Why doesnt Dunkin Donuts make cinnamon munchkins anymore?

Last year, Dunkinu2019 Brands decided to roll out a u201cmenu simplificationu201d program, which was completed in all USA locations at the beginning of this year. The idea behind this program was to make all Dunkinu2019 Donuts locations nationwide consistent from location to location. As part of that program, Dunkinu2019 Brands decided to cut out m

What do you think would be on BTS search history?

Namjoon:What does snatching wigs mean?,Can I keep crabs as a pet?,How do I stay calm when I'm annoyed?,Jimin:Where's the nearest club/bar?,How do I know if I'm bi?,How could I get taller?,Jhope:Dance competitions,How can I get a hold of Drake?,Chicken Noddle soup,Suga:How do I become a rock?,How can I shut someone up with my mind?,How do I act happ

What are your favorite taco recipes?

Crispy and juicy Pork Carnitas TacosThis recipe is a little bit of work but it is absolutely worth it.,Ingredients needed,3 pounds boneless pork shoulder, remove the rind and cut shoulder into 2 inch cubes,1 tbsp kosher salt,1 tsp ground black pepper,3/4 tsp cinnamon,1 tsp ground cumin,1/2 tsp chinese 5 spice,1 orange - use a potato peeler to slice

How do I make onion sauce?

Onion sauce? That could be a number of things.,In classical French cuisine there is a sauce named Sauce Soubise, which is an onion flavored bechamel. Itu2019s easy to make. Mince onion, sweat them in butter (do not brown the onions) until they are sweet and translucent, add flour to make a roux, cook the roux for a minute and then whisk in milk. Si

What does "watermelon sugar high" refer to in Harry Styles song "Watermelon Sugar"?

The truth is that fans are debating on this one while trying really hard to determine its meaning. Zane Lowe, from Apple Music Beats 1 Radio came forward and said that it refers to sexual pleasures. Styles didnu2019t admit to it, however his lyrics along with the sexiness he is singing them with, directs a lot of his fans to believe it is actually

What is a good, cheap laptop for gaming? Iu2019m not a gamer, so Iu2019m not looking for an expensive gaming PC, I just want to be able to play some games that wonu2019t wreck my current laptop which I use for school. my budget is around $600

If you are dead set on getting a laptop from this yr, look for some deals and anything with a 1650 or 1050 is fine for casual gaming. However, look at previous generations of laptops that are 8th or 9th gen as they perform great still and you can get them much cheaper.

What are some great places to travel to within the U.S.?

Welcome to the United States of America!Itu2019s a large country and it has many things to do and see. However you obviously have limited vacation time from your job and donu2019t have any time to waste. Here are my recommendations for you to get the most pleasure out of whatever limited time you have off work!!,Appalachian Country with the Blue Ri

What question do ex-mormons hate the most that they get from believing mormons?

I ask the following of ex-members all the time and never get answers:,Over a dozen witnesses saw the plates. Three saw the angel and the plates. Many more witnesses saw other angelic messengers. Many saw divine beings at the Kirtland temple dedication. How do you explain all those witnesses?,A few examples for those that donu2019t know about the ma

Which zodiac sign am I, Libra or Scorpio?

You have Sun in Libra. Some Astrologers say that this is a u201ccusp typeu201d where you would share the attributes of Scorpio, but this is not the case in my experience. For example, I have been able to observe my granddaughter who was born at 29 degrees 56 minutes of Sagittarius , and she has none of the attributes of Capricorn. Definitely Sagitt

Does Wikipedia use artificial intelligence to generate any of its articles?

There are bots that write articles, but usually they are using data from a database to fill in templates. For example, rambot created 30,000 articles for US towns and cities based on US census data. Here's an example from Palo Alto, CA:,,The 2010 United States Census reported that Palo Alto had a population of 64,403. The population density was 2,4

Why is Finland not considered a Scandinavian country?

Finland is a Nordic country.,Whenever we discuss the social, economic, or political aspects of the Nordic countries, such as the Nordic model, Finland is included.,Finland has been part of the free movement area known as the Nordic Passport Union since 1952.,It's also a full member of the Nordic Council.,Finland is not a Scandinavian country.,Scand

What are some good examples of employee wellness programs?

The best example of corporate wellness program is what the company I work for is having for all of us. I work for PTC India. We have hired Wellness coach Ashwani Deswal to bring experiential wellness program to the people working here. These wellness workshop provided by Mr Ashwani Deswal have been so effective. It feels alive, fresh and just so mu

How can I protect my Facebook account from being hacked?

u201cFacebook Account Hack and ways to secureu201d.,There are very few people who do not have a Facebook account these days. This is where we chat, watch our favorite celebrities, and keep up with the latest news.,All of us consider Facebook to be an extension of our own, if it hacked by the hacker we feel Embarrassed.,Facebook can be both convenie

Refresher, The difference between dynamic microphones and condenser microphones?

The other answers here posted here are great, let me add a bit more color.,If you are a singer with a very soft voice, a condenser mic may be a better choice. If you belt out the tunes or are doing work on stage in a noisy environment, youu2019d absolutely want a dynamic mic.,If you are in a conference room and want to pick up all the sound in the

How do you upgrade a MacBook Pros graphics card?

Like any other laptop, MacBook Pro also doesnu2019t support upgrade of graphics card. The graphics card is embedded to the motherboard and upgrade means replacing the motherboard. Apple would hardly support this, as they request the users that while configuring, ensure the best configuration is selected as once finalized modifications are not suppo

Do you have a great, unique drink recipe? (Alcoholic or non alcoholic) Must be original!

Photopolarimetern nPut a bottle of framboise in the freezer for at least a few hours. Fill a proper champagne glass (tall and narrow) with a very cold, very dry sparkling wine; I like Korbel Natural. Add a few drops (not more than a quarter teaspoon) of framboise.n nEau de vie de framboise is a clear white brandy distilled from raspberries, availab

Do EXO members love and care for each other as much as BTS do for each other?

Okay. So letu2019s get facts straight. Iu2019ve known exo since like the end of 2014. Even though Iu2019ve only gotten to really know them at the start of 2017. Same with bts.,Both groups have different kinds of friendships. Because both groups have different kinds of people, personality wise.,In bts usually people that donu2019t know the members v

How do I get myself to become motivated and just study all the time?

Is it hard for you to get motivated to study?Letu2019s face itu2026,Itu2019s so easy to watch just one more YouTube video, or to scroll through your social media feed just one more time. But your exams are also approaching. Theyu2019re getting nearer by the day.nYou have a rising sense of panic, but you donu2019t know where to begin. The more you p

What is the color combination for turquoise blue?

The turquoise color is mysterious and magical. It was worn by kings, and in the animal world it is adorned with peacocks. It fascinates us in tones of precious stones and minerals, such as turquoise and agate, it goes well with many shades. Try experimenting with pink, purple, gold, beige, sand cream. I do not recommend too many colors at once, fir

According to Feng Shui, is it good to have a Nefertiti picture above the bed?

You asked about a Nefertiti picture above your bed and the Feng Shui impact.,While Feng Shui is considered an ancient Chinese practice, there were versions of it practiced by the Sumerians and other cultures and civilizations have their version of Feng Shui. When it comes to pictures of any kind, all of this is subjective art work. Any images, art,

How can I charge my camcorder battery without a charger?

Very difficult and best not tried. Chargers are designed to carefully regulate the charging current and monitor the battery voltage at the same time to avoid damage to the battery.,The best thing to do is to look carefully at the battery to read its model number, which will usually be a combination of one or two letters and some numbers. Then searc

Which is the best phone in the Samsung Galaxy A Series 2022?

The best phone galaxy a series on Samsung's A52 5G sits at the top of Samsung's more affordable A series of phones. It has a big 6.5-inch display, 6GB of RAM, a multiple rear camera setup (including 64-megapixel main lens, wide angle and macro cameras) and 5G connectivity.

What are best touristy things to do in Santo Domingo?

I visited Santo Domingo, DR recently. Here are some things to do:,Telerifico de Santo Domingo,Historic Walking Tour,Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo,Parque Colon, Santo Domingo,Alcazar de Colon, Santo Domingo,Los Tres Ojos National Park, Santo Domingo,Boca Chica Beach,Choco Pick,Try mofongo,Paletas Bajo Cero,The Museum of Rum & Sugar Cane,For visuals o

How do you arrange furniture in an awkward living room?

There is nothing better than arranging furniture with well-research furniture outlet for an awkward living room. Oddly shaped living room with right furniture arrangement always insists on taking suggestion from interior designer. But it wonu2019t be overwhelming when you are known about the mistakes or problem and their solutions.,But as you updat