What is the time at Australia now?

Well daylight saving has ended so we are back to standard time here in Oz.,UTC+10:00 Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra etc.),UTC+9:30 Central Standard Time (Alice Springs, Darwin, Adelaide etc),UTC+8:45 Central Western Standard Time (Eucla etc),UTC+8:00 Western Standard Time (Perth, Broome etc),It is 7:35pm here in Sydney

Why did Ferdinand Magellan think his 60 men can take on over 1000 Filipinos?

Magellan had the mistaken belief that his men who were clad in armor and carrying European steel swords and lances can easily defeat a u201cbarbarianu201d and u201cuncivilizedu201d force like the people of Mactan. When Magellan invited Lapu-Lapu (Cilapullapu or Kalipulako, depending on your source) to accept the friendship of the King of Spain and

What are the best untapped business possibilities in the field of sustainability?

Possibilities arise when we look at problems and pain points with different lenses and perspectives. I adopt this mindset u201cThe Best has yet to comeu201d as ingenuity and innovation prevail. Today, we have a pressing need for more green, business solutions now as we face challenges to prevent our Planet Earth from over-heating and to make it u20

What are some foods that begin with the letter H?

Here are 10 foods that start with letter u201cHu201d,Hazelnuts,Hazelnut Brownies,Hazelnut Ice Cream,Honey,Honey Cake,Honeydew Melon,Hot Chocolate,Herbs,Herbal tea,Hamburger,Hot Dog,Image Source: Google

What are the most interesting facts about the Battle of Peleliu?

It was the first major battle in which the Japanese employed much harsher tactics instead of the traditional Bushido tactics. This meant that wasteful Banzai charges were not allowed, complete concealment was implemented at all times and that every Japanese soldier had to fight to the death.,The Japanese first developed crude, ad-hoc naval shell la

What are some good clothing manufacturers in China?

My answer will be China! Chinese products are cheaper and have a wide range of products. The most important thing is that their prices are really cheap! Now you can use B2B websites to easily find high-quality clothing supply websites. Like: Alibaba, FashionTIY, AliExpress, etc. are relatively good clothing wholesale websites.,FashionTIY is a high-

Does eating rice increase body weight?

Please do me a favour guys , reapeat after me - Rice does not make you FAT,One more time-Rice does not make you FAT,No no please one more time-Rice does not make you FAT,I am tired of hearing this question by god ! ud83dude36,This isn't our mistake quorans , its a myth.. We Indians are listening this from a long long time !,If these so called influ

In medieval Europe, who was responsible for keeping the castles rooms warm?

You probably have an odd idea on how places were warmed before modern times. Real castles, in first place, had very few rooms. Most X-XII century castles had essentially one main room, which worked as living/dining room during the day, which was where the lord held his court, and where basically everything happened. At night this room turned into a

What horrifies the Chinese?

There was this one timeu2026 I was making soup. It wasnu2019t just any soup, it was ham bone soup, the kind that takes days to make.,I make this ham bone soup every year around Christmas when we buy big ass Honey Baked Ham. I remove the ham meat (make sandwich or other dishes), and make bone soup.,After the soup base is done, you can make all kinds

Should I go to my crushs house? I met her again today, and shes just as amazing, but I forgot to ask her number. I know where she lives, and Its close, but Im a bit socially akward, so if her parents open the door instead, it would be horrible.

When I met my now husbandu2026it was through friends and he dropped me off at my parentu2019s house where I was staying until the house I had bought was ready to move into. He never asked for my phone number (this was long before cell phones) so I figured he was not interested in getting to know me better.,About a week later, I heard someone at the

What facts, traditions or trivia are associated with Chinese Lunar New Year?

One trend that I've noticed this year is the many many depictions of anthromorphosized baby snakes. ,Decorations for Chinese New Year (as it's known in Malaysia) usually ninclude depictions of the animal of the coming year (according to Chinese Zodiac). So it's baby pigs, baby dogs, baby rabbits - that are drawn wearing and holding auspicious items

How many wives did Zeus have?

He had two. First was a nymph, Metis, who was going to have a son prophesied to overthrow Zeus, so he drank her; that's how Athena was born. His other wife was Hera. However, he had too many affairs to count and was basically the worst husband ever. The Greek pantheon is very dysfunctional.

What are some examples of communication breakdowns?

Breakdowns in communication occur when the people involved stop listening. The message wasn't valuable. The messenger was disregarded. Other breakdowns occur when one person starts making noise without a clear idea of communicating respectfully or responsibly. Too much chatter or complaining can cause an inability for others to listen.

What is the pixel size for a standard business card?

Adobe InDesignn,InDesign does page layouts. It allows you to produce and preview documents for magazines, both in print and online across mobile and desktop platforms. It offers more precision with typography than Photoshop, but less in the graphics department. InDesign is made for publishing. Ideally projects rendered are newspapers, posters, and

Is it safe to visit Dubai?

How is the current circumstance in Dubai?Starting at 1 December 2020, the authority count has revealed a sum of 13,389 dynamic cases in the entire of UAE, with no careful figures accessible explicitly for Dubai.,Dubai depends vigorously on the travel industry and invited 16.73 million guests a year ago, offering over Dh150 billion to the neighborho

Why do tourists visit the Philippines?

A year ago, the opportunity presented itself to me to travel to the Philippines for business. Coming from NYC, I was hesitant as it's a country that's not often on the radar for many media outlets or general discussion and I had no connection to the country whatsoever. I've come to realize that it's one of the most undermarket Asian countries in te

Excluding pepperoni, what is the best pizza topping on pizza?

I consider the best topping to be the one that lets me eat some of what Iu2019ve ordered.,The u201cpizza snatchersu201d arenu2019t a problem these days, but back in college, I remember ordering a pizza only to maybe get a slice or two by the time it made it to my room. This happened time and time again.,Needless to say, this pissed me off. To fix t

How do I make my own headers?

Hello, thanks for requesting! So if you would like to learn how to make GIF headers, check out Daniel Choiu2019s GIF headers tutorial. As long as you have Canva, and a way to screenshot, you should be able to follow the tutorial. Here, Iu2019ll be teaching only how to make picture headers. Now, letu2019s go!,,1 Find the picture you want u2192 This

How do I choose the best colors to paint a large low light living room?

There are two experts you might consult, Donald Kaufman, and someone else: yourself!,this really depends on the purpose of the room, its location in the house in respect to the other colors that dominate the palette of the building, and the palette for the building. Do you have dominant greys? Donu2019t paint another grey.,Do you have dominant peac

What happens to all the milk in the shops that isnt expired but doesnt get sold?

(This May gross out a few folks.) I was a QC supervisor at a Detroit area dairy processing plant. We would get short day milk back from the stores regularly. Long story short, a bunch of guys with box cutters would slash the jugs, ( too time consuming to take the lids off.) where they would drain into a huge funnel with strainers and filters at the

How can I improve good chi in my South East sector for career success, where my toilet is located? It is an auspicious direction but I want to counteract the killing energy of the bathroom.

You have asked a question about your bathroom which makes it obvious you have been exposed to the New Age version of Feng Shui, sometimes called the BTB School, which stands for Black Tantric Buddhsim (even though Black Tantric Buddhism has nothing to do with Feng Shui). And some branches of Buddhism shun the practice of Feng Shui. Associating Feng

What are the steps involved when selling property in India?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to sell a property in India.,Step 1: (Property valuation) It's very important to valuate a property to decide the right selling price. Valuating the property saves you from a lifetime regret of having the property sold at a lesser rate.,To valuate a property, understand the market value of your property, also know

What is considered depth of field in photography?

A single picture can bring in a vast gush of exciting and thrilling emotions. Isn't it amazing?,Wellu2026 to bring that amazement and magic into a photograph, photographers need to keep multiple things in their mind.,One of those isu2026. Depth of field!,In simple terms, depth of field is how much of an image is in focus or what part of an image is

Which country has the highest population of muslims?

Hereu2019s a map of Muslim-majority countries:,No idea why Bosnia & Herzegovina isnu2019t painted on the map.And hereu2019s a map of the religious composition of the Middle East for example:,The majority of Muslims are Sunnis, followed by Shias and Ibadis (Oman).

What are the best fence ideas for your home?

The type of fence you will choose for fencing your home greatly affects the exteriors of your home/office. Here are few of the best fence ideas:,Aluminum Fences: Being very strong and secure, aluminum fences have various attractive designs your placeu2019s exteriors. It doesnu2019t require a lot of maintainence, other than the time when you are pla

What are the differences in saying a person is British or English?

According to your profile you live in New Jersey, so the answer is easy enough:,The difference between British and English nationality is like the difference between US and New Jersey nationality.,Both of those shown above count as u2018your flagu2019. Which do you identify more with? Iu2019m guessing the second, but it could be the top one if youu

What does your hometown look like?

Iu2019m from Kolkata , the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.,Lets explore how the u201ccity of joyu201d looks likeu2026,Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport - 5th busiest airport in India.,The identity of the city- Howrah bridgeEden Gardens- 3rd largest cricket stadium in terms of seating arrangement.,Salt Lake Stadium - 2nd l