Which is the best point and shoot camera under 10k for nature photography?

You didnu2019t say what kind of nature photography. That could be anything from underwater to star trails, macro to panorama or super-telephoto.,The first 3 are pocket point-and-shoots. The Nikon is a larger u201cbridge camerau201d. The Olympus is a DSLR.,It all depends on the size, weight, feel and capabilities you prefer. Theyu2019re all good.

What is the best way to make a marinara sauce?

I'll add my take:,Put 6 tbsp of virgin olive oil in a pan with 1 spanish onion (1/4-inch dice) and 4 cloves of garlic (thinly sliced) and cook over medium until translucent. Don't brown it! Add 4 tsp fresh thyme and (here's the kicker if you don't have the San Marzanos) half of a carrot, finely shredded (that will add the sweetness if the tomatoes

Are there 7 stars hotels in India?

There are no 7 star hotels in India. Actually there are no 7 star hotels in the world. All hotels are maximum 5 stars but there is no common international standard or organisation for the star rating of any hotels. However there are agencies which give star certificates but they are not common world wide and the certificates they give only have a m

What are the ways to make chicken breast taste good?

Whenever I am cooking chicken breasts I can boost their flavor in four ways: brining, marinating, seasoning and through the cooking technique.,Brining is simple. Just dissolve salt in water and let the chicken soak for about half a day. A ratio of 2 tablespoons of salt to 3 cups of water is ideal in my opinion. Seasonings such as dried herbs, a lit

How long do I boil eggs for deviled eggs?

There are two ways to make hard boiled eggs which is what is needed for deviled eggs.,The first is to place eggs in a pot of cold water, bring it to the boil, lower to a hard simmer or slow boil and cook for 11u201313 minutes.,The second way is to place the eggs in a pot of cold water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and let stand 20 minutes.,The

When have you relinquished a seat on a plane because the flight attendant made you?

I travel routinely between Hawaii, the U.S. mainland and Japan. I generally purchase economy tickets, but always ask about upgrading at the gate. Nine out of 10 times, the upgrade cost is either a kingu2019s ransom or there just are not any seats. But once in a while I get lucky and they allow me to upgrade very cheaply. Iu2019ve flown several time

What are some common mistakes made when designing a floor plan for a house?

Here are a few that I see oftenu2026,Closet Cramps - Walk-in closets that are not correctly dimensioned or laid out give me a specific peeve. In many plans, I see a corner in a closet crossed with a hanging rod in two directions. You cannot use the corner where they meet, and since you need two feet of depth to hang clothes, that 4 square foot area

What is the use of wooden tiles?

Due to the fact that wooden tiles are durable and require zero maintenance they are a go to option for house owners these days. The good thing about wooden tiles is that you can also use them on your floor and also on your walls to add that glowing effect and the another good thing is that there are plethora of designs for one to choose from. If yo

Is it better to buy a GoPro Hero 5 or an equally priced DSLR?

Both the cameras have different functionality , If you are more of a action enthusiast , Like going on trekking and scuba diving , Go pro is the best bet for you. But if you more of a traveler that Enjoy the stills while strolling through streets of Greece , then you should go with a DSLR.,The Hero 5 Black can take 12-megapixel stills, while the He

Can we connect an Epson printer to a MacBook?

1.Download and run the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.,2.Click Continue.,3.Agree to the Software License Agreement by clicking Continue, and then Agree.,4.Click Install, and then click Close.,5.Select your product, and then click Next.,Note: If the window doesn't automatically appear, open a Finder window and select Application > Epson Soft

What are some good and cheap active noise-canceling headphones?

If you want good active noise-cancelling headphones, I recommend Bose.,If you want good and cheap active noise-cancelling headphones, I think you can choose OVC H15.,the price of OVC H15 is under $50, and the quality is great. I also tried other headphones under $50, and I think OVC H15 is the best one.,let's see how OVC introduce their product on

What kind of food is Cajun?

I would describe it as the best kind of food, but itu2019s just a strong preference of mine. I discovered it in the late u201860s and have loved it ever since.,Cajun food is named for the Cajun people of the Southern Louisiana bayou areas. These communities were populated by French Canadians forced to leave Acadia. They speak a form of French and t

What is the best interview question ever?

I attended an interview for the first time of a core company that was conducted in my college campus. I was very nervous. I did not preapre much.,When i reached the waiting room i saw some people were busy reading while some were talking about the company and i was listening to their conversation keenly. Then my turn came. I went to my panel along

What is the best furniture layout in small living room?

Small Living Room!Small living rooms always needs special attention while planning. Dediner simply cannot eliminate anything even if it is a small living room. Every furniture should be poaitioned well for better movement and usability.,What are basic furnitures kept in living room?A) Sofa (3 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, X seater depending upon requ

How beautiful is Europe?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in EuropeEuropeu2026thereu2019s no other place like it in the world! Its fabulous monuments reveal one layer of history after another, and its breathtaking natural scenery couldnu2019t be more diverse. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and its landscapes are as intriguing

How do professional photographers retouch their photos using Photoshop and Lightroom? How did they learn to retouch and edit, especially in portraits and landscapes?

Photoshop Clone StampBefore Lightroom existed, I used Photoshop's clone stamp tool to remove dust spots from scanned film. You select the tool, click an area similar to the affected place that's dust-free, and stamp it over the spot.,Lightroom De-SpottingLightroom's de-spotting tool is even easier to use. You paint over the spot or hair, and the pr

What is your resolution this new year?

Scene- 1 January 2022, it was Saturday morning and as usual I was dreaming something great, then wake-up with smile, then do morning meditation & affirmation.,This year I'm going to add few things and few would be follow as the same.,I'm going to start monday fast from this year due to health issues I leaved it, sorry God shiva, I promise I will co

Would Davis be a good retirement place for a couple from the Midwest?

Having had immediate neighbors move from Cleveland to Davis, my wife and I experienced a two year Davis-transition replete with ups and downs.,The Up Potential:n,Thumbing their noses at their Ohio friends on the first 70 degree January day.,Two hours to Lake Tahoe's majesty, two hours to SF and civilization. With emerging barberas and zinfandels wi

What is something that bothers you about Japanese people?

Here are my dislikes about Japan. Most fall in the category of being irritating or inconvenient, but arenu2019t show stoppers. Read down further for my likes. They greatly exceed my dislikes.,Strangers bumping into you and never saying u201cexcuse meu201d afterwards. Sometimes bumping someone is just carelessness on a crowded sidewalk or in a busy

Which man-made structures are visible from space?

People tell its the Great Wall of China. But I don't think so.nThis is the picture clicked from space of the area of great wall of China:n,u200bnCan you really see anything? nI am not able to.nTherefore I would vote for the Greenhouses of Almeru00eda:n,u200bnA sprawling sea of plastic greenhouses covers over 64,000 acres in southeastern Spain. Tons

What are the 10 largest cities in terms of population?

According to United Nations (UN) estimates in 2018, Tokyo, Japan, was the largest city in the world at that time. Its total population was estimated at 37,400,068.,However, there are several ways to measure the population of a city, including the number of people in the city proper (the geographic boundaries of the city limits), the metropolitan ar

How many calories are in a Dunkinu2019 Munchkin?

Iu2019m surprised you didnu2019t do an online searchnu2018Dunkin Munchkin caloriesu2019,Hereu2019s one result,u201cOne Munchkin contain between 60 and 90 calories, on average.u201dnAnd here is a starting point to make your own healthy, no-bake, vegan, gluten-free version

What are the best weekend getaway near Manila?

It would depend on what one wants to do. If one is inclined to go to beaches, then certainly Batangas is the place to be on weekends. Public beach resorts abound in the puerto galera and lian area. Private membership clubs like Punta Fuego and Pico de loro are in thr Batangas area as well. There are also u201cspa resortsu201d east of Manila in the

Which is better for hair olive oil or almond oil?

Both oil are good , but As far as my opinion is concerned so absolutely Olive oil it is really rich in properties than any other oil in the world.,Scientific Name u2013 Olea europaea,Family u2013 Oleaceae,Native u2013 Mediterranean Basin,Other Names u2013 Jaitun Ka Tel (Hindi), Jeeta Tailam (Telugu), Aliv Enney (Tamil), Oudala Enne (Kannada), Jaitu

What are the best island resorts in the Philippines to visit?

J park in Cebu is pretty nice. They have a great water park and you can rent rooms that have direct access right out into the pools.,Their food is also good.,There is a couple awesome water slides there too!,And if you want to swim in the real ocean there is a section you can walk across the beach from the water park pools and swim in the real ocea