What does your home office look like?

Hi there,,i am a web developer since 2017 and today my WFH setup looks like this in 2022, Actually, itu2019s not just setup itu2019s a proper office in the master bedroom.,We have bought a 4 BHK house near our hometown to stay with our family & at the same time we also wanted to focus on our work, so we have decided to make a dedicated office in th

Why did Ezee and Natalie break up?

Hey,,,Natalie OdellnAmerican Modeln27 years oldnDating,Full Name,Natalie Odell,Age,27,Birth date,November 24, 1993,Horoscope,Sagittarius,Birth Place,United States,Profession,Model,Net Worth,$1 million,Marital Status,Dating,Height,Under review,Ethnicity,Unknown,Nationality,American,Weight,Under review (Under review),Hair Color,N/A,Eye Color,N/A,Ahea

What is the cheapest Netflix approved camera to film a Netflix original?

The cheapest Netflix approved camera bought new is the Panasonic S1. Thatu2019s a $4,000 body, and with a basic lens, youu2019re starting out around $5,000. This camera is new enough, youu2019re not likely to get much of a break buying used.,You can probably do a little better if you can find a used Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K. I found one at

I received $6 on Paypal. Im under 18, and Paypal will not allow me to accept my money without using a form of ID. Im also waiting for another $28. What do I do?

This would be a good time to get an ID. If you donu2019t plan on getting a driveru2019s license, you could get a u201cstate identificationu201d card, which looks for similar to a driveru2019s license. It can be used for all the same identify-related uses as driveru2019s license. You typically get it from the driveru2019s office and thereu2019s no a

How much is the US dollar worth?

1 dollar equals:,.88 euro,50 to 52 pesos (Philippines),6.75 Chinese Yuan.,.00028 bitcoin (Bitcoin is a very rare currency),1.32 Canadian Dollars,17.91 Egyptian Pounds,18.99 Mexican Pesos,.76 England Pounds,47.38 Sudanese Pounds,Also 1 dollar makes you buy a lot of stuff (Especially in Dollar Tree. lol)

What are the weirdest eating habits youu2019ve witnessed?

Many years back on a hot summer day we were travelling in a train.,There came an ice cream vendor in to the compartment. There were six people, including me and my husband in that cubicle.,All of us purchased one ice cream each.,After paying the ice cream vendor, all of us opened the cap of the cup and started eating the ice cream, except one perso

Who made the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower was constructed by thousands of french construction workers, out of steel made by french steel millers, which in turn was mined by french miners, and all of those were brought to their respective sites by french truckers and conductors.,Oh, you were asking who designed it? Well thatu2019d be Mr. Gustave Eiffel. No reason he should

Will Mission Impossible 4 be a guaranteed success?

It depends on how you define "success." MI3 was the least grossing film of the three and MI4 is coming 4 years later. Also, Sherlock Holmes 2 is coming out the same day. The first Sherlock Holmes had a better opening than MI3 and is fresher on people's minds, at least on paper. There's a good chance it doesn't even have the best opening that weeken

What does this sound like to you: "Spirituality has dose-dependent effects. New Age can heal backache, but it is unheard of that it cures cancer. Christian Science is more spiritual, and that is why it can cure both."?

Can I say it sounds like u2018bollocksu2019?,u2018Bollocksu2019 is a UK English slang word that literally means u2018testiclesu2019, but is more widely used to mean u2018meaningless and possibly pernicious nonsenseu2019.,The reason I say it sounds like bollocks is that Christian Science doesnu2019t cure anything. Numerous people have died because e

In which countries do people drive on the left side of the road?

There is a list on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-_and_left-hand_traffic#Jurisdictions_with_left-hand_traffic,There is a note mentioning that the section may be incomplete and needs references.,nAlderneynAnguillanAntigua and BarbudanAustralianBahamasnBangladeshnBarbadosnBermudanBhutannBotswananBruneinCayman IslandsnChristmas Isl

How useful is the pen tool in illustrator? Do we need it?

For very long time, knowing how to use illustrator often means you know how to use pen tool and use it as often as possible.,Any self respecting professional graphic designer used to know how to use pen tool,,But, I also knows casual user of illustrator who rarely touch pen tool (same kind of people who refuse to touch pen/path tool in Photoshop).,

Where is the new Disney theme park going to be built?

Disneyu2019s last theme park was opened in Shanghai, China in 2016. It hasnu2019t announced any new theme park plans; all of the companyu2019s efforts now are in expanding its current parks, such as building Star Wars themed lands in its Anaheim and Orlando parks, and Toy Story themed lands in its Orlando and Shanghai parks.

Is India going to face historic technical recession?

The term technical recession refers to a period of poor economic activity which is continuous. Thus 2 continuous terms or Quarter of negative growth gives signals of Recession as above. In the FY 2019u201320 last Quarter ( Jan - March)showed a poor growth at 3.1 % as per revised estimates. Going forward the 2 nd Quarter April- June in FY 2020u20132

How can I admit into Stanford university with less fee? I am an international student and how much it costs for overall food, living, books and tuition for an undergraduate? Is there any other ways to get low fee

This is a good question, but broad.,Yes, itu2019s possible to get undergraduate scholarship in Stanford, but one has to be excellent at academics with outstanding grades. They also examine your test results for SAT(undergraduate programs) and GRE(postgraduate programs).,If you are a national-level sports player or have scored impeccably in an exam

What are some amazing plot aspectscoincidences in the Harry Potter series?

Here's the BIGGEST 'event' from the Harry Potter movie, Prisoner of Azkaban.,In the end credit scenes a couple are shown having a 'go' at it :P,,nHarry gets the magical "Marauder's Map" to see the location/footsteps of everyone inside Hogwarts, so what is the meaning behind these two interlocked footsie-players in the film's credits?

What is the next big world innovation before 2020?

Next Big Innovation Right?So for understanding Future let me teach you past first,Ready?Here are Innovation-1.Windows-November 20, 1985; 32 years agoLeading Company-MicrosoftNet worth- $560 billionIts a operating system operating system (OS) that controls a PC (personal computer). First produced by Microsoft in November 1985, it has been frequently

What is it like for a U.S. citizen to live in the Philippines?

I have never moved completely to PI but I have spent extended periods of time there over the years. My shortest stent was three weeks and the longest was five months. If I had to pick one word on what it was like, that word would be cheap. Don't get me wrong, if you stick to the tourist spots, it can get expensive but it still wouldn't cost you any

Is a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman compatible?

Relationship between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman canu2019t be easily understood by others, because these two partners are secretive and very private when it comes to their love.,For example, it is misunderstood how neither of them has the will to compromise and how their relationship is somewhat cold and not at all sweet. They must greatly

What is a fun dinner party game?

nDEER LORD! is definitely our favorite party game for adults!,itu2019s a type of card game that consists of a deck of playing cards with duels and bizarre things for players to do without being exposed by the other playersu2026nIt's perfect to play with a group of friends that don't mind acting all weird, freaky and manipulative around eachother ;)

How many rolls of wallpaper would it take for the standard size living room?

Even if there were a u2018standardu2019 sized living room you would still have to measure. No rooms are exactly alike and not all wall papers are the same width and length or have the same pattern. These variables determine how many rolls you need.,Measure: Length (of room). Width. Ceiling height. A solid color paper has no repeat. You need less. B

What is the cheapest but most developed country to live in (2022)?

Considering the 193 recognized countries of the world and two UN non-member observer states (Vatican City and Palestine), I can easily answer this question with mathematical analysis. Iu2019ve assessed the level of development for each country using the Human Development Index rankings and combined that with average monthly expenses using the Cost

What do Americans eat every day (homemade foods)?

Im in Florida and I love to cook! I have large gardens and chickens for eggs, but we eat a huge variety of home cooked meals.,Roasted garden veggies! I put this over Quinoa and added roasted sweet potato cubes! So good and healthy!,BLT with fried farm eggs and a purple tomato I picked from my garden on homemade toasted sourdough bread! Sooooo good!