What is the meaning behind this Bible quote, u201cShe is more precious than rubies, and all the things you may desire cannot compare with heru201d? Proverbs 3:15

Just as the Word tell us and Solomon expresses his discovery with his first love as a miner discovers his first Ruby! What could compare to her? A stone does not express love, although the stone is a Ruby.,Solomon uses the relationship with woman to his relationship to the Word where we receive wisdom!,Christ refers us as the u201cBrideu201d the cr

Does Sony have good cameras?

Yeah of course! Sonyu2019s cameras dates back 1981 when they launched their first digital camera named Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera). Afterwards with the passage of time Sony kept on introducing one after another marvelous creation in the form of Sony A-mount cameras, Sony alpha cameras, Sony E-mount cameras, Sony CyberShot cameras, Sony DSLR came

Why do Canada and the USA have the same telephone country code?

Originally, the same company developed the technology for both the United States and Canada. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland but immigrated to Canada and did much of his development in Canada before setting up a practice in Boston. After inventing the telephone he continued to do his development in both Canada and the US. Bell maintained

Why cant photos be taken near the Eiffel Tower during the night time?

Itu2019s to do with French copyright law. There are some lights stuck up on Gustaveu2019s massive erection which were put there in 1985 by some bloke called Pierre Bidet (or it might have been Bideau, or something like that anyway). Any road au-dessus, it stays in copyright for seventy years, and if you take a photo of Parisu2019s most famous symbo

What is the best gift to give my girlfriend this Christmas?

The thing she wants, but cannot rationalize buying for herself.,Sheu2019s your girlfriend, not ours. Theoretically that means you are closely acquainted with her. We are not.,If you are not sure what she would like most, ask one of her female friends.

What would my Chinese name be?

Hi,Felipe! My principle is to keep it simple. Tips for choosing your Chinese name:,Chinese name is easy to pronounce. For example, Liu Yu"u5218u5f67".Yu is similar to Huo"u6216". People often mispronounce names.,Pay attention to Chinese cultural taboos. I mean, names to avoid while in China, such as Ma Tongu201cu9a6cu6876u201d(Toilet),Ru Laiu201cu5

Have you ever met someone famous and they ended up hitting on you?

I took a photography class one summer at the university. The class was taught by a fairly famous photographer name Edmund Teske.,He had just done the back cover for one of the Doors album covers, which made the class all the more exciting.,The class was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken. We took several field trips to outdoor lo

What is the price of the latest Xiaomi 5G phones in the Philippines?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G Price in the PhilippinesStarts from P14,200. The lowest price ofXiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is P14,200 at Shopee, which is 66% less than the cost of Mi 10 Lite5G at Shanylle General Merchandise (P41,192). The latest price of Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G was updated on Oct 20, 2020, 19:11.

What are the biggest challenges of working from home?

1. Intermittent internet outages are a major headache. This is a major concern, especially during the rainy season when there are not only frequent power cuts but the internet is also not available for an extended period of time. As a result, productivity suffers.,2. Added electricity bills are a major concern. You are required to keep your system

What are the vastu remedies for Northeast stairs?

Shiva Om Amit Ji,,Your question is not only interesting but of great relevance as possibly my answer based on my limited knowledge and experience would clear the misconception of having a stair case in the Northeast direction with what I have to say ahead.,The virtual Bhagwat Geeta of Vedic Vastu Shastra, Mansara has clearly stated ( VOL-4, Chap.36

Are you excited about the new Matrix movie, or do you feel the trilogy was wrapped up?

***Edit 9/13/2021*** - New notes below now that the trailer dropped.Nopeu2026 not excited. For me, that story is DONE.The original film, u201cThe Matrixu201d, is almost a perfect, text-book example of how you can make a standalone movie that ends on a perfect note for letting the audiencesu2019 imaginations wonder what will happen next.,Thatu2019s

How do you write a mobile number with an area code?

Q: How do I write my phone number with an area code?The way phone numbers are written and how a phone number is broken down into different groups such as a local code, a dial code or area code, and its international representation vary from country to country.,As far as I know, there is only one international standard for writing down a telephone n

Will I lose weight if I dont eat at night?

Yes. The weight will reduce if we don't eat at night. The reason is that, the food we eat gets converted in glucose and then it is oxidised to convert to ATP, which the cells use for metabolism. The excess of glucose gets converted to glycogen by insulin. Glycogen is the storage material and hence it gets accumulated.,So now if we don't eat, there

What constitutes a salad?

There are several ways people categorize salad components. Hereu2019s one:,Base: Greens, for example, of various types or a vegetable.,Fruits & Vegetables: Tomatoes, olives, carrots, fennel, avocado, beans, oranges, cranberries, apples.,Proteins: Bacon, ham, eggs, steak, chicken, or shrimp.,Dressing: A lubricating dollop of flavor from oil and vine

Are biblical baby names unique yet sturdy if they decide to be a professional?

Biblical names for boys: David, Samuel, Adam, Noah, Matthew, Mark, Luke,John, Andrew, Simon, Peter, Paul, Philip, Jonathon,Isaiah - and many more. With a few exceptions I wouldnu2019t call them exactly u201cuniqueu201d, at least not in western society.,Girls names: Eve,Ruth, Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Priscilla, Lydia, Tabith

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, what was the saddest scene?

Thank God it wasnu2019t u201csaddest episodeu201d, otherwise itu2019d be a lot harder.,Easily Leaves From the Vine - The Tale of Iroh - The Tales of Ba Sing Se.As a child, I viewed Iroh as a goofy uncle. Wise and comedic. I didnu2019t necessarily understand the point of this scene, as I was introduced to Avatar through The Burning Earth video game,

What are some helpful tips if youu2019re flying alone?

You donu2019t have to worry too much. I travelled 1st time last year and following were my observations.,keep your passport, tickets etc handy.,Read the digital signboards carefully at the airport to keep a check on your flight/airlines.,You can keep your important stuff in one bag which you will be allowed to take inside the flight. Maximum weight