Which are the 10 poorest countries in the world?

Central African Republic,u2022 GNI per capita: $663,u2022 2017 GDP: $3.1 billion,u2022 Population: 4.7 million,u2022 Life expectancy at birth: 52.9 years,The GNI per capita of $663 in the Central African Republic is the lowest of any country in the world. Despite a wealth of resources like gold, diamonds, and oil, violence has hindered economic dev

Which foods do people think are healthy but are actually unhealthy?

I think it's important to start with me saying that I hate the 'unhealthy' vs 'healthy' debate when it comes to food. Good vs Bad is a natural human bias, but it tends to create a bit of a toxic food environment. It hurts our relationship with food and increases confusion about nutrition, rather than enhancing it.,Healthy or unhealthy, is entirely

Why dont weather sites or apps show the anticipated amount of precipitation?

In general predicting the amount of precipitation with any degree of certainty is an extremely hard problem. nThe models that almost every forecaster uses to produce predictions are just now getting to the point where they are capable of resolving the small scale features that can produce heavy rains and snows. Unfortunately why they have shown som

What is an example of due process of law?

Due process of law means exactly what its name suggests, i.e., you are given the process due to you under the laws of your jurisdiction. Broadly speaking, this means you are treated fairly in an impartial judicial system that functions as promised. Often, due process of law is defined by what it is not, and there are many cases in which a court con

How good is the University of the West of Scotland?

Itu2019s a great place to be at, as an international student.,The University of the West of Scotland is one of the leading Young Universities, that falls in the Top 130 worldwide. With four campuses located at the heart of the West of Scotland and one campus in central London, UWS ranks in the top 3 Universities in Scotland for Teaching and Top 5 f

What is life like in the Philippines?

During my 20 years of living in this country (specifically around Metro Manila area) these are all the things that I can say.,HousingYouu2019re lucky if you are born from a family who owns their own house and lot. Housing in this country is not the best according to international standards.,However, if you are renting, then youu2019ll find apartmen

At what percentage should I charge my iPhone? Should I use it while its charging?

With all lithium ion batteries, you should try keep your phone battery partially chargedu2014between 60% to 80%.,Try not to charge it all the way to 100%u2014that puts strain on the battery, which can wear it out quickly.,Never fully deplete your battery. Despite what you may have heard, this will actually damage the battery.,Quick partial charges

Where can you see northern lights in Canada?

Yes. In northern Canada, it is common. In southern Canada, where most people live, it is rare but it happens. If you live in a big city, the city lights stop you from seeing them even then.,I grew up in a summer cottage at latitude 46 North. I did not see the Northern Lights every summer, just a few times in my life on the northern horizon.,But the

What is artificial intelligence and machine learning PPT?

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to act in a certain way without explicitly being programmed to do so and it is all about algorithms, it is the most promising step to making Artificial Intelligence which can also be defined as a mechanical imitation of human reasoning and learning.,Generally speaking Artificial intelligence is t

Of the 10 provinces of Canada, the 3 territories of that country, the 50 U.S. states, the District Of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), and Puerto Rico, which ones have you visited (including where you live now)?

Canada: Quebec, British Columbia (have been less than 90 minutes from Ontario for years but havenu2019t gone).,U.S.A. states-Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhide Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, (West Virginia and South Carolina have driven throug

What is the best HSBC savings account?

Currently, in the U.K., none of them are even remotely competitive for personal customers. You would be better served looking at other institutions covered by the Depositor Protection scheme.nFrankly, HSBC doesn't currently need deposits due to its strength, hence has no need to compete on savings rates.

What are the best foods to eat when you want to lose weight?

I think you should ask what standards should I apply to my meal choices if I want to lose weight. Asking what the u201cbestu201d food is will give you a whole host of specific foods you may not even like.,You should apply a criteria to the food choices you make:,Pick foods you like - Seems obvious but if you constantly feel obligated to eat a food

Which is the worst sign of the zodiac?

Each representative of the zodiac sphere is unique and differs in special features inherent only to him. We are roughly aware of both the positive and negative character traits of everyone: from Aries to Pisces.,In this answer, we will try to determine the worst zodiac sign. Please note that astrology is an inexact science and allows exceptions. We

Is the pain of losing an adopted child the same as losing a biological child?

The answer as far as Iu2019m concerned is yesu2026.Here is our story with losing an adopted daughter to be.,My husband and I are Muslims and so we knew that we were facing a tough road if we wanted to adopt. We had spoken to many biological moms who loved us before finding out what our religion is. We went through many agencies that just flat out r

What is the easiest cut of beef to cook?

I hate to be the guy in the room that is being a contrarian, but I have to disagree with my fellow posters.,The easiest cut of beef to cook is the short rib. It has intramuscular fat, a bone, and some gristly bits, which lends itself to the easiest cooking method: braising.,Of all the way to cook meats braiding is the least stressful, it is quite l

How was your first day at NIBM, Pune?

Thanks for A2A,,I would love to extend your question and share my experience for the entire first week that I had spent with full of excitement and craziness at NIBM, Pune.,National Institute of Bank and Management, the apex institute of RBI set up in 1969 provides 2 year PGDM course with nitch specialization in Banking and Finance.,KUDOS to Senior

How do I pose for pictures to look thinner?

Hi.,Shortly after taking the stand and bravely describing the abuse she and her fellow athletes suffered at the hands of Larry Nassar, Aly Raisman was featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue entitled u2018In Her Own Words', where she laid bare with words written on her body. Along with other women featured in the photoshoot, she chose the p

What is an experience you had at a crime scene youll never forget?

As a crime scene technician, I have plenty. The first one that comes to mind is the woman who took PCP, then shot and killed her 4 young children, a neighbor, and herself.,I'll give yu2019all the general idea, but out of respect & confidentiality, I won't be posting any photos or information that could identify any of the persons involved.,My team

In what order should I watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies?

Phase 1Iron Man (2008),The Incredible Hulk (2008),Iron Man 2 (2010),Thor (2011),Captain America (2011),(Technically most of the film takes place before the rest, but the ending takes place here in the order and you should watch this in this order)The Avengers (2012),Phase 2Iron Man 3 (2013),Thor: The Dark World (2013),Captain America: The Winter So

Why do people like Tesla cars?

I own a Tesla. I've also crashed one. See below:,UPDATE #2: Transportation Canada is investigating for the possibility of a recall. nnUPDATE #1: March, 2022: Iu2019m updating my answer, 6 years later and Iu2019ll leave my original answer below. DO NOT BUY A TESLA. Iu2019m one of the earliest owners/adopters of the car and thereu2019s a lot that the

What does product development cycle mean?

Product life cycles are the most common means for describing the evolution of markets and products.,As the above figure shows, there are four stages in a typical product life cycle:,IntroductionGrowth: (Early and Late)MaturityDeclineIntroduction reflects the first market entry by leading firms characterized by uncertainty. Thirty thousand new consu

How do I make puto?

How do I make puto?Photo By: Salu Salo Recipes,Puto is a traditional Filipino steamed rice cake usually made during breakfast or merienda. It is made similar to other Asian puddings by combining water with glutinous rice flour to form the dough which is then steamed until cooked through. However, it has a distinctive yellow hue because of the cooki

Why is "New Math" so confusing?

Because of these.,Thirty years ago computers and calculators were brand new. When we were introduced to math, we werenu2019t actually learning math. We were learning the most efficient algorithms to manually compute the results of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We were learning how to be human calculators without under

What are the pre requisite for learning and understanding blockchain technology?

here comes another important question,prerequisites to learn block chain?Well, to begin your career in the blockchain technology a person can start his journey as a Blockchain engineer, Bitcoin Miner or Blockchain smart contract developer,Let me explain you these positions,,Blockchain engineer - A Blockchain developer is someone who designs, implem

Did Indian serials spoil the mindset of Indians?

Yes, they did spoil the mindset to a great extent especially the saas bahu serials, where both the saas- bahu are jobless in a big house of a big business family with a population explosion of family members and servants who make guest appearance when there is need of any witness.,The saas- bahu dress and jewellery is the reason for nirav modi's ba