinach and cheese zeljanica, with potatoes krompiruu0161a, and all of them are generi

Is there any difference between apartments in different cultures?

Home is where the hearth is.Isnu2019t it?,Or is it really?,Apartments in Taiwan for example, come without hearthsu2026I mean kitchens. It is not thought to be essential to have a kitchen in an apartment, because eating out is cheap, Taiwanese people are busy and rarely get time to spend in homes, making kitchens out of fashion. Therefore, while loo

Can eps files be accessed by Photoshop?

Yes, you can open EPS files in Photoshop, but you are converting vector into pixels.,Vector files are great because you can scale them as much as you want without reducing quality.,When you open a vector file in Photoshop it will prompt you to confirm the dimensions and once opened, it is essential an image and you adjust pixels, not individual vec

What are the best motivational pictures?

I got this from my friendu2019s whatsapp story. Obvious yet need to be taught..!!,You donu2019t have to be winner everytime.Being a loser sometimes is commendable actually. It says that you have guts to stand up once again.,Be the Superloser. Cheers^-^

What should I do if I have gestational diabetes?

I recommend you have your doctoru2019s office find you a nutritionist. You are going to have to make some drastic changes in your diet. Depending on how severe your diabetes is, you will be given pills or insulin. I only had to take pills for a few months. So I canu2019t really tell you about about taking insulin. I, at first took 1/2 a pill, then

What is Szechuan chicken vs General Tso?

So in this battle between the original and the globalized cousin, we have in one corner, all covered in pepper seeds, itu2019s SZECHUAN CHICKEN. In the next corner, as sweet as can be, we have GENERAL TSO CHICKEN.,(compiled images from Delish and Big Oven),Now in a consistent normal world, Szechuan chicken is a breaded and fried chicken, thatu2019s

Is black coffee healthy?

Just like Black Tea, the Black Coffee also has numerous health benefits associated with it. If you drink black coffee regularly, it will offer the following health benefits:,It helps in weight loss.,It improves cardiovascular health.,It improves your memory.,It is good for your liver.,It helps you cleanse your stomach.,It may help prevent the risk

What is the best interview question ever?

I attended an interview for the first time of a core company that was conducted in my college campus. I was very nervous. I did not preapre much.,When i reached the waiting room i saw some people were busy reading while some were talking about the company and i was listening to their conversation keenly. Then my turn came. I went to my panel along