What are the best add-ins for deviled eggs?

I like to make crab-stuffed deviled eggs for potlucks. They tend to disappear with a horrifying rapidity... so fast that I've never actually been able to nab one myself.,Here's my basic recipe. I'm a bit hampered because I actually don't like using measurements unless I'm baking.,6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and halved.,Remove the yolks from the halv

Whats a good and affordable restaurant near the Union Square subway?

A few of my favorites near Union Square that are more affordable:n,Pete's Tavern (18th and Irving) and Old Town Bar (18th west of Park Avenue South) - both are bars with a 19th-century, old-fashioned feel. During warmer months you can eat outside at Pete's Tavern.,71 Irving (Irving between 18th and 19th) - a small, homey coffee shop,Republic (Union

How should I prepare for a performance review?

Honestly; and be harsher on yourself than they will be because then that gives your supervisor/boss the opportunity to be a supportive/coach instead of having to burst your bubble of high self praiseu2026.,If there is a larger disconnect than that you might need a third party arbiter

What is the dark meaning of Jack and Jill?

Jack and Jill went up the hill,nTo fetch a pail of water,nJack fell down and broke his crown,nAnd Jill came tumbling after.This rhyme was first published around 1765 There are several ideas as to its meaning . It is about the stupidity of people. Jack and Jill are names that have commonly and historically been used to represent a men and women.

What is a stand you took with your in-laws that you will never apologize for?

Our house is our haven. It is the one place we can be ourselves and at ease.,I am a teacher and husband is a police officer. We deal with people all day, sometimes six days a week.,In addition, I am American by birth, and the ways I run my home and its arrangement reflect my culture.,Thais are very social. In fact, many cannot understand why I do n

What did Frank Lloyd Wright mean when he said all buildings should be designed on 2 increments? Did he mean exterior dimensions, interior dimensions or room interior dimensions?

From a pure constructabily standpoint it makes sense. Lots of building materials would work well with that spacing. Framing (though I wouldnu2019t do flooring at 2u2019), masonry, ceiling grids (never permitted in residential imo). Sheetrock (though many of his buildings were plaster and lathe). Tiles.,Itu2019s automatically symmetrical.,And itu201

Can I use coconut oil for cooking?

Coconut oil because if it's high smoke point means it can be heated to a high temperature without burning much like peanut oil. You can use coconut oil in any recipe you choose but because of its coconut taste it's use is usually limited to cakes, sweets and curries.

Is Paris a country near Europe?

Do you mean capital of France? Paris has no capital. However, Paris is a capital of France. We have some department that comprises Paris which they called u201cIle-de-Franceu201d this are Seine-et-Marne 77, Yveline 78, Val-d'Oise 95, Essonne 91, Hauts-de-Seine 92, Val-de-Marne 94, Seine-Saint-Denis 93, Paris 75. Note, Paris also is a department its

How accurate are laser measuring tapes?

More accurate than a steel tape. When you measure a distance greater than about 3 metres the tape is bound to sag so the measurement is not very accurate.,A laser measure working at the speed of light does not have any sag. Obviously cheaper models are not as accurate but I would say even the bargain basement models are better than a tape measure.,

Can Caucasians (Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Georgians) have narrow, almond-shaped eyes?

By u201cCaucasianu201d Iu2019m going to assume you mean u201cpeople living in the Caucasusu201d rather than native people of the Caucasus.,Slanted eyes are not common no. Most Georgians and Armenians tend to have big round eyes that tend to usually be brown but hazel, green, and blue eyes are not uncommon. Azerbaijanis tend to have more narrow eyes

How Mathematics and programming(Computer Science) are related to each other?

It took me a very long time to understand why Mathematics is the u201cMother of all Sciencesu201d.,If anyone really wants to dive deep into the advanced fields of Computer Science then one has to deal with the Ocean of Mathematics.,Specifically the fields like Theoretical Computer Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,Artificial Intelligence, Co

What are the characteristics of a "New York"-style pizza?

New York style pizza is typically large (14-18 inches as opposed to a 12 inch typical Neapolitan pizza). It is often sold by the slice, which are flat, wide and foldable. The dough is made of high-gluten flour and has a The cheese is normally Grande brand mozzarella which grated and evenly covers pizza. Ore...

What are your 10 rules of graphic design?

Graphic design should also follow certain principles. Breaking design rules is sometimes allowed or even encouraged, but you still need to understand the rules you are breaking to avoid mistakes. Whether from text to layout, or color or special effects, all design elements should follow certain principles and techniques to avoid mistakes.,Image sou

What are the perfect decorating ideas on Valentines Day?

Valentineu2019s Day is coming, so are you all set to make this day memorable? Have you decided on how to decorate your home? Are you struggling to find some creative and romantic decoration ideas for Valentine's Day? If yes, then check out these easy yet elegant Valentineu2019s Day home decor ideas to create a romantic atmosphere without spending a

What are the best organic meal delivery services?

I used to have Sunbasket delivered to my home. I really liked it, but then I decided to join a local food delivery program.,If possible go with a local delivery program if itu2019s organic and or sustainably grown. Otherwise check out Sunbasket.

Can you write 50 interesting facts about yourself?

Thank you for asking! I will start writing this answer in the expectation that I can use the material in coming up with another memoir that I intend to finish writing and get published appropriately using another platform. Bear with me with ongoing edits and updates then:,Pandemic time. I deleted someoneu2019s comment to my answer here on China bei

Is instant coffee bad for you?

Coffee is a healthy drink; However, the method of preparation and brewing process can affect its overall chemical constituents, thus its health benefits and risks. Here is a comparison between instant coffee and ground coffee specifically.,Antioxidants and nutrients:Instant coffee beats the ground counterpart and many other brewing types on the tot

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ waterproof?

One more time: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WATERPROOF.The Galaxy Note 10+ is water-resistant. Leave it in water long enough or deep enough, and you'll damage your phone.

What are Porters five industry forces, and how do they affect a companys strategy?

Porteru2019s five forces is a model to study an industry. The five forces donu2019t affect a companyu2019s strategy, they describe the competitive forces in a particular market. Understanding these forces helps inform the development of a companyu2019s strategy.,The five forces model describe where the power and risks exist. The five forces are:,Th

What are the problems of Chevrolet Cruze?

Hi Sai manideep,Thanks for A to A, as of now everyone knows that Chevrolet had closed their sales operations in Indian continental and it was shocking news for all cheavy lovers but it creates an opportunity for those buyers who want to own luxury sedan car like cruze in very cheap prices.,Chevrolet Cruze is one of the best and eminent product of g

Should I go for a SanDisk Extreme or Extreme Pro?

Go for SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64Gb one. You wonu2019t find a lot of difference. When you are copying a file and if you compare the 2, you might not find a lot of difference,in the time. So you can get 64GB instead to 32GB by compromising for a few seconds of transfer time. Hope this helps :)

Did actor Johnny Depp say some profound things?

Johnny is on the redirect, answering his lawyers!,"Hurt. Blindness hurts. It was like someone hit me on the back of the head with a 2x4 and, as I said, I didn't have the ability to speak before. Even though I did an interview to try to explain myself, it ended up being a successful play. " - Johnny Depp.,"When did you first learn that Disney wasn't

What are 5 definitions of research with authority?

Here is one (and that is all you should need:,Authority within qualitative research refers to the claims that actors within the research process, notably the researcher, make so as to speak/write in the way they do about the social process or phenomenon being studied.

If Disney princesses had last names, what would they be?

The official Disney Princess franchise includes 12 princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (Aladdin), Pocahontas, Mulan, Merida (Brave), Tiana (Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Moana. Ralph Breaks the Internet includes 3 more: Elsa and Anna (Frozen) a

How do I make tomato puree?

It is as easy as taking a handful of tomatoes and putting them through a blender.,This gives you a nice puree of tomatoes. However, depending upon your preference, you may or may not blend the tomatoes with the skin.,Without skin you will have a more smoother version of puree. Peels have nutrients and lycopene, so you can keep them for nutritional

Where is a great place for breakfast in Manila?

It really depends on your idea of a great breakfast.,If you like a bayside breakfast, some outlet restaurants in Harbor Square in CCP will be pleasant. Pancake House is my go-to place there but you can go to the Starbucks if that's your thing.,Biker's Cafe in SM Mall of Asia's Blue Bay area near the water is also technically bayside, but it's harde

What are the most mysterious places in the world?

Here are some of the mysterious places around the globe that has not been mentioned yet:, Extraterrestrial Highway,Nevada,USAThe lonely stretch of Nevada State Route 375 is popularly called as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" due to numerous UFO sightings along this highway.,2. ITTOQQORTOORMIIT VILLAGE,GREENLANDThis isolated town is home to seals,wal