What are some substitutions for sun dried tomatoes?

You can roast tomatoes until they begin to dry out. This will give a similar texture to sun dried tomatoes but the flavour will be more cooked. Look up a recipe for Mediterranean roasted vegetables and then simply apply that to tomatoes alone.

I am planning a 5-6 day honeymoon trip to Switzerland in late October. What would be the best itinerary possible and which are the must visit places?

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. Its cities contain medieval quarters, with landmarks like capital Bernu2019s Zytglogge clock tower,And here is the best 06 Nights / 07 Days Switzerland honeymoon tour package for you . You can just gon on Europegrouptrip.com and g

Why does Filipino English sound awkward?

There is only one very important aspect to understand why Filipino English (sic), or a native Filipino speaking English, sounds awkward. It is FLUENCY!,Essentially, fluency is a set of accurate, appropriate, and well-developed habits.Yes, virtually all non-native English speakers, including Filipinos, struggle to achieve fluency because the traditi

Which one would you prefer, the Asus Zenfone 5Z or the OnePlus 6? Why?

See i will suggest Asus 5Z.,Both the phones are fine at their price. Asus 5Z and oneplus 6 come with almost same specifications.,If we see the price of Asus 5Z is 30000. Thats why that's why there is onr deficiency. camera is 12+8 m.p. as compare to oneplus 6. I am not saying that is it very bad. Asus also takes baeatiful shot. Portrait mode works

Are there different types of love?

A couple scene -,Gf : I am feeling naughty today.,Bf : Really?,Gf : yes.,Bf : What do you have in mind?,Gf : I want you to tie me up and do whatever you want.,u2026u2026u2026,Love type 1 :Love type 2 :One tie up for twenty minute.,Second tie up lifelong.,Images source : My phone gallery.,Guru:)

How do you protect your house and lot from volcanic eruption?

Mineu2019s in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The most recent volcanism in Wisconsin was 1100 million years ago during the Midcontinent rifting. Thatu2019s pretty safe. Unless you are close to one of the Cascade Range volcanoes you are pretty safe. Yes, there have been cinder cone eruptions like Sunset Crater, Arizona but your chances of having something unp

Is there any impact of zodiac signs in a relationship? If yes, how?

It is not very important. My friend is a Virgo, she has been married to her husband who is a Leo for over 26 yearsu2014and they are said to be one of the most incompatible signs for a relationship, but clearly that's not entirely true.,Her husband doesn't even exude any Leo traits, he's not an attention seeker or anything like that, he's very very

What have you done to cut your monthly personal expenses in India?

The first and foremost thing to do to cut down expenses is Track Your Expenses.,You cannot change what you cannot measure. Each and every penny that you spend, save it in an excel sheet. Have it divided in different categories and at the end of each month you will have considerable data on expenditure per category.,Keep on doing it for at least for

What are some easy DIY projects to do for small living spaces?

Some of these are way easier than others but most of these are super clever in my opinion. I think they offer a lot of great inspiration for a small space:Bedroomu2026Storage / Platform BedLivingroomu2026http://specialspot.net/diy-storage-solution/Life Hacks For Living Large In Small SpacesKitchenu2026These Cabinet Hacks Seriously Increased My Kitc

What are good ways to make a pumpkin soup?

Caramelize a large yellow onion. When nearly done add crushed garlic and two sage leaves. Remove and reserve half of the onion. Discard sage. Deglaze with a splash of hard cider. Add one large can of pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling). Stir and add two cups of chicken or vegetable stock. Check consistancy and add more as needed. Taste. Add sal

What are some great outdoor du00e9cor ideas that are cheap and effective?

I love outdoor showers in the summertime. Few things are as fun as a warm shower out in the sun, or under the stars, with a friend. At the beach it's a great way to keep sand out of the house:,,nLINK: Summer Showering OutdoorsFor the winter, a firepit is mesmerizing, a natural gathering place for a group of friends:,

What mythological creatures or stories have you heard relating to lizards, or reptiles in general? Iu2019ll need a name of the story or rough location it originated in, also please no dragon stories just wingless reptiles :)

You requested my answer, unbelievable. I ride the wings of the Dragon. I require a cup of coffee in the morning. Occasionally, Milk and cookies at night. Every once in awhile, a glass of bourbon before I retire. I prefer,," And by the way, you caught me in a good mood.",Edit, Check this out, I didn't even know about this one. u201cDid you like the

Which are the 10 most famous countries in the world?

This is very similar to: Which country is best known for its culture? anyway size matters, essentially only empires count:,USA - economy, films, armed forces, technology, has an empire, culture, flag.,UK - english language, representative government, industrial revolution, has bits of an empire, technology, ball games, London, books, films, theatre

Which country currency is greater than India?

The following are some currencies of different countries which value more than India Rupee:,1 Dollar=65.08 Rupees,1 Pound=85.86 Rupees,1 Kuwaiti Dinar=215.23 Rupees,1 Saudi Riyal=17.35 Rupees,1 Dirham=17.72 Rupees,1 Yuan=9.83 Rupees,Conversion Credit:Google

What are some of the best ways to express "I love you" without actually saying it?

One fine day, I was having a casual conversation with mom.,Me: Mom, did you ever say u201cI love youu201d to Dad? (trying to pull her leg)Mom: Never. Saying I love you is not needed if you can show it through your actions.,After few months:Mom and Dad had a fight. A very bad one, I figured it out easily.,u2018Don't call me againu2019 she said and c

Why do Canada and the USA have the same telephone country code?

Originally, the same company developed the technology for both the United States and Canada. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland but immigrated to Canada and did much of his development in Canada before setting up a practice in Boston. After inventing the telephone he continued to do his development in both Canada and the US. Bell maintained

What are the ways to make chicken breast taste good?

Whenever I am cooking chicken breasts I can boost their flavor in four ways: brining, marinating, seasoning and through the cooking technique.,Brining is simple. Just dissolve salt in water and let the chicken soak for about half a day. A ratio of 2 tablespoons of salt to 3 cups of water is ideal in my opinion. Seasonings such as dried herbs, a lit

Whats the most low-maintenance way to landscape?

Without knowing the nature of your garden, itu2019s hard to tell, but in your position, I would do some research on Oriental, particularly Japanese gardens. Avoid grass like the plague and try to keep planting mostly in containers/pots or in rockeries.,The Oriental approach is all about peace and being at one with nature and you can do this relativ

What is a good way to give constructive feedback?

To be fair, there is no explicit instruction of how to give feedback.,After all, feedback means giving your opinion to something and as long as itu2019s reasonable and well explained, there is no such thing as a u201cgoodu201d or u201cbadu201d opinion.,The best thing you can do is trying to describe things as detailed as possible so no one has to r

What are the must-see places in South Africa?

The complete list of beautiful places to visit in South Africa is a very long list. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one person may consider beautiful, someone else may consider boring. A good example is the Karoo or the Kalahari Desert. Beautiful to many people, but not to others. A modern city with impressive buildings or

What did small children eat in the days before chicken nuggets?

In my day (the pre-microwave 1970s), "kid food" consisted mainly of easy- and quick-to-prepare dishes. Simple sandwiches (tuna salad, grilled cheese), peanut butter in celery, canned pasta (including my favorite, Spaghettios; Chef Boyardee was really big as well), Kraft mac and cheese, Lender's frozen bagels with cream cheese, Totino's party pizza,

What is your review of Skyscanner?

I'm a Spaniard living in New Zealand. This trip is one or the longest you can do by plane, often requiring 3 or more flights and more that 24 hours total length. I've made this return trip once per year since 6 years ago, I believe this gives me some credit to talk about travel agencies.,In my life I have bought flights using different agencies and

Why were the 3 branches of government established?

We have 3 branches of government to minimize the possibility of too much power in the hands of a single person, who could become a despot.,Obviously, we want the judiciary to be as independent as possible, as the judiciary tends to be our last recourse for defending our rights from a tyrannical government.,In Britain, the legislative and executive

Which beef steak is the most tender?

The tenderloin (filet steak, filet mignon, Chu00e2teaubriand). From Wikipedia: The tenderloin is an oblong shape spanning two primal cuts: the short loin (called the sirloin in Commonwealth countries) and the sirloin (called the rump in Commonwealth countries). The tenderloin sits beneath the ribs, next to the backbone. It has two ends: the butt an

What should you never say to a Scorpio?

Sun Or Fun Signs Are Not Really RealSun or Fun signs offer an extremely simplified viewpoint of astrology.,As you read this answer, please keep in mind that Iu2019m somewhat generalizing about Scorpio. To really know a person, you must look at their natal charts (month, day, year, time, and birth location).,Image Of Scorpio Astrology Sign - Courtes

What made your jaw drop the first time you visited Great Britain?

This wasnu2019t the first time that I visited, as my parents did drag me along there as a child. But I was invited to go from Perth, Australia, to Oxford University for an academic conference in 2009, and I was very anxious about finding my way through public transport and then getting to the accommodation I had booked. It all seemed very complicat