How is hostel life at IIT BHU?

u201cI have to beg to sleepu201du2026..This is my first anonymous answer on quora.Currently i am in 1st year at IIT BHU, and the 1st yearites are assigned Aryabhatta hostels.The campus life,college life,mess all are just amazing. But when it comes to hostel,the tables turn down.,I didnu2019t get a good rank in jee 2019 ,and obviously i was heartbro

How do you calculate standard deviation from sample size, mean, and confidence interval?

This type of problem tests your understanding of confidence intervals in statistics. The typical confidence interval for the mean is a 95% confidence interval.,95% CONFIDENCE INTERVALThis is defined as an interval of values,Mean + or - 1.96(SE),where we have the following definitions:,Mean = sample mean,SE = standard error of the mean = SD/sqrt(n),

What is the startup cost for a cafe in India?

In order to start a cafe in India we need to consider many checks before finalising the pricing.,First comes the location. The location should have good youth crowd in and around the spot. If you take metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai the real estate costs is higher than tier 2 and tier 3 cities.,Now i'm located in Hyde

My loving partners opinion aside, should I get a motorcycle license at the age of 30?

I'm 36, have a wife and two young children, and started riding when I was 33. The most important reflex you can develop is your mental muscle. Developing this will not only keep you safe but will also help alleviate your partner's fears.,Most people mistakenly equate that crazy motorcyclist you see on the freeway to the way a motorcycle is ridden -

What are some good examples of employee wellness programs?

The best example of corporate wellness program is what the company I work for is having for all of us. I work for PTC India. We have hired Wellness coach Ashwani Deswal to bring experiential wellness program to the people working here. These wellness workshop provided by Mr Ashwani Deswal have been so effective. It feels alive, fresh and just so mu

What if you hear the voice of goddess Durga in your dreams?

This actually reminds of a very popular bhajan on Maa Durga, sung by none other than Sonu Nigamji.,u201cSoja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Soja sapno me khoja,Soja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Mata jo hai shero wali, parwato pe rahne wali,Tere sang meri bhi hai maa,Aisi mithi nindiya me khoja,Soja sapno me khojau201d,Seeing

What are the specs of a Huawei Mate 30 Pro?

Leaked render of Huawei's new Mate 30 Pro smartphone /Twitter ScreenshotBefore listing the new features, let's take a look at the leaked specs of the new smartphone series.,Here are five killer features you may not have seen before:1. Side touchHaving covered up the entire front side with a touchscreen, the smartphone makers are eyeing the left and

How do you reset an Amazon Dot?

You can reset Alexa easily, kindly check following key points,1. To reset the Amazon Echo Dot second generation, press and hold the Microphone Off and Volume down buttons at the same time.,2. To reset the Amazon Echo Dot third generation or Echo Dot with Clock, press and hold the Action button for 25 seconds u2013 that's the button on the right of

Do you make your own ice cream?

Yes.,Easiest way.,Get fresh cream, whip it stiff.,Add condensed milk, to sweeten to your taste,,Add flavoring or fruit pulp, nuts.,Freeze.

Will Nikon be releasing AF-P prime lenses (say 50mm35mm) anytime soon?

Hard to know for sure, Nikon does not really broadcast that. I am guessing there will be a few more zooms first, but that is gut, not information. I wouldn't wait on it if you need something in that range, unless you are ok waiting for a while.,Make sure you know the compatibility limitations. This might be an issue for you, might not, but it is wo

How do you design a horse themed bedroom?

Hello!,The most related interior style to horse themed bedroom is Country style. Country style divided to some themes instead, there are French Country, English Country, American Country, and Tuscan.,Look at the picture above. The wood headboard, end table, cupboard, and some boots as decorations are what make the bedroom look very horse themed, is

If I hack my microwave oven so that it runs with the door off, would this be dangerous?

Back when I was a young engineer (in a previous millennium) I talked to the old timers about their early experience. I had one engineer that started his engineering career installing radar and radio systems for the military. He talked about the various places he would work, like Alaska and North Dakota, that had this tendency to get pretty cold. He

How does the Adobe Creative Cloud Express work?

Adobe creative cloud express is a brand new tool from Adobe that essentially replaces Adobe Spark. It has a collection of tools within it that are designed to give users a platform to crate great social media designs and content without necessarily having graphic design skills or access to premium products like illustrator, photoshop of in design.

When have you relinquished a seat on a plane because the flight attendant made you?

I travel routinely between Hawaii, the U.S. mainland and Japan. I generally purchase economy tickets, but always ask about upgrading at the gate. Nine out of 10 times, the upgrade cost is either a kingu2019s ransom or there just are not any seats. But once in a while I get lucky and they allow me to upgrade very cheaply. Iu2019ve flown several time

What were some death rituals throughout history?

The Kabayan Fire MummiesDepartment of Tourism of the Republic of the PhilippinesMummification is a fairly well-known practice from ancient times. Most notably, the Egyptians utilized a mummification process that led to todayu2019s clichu00e9 image of a deceased body covered in gauzy wrappings. The discovery of mummified remains in several caves in

What are 10 super simple ways to build wealth in 2022?

some people are born wealthy and others achieve wealth. If you werenu2019t lucky enough to be in the first group, then itu2019s time to get going on your self-made fortune.,Think that canu2019t happen? Youu2019re wrong. Pathways to wealth are everywhere. Why shouldnu2019t you take them?,Some of these smart choices will save you money upfront. Next,

What is the best phone for gaming in 2021?

Xiaomi is a private company that designs, develops and sells smartphones, an operating system based on Android and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi also manufactures fitness trackers, televisions, air purifiers and tablets. It is been more popular for its Android phones and tablets u2013 MIUI. The company largely sells its phones via Flash sales

What is the best simple camera to use for vlogging with an easy bokeh setting?

Short answer is a compact vlogging camera.,To be fair, almost every brands has this type of camera, which is compact (non-interchangeable lenses), relatively small size so itu2019s easy to carry, and has capability to produce good-enough images and videos.,One of the best option you should consider is this canon camera.,Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

What is the best tourist destination in San Juan, Batangas?

I currently reside in the Philippines, but prior to that I travelled here about 6 times when I was living in China. This country is a great place to enjoy a holiday. With over 7,000 islands you canu2019t imagine how many beaches that means!,Most of the luxurious, or better beach resorts, are owned by westerners who are married to Filipinas. In that

What are some popular cocktails?

These are my top 10 because as I have explored cocktails, these drinks have been the basis for a lot of learning and they produce so many variations. They span quite a breadth through the use of different liquors and require different techniques. ,Old Fashioned - The original cocktail. Start here and know how whiskey changes with a little push.,Man

To buyout a person from his existing company, to join a new company, by paying the notice payment of contract termination, what are the common binding rules applied to the target person (any sample letters that can be shared)?

Unless youu2019re talking about an athlete in a team sport, then the rule have been established for many years.,just because you u201cpay offu201d a provision in an individualu2019s EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT does not mean that that individual is then unfettered from other duties of care that he owes to his previous employer

How long do you bake BBQ chicken?

Baking bbq chicken depends on the amount. Usually I bake 20 wings in the oven at 400 for 45 minutes to an hour. I check the wings once they have been in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Can you spoof the Pokemon Go location in 2022?

In cities or the suburbs, people have no problems finding PokeStops or gyms in Pokemon GO. But if you live in a rural area, you probably struggle to find these spots, which makes it almost impossible to train Pokemon or catch a rare one. So, are there any Pokemon GO hacks that will allow you to change GPS location in Pokemon GO and access those loc

Have you ever seen and talked to a big celebrity in your dream?

oh yeah. iu2019ve been george straights girlfriend a couple of times. got frisky with ashton kutcher even though i really donu2019t care for him. i guess i liked him in my dream. i visited arnold after his first heart surgery years ago. thatu2019s just the ones i can think of of the top of my head. iu2019m such a pisces i live in a dream world most

What are the most sparsely populated countries in Africa?

The top 10 most sparsely populated countries in Africa are (people per square kilometer):,Namibia (2.9),Mauritania (3.4),Botswana (3.5),Libya (4.0),Gabon (8.0),Central African Republic (8.0),Chad (12.0),Mali (15.0),Republic of Congo (16.0),Algeria (18.0),Shout out to the disputed territory of Western Sahara (2.3) which is even more sparsely populat

Is salary expense Debit or credit?

As I would explain to students in my accounting classes, expenses take equity away. And thatu2019s why you debit them. So although expenses are equity accounts, which is on the right side of the accounting equation, they do not increase equity. Those equity accounts that add to equity get credited, while those that lower equity get debited.

Whatu2019s the fastest you have ever been in a car on a public road?

Back in the day (early 1970s), I picked up a brand-new Fiat at the factory in Torino, Italy, we had ordered in the States. My goal was to use it as transportation to spend several months in Europe, meeting up with my Navy aviator husband at various Navy ports, and doing sightseeing with our toddler sons in between; he was stationed on an aircraft c