How do I start writing in social media?

Youu2019re a creative being. There is no reason you cannot be creative in your social media posts.,Donu2019t give up and submit to the algorithm because you think you need to feed it the kind of content it wants (and already has).,People are so worried about keeping up on the current mainstream practices in their social media content and pleasing t

How do I make the viral creamy lemonade from TikTok?

TikTok keeps creating delicious viral beverage trends, and this creamy lemonade is no exception. But, we made it even more unique and added... coffee!The first creamy lemonade video went viral on TikTok on May 20th 2021, and the rest is history. While the original recipe features condensed milk, lemons and water we adjusted our recipe to better bal

What is a routing number?

For US checks, the routing number is the left-most set of digits at the bottom of a personal-sized check. It is, essentially, the electronic address of the bank within the Federal Reserve system.,Years ago, bank routing/transit numbers started with 01 - 12 and savings and loans and savings banksu2019 routing numbers started with 21u201332. These nu

What are some unspoken rules teens follow?

Donu2019t be that guy.Yes, that guy.,The guy who is having a u201csuper coolu201d u201camazingu201d u201conce-in-a-lifetimeu201d party.,The guy who simply has to invite their friends to said party.,The guy who also has to talk about said party.,The guy who mentions said party in front of non-invited people.,This happened to one of my friends, A, la

How do I make solar eclipse glasses?

Understanding why you need goes a long way in making safe solar eclipse glasses. You may already know this, if so you can skip to the next paragraph. Normally the Sunu2019s radiation is so intense that you do not look at it directly. However the solar eclipse gives you a reason to look at it for a prolonged period and it even facilitates you lookin

Are Librans and Taureans compatible?

I know some couples, libra-taurus, have similarities so it is possible to be attracted to,how be further developed a relationship depends on the comparative horoscope.

What does "no correlation" mean?

I have to take exception to Brian Hoangu2019s answer. He is mostly correct, but he attributes meaning to u201cno correlationu201d that is not strictly implied.,Correlation is a statistical measure. It equals the covariance of two random variables (e.g., x and y) divided by the product of their standard deviations. Covariance, in turn, is the expect

Should we eat street food?

I think so.,I *LOVE* street food. I consider it a major part of the travel experience but you also need to be careful about what youu2019re choosing and sometimes itu2019s the stuff you donu2019t think is a problem, which will be the thing that gets you.,When we went to India, a couple of our local guides were doing the equivalent of slapping stuff

What teas have the most and the least caffeine?

As a bubble tea fanatic but a caffeine abstainer, this question personally interests me. I came upon a database at Caffeine Content of Drinks that lists teas by caffeine content. Here's their (non-branded) tea rankings, in terms of milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce of tea.,,Iced (5.9 mg/floz),Black (5.2 mg/floz),Oolong (4.6 mg/floz),White (3.5

What are the best places to visit in France?

Wow, where to begin?nFrance is one of the largest countries in Europe and the #1 touristic country in the world, bar none! The main reason is its central location but another one is the extremely diversified geographies one can find in France: you could describe it as a concentrate of every piece of Europe. nAnother important fact is the rich combi

What is the symbolic meaning of butterflies in spiritualism?

The butterfly is an ancient archetypal symbol for transformation. It is known and used universally throughout the world. Many see the metamorphosis, which the caterpillar undergoes from cocooning to the chrysalis and into the butterfly as the ultimate representation of Ascension.,Spiritually, like a caterpillar, we crawl along until we are strong e

What does Bolero mean in relation to music?

Stephanie V's answer to What does 'Bolero' mean in relation to music? mentions the most famous musical composition titled Bolero, by Maurice Ravel.,Last year, I learned that Bolero also can signify a genre of slow-tempo Latin music and dance. As noted in this Wikipedia article, the Spanish and Cuban forms of the music and dance differ in meter (3/4

Who owns the Burj Khalifa?

Q. Who is the owner of Burj Khalifa?To answer the question on its ownership, we will have to look at what is in the building:,Residential floors: The building has 900 residential units in the building were sold to individual buyers, with some owning as many as 22 apartments.,Offices: The building has 37 floors of corporate suites, which seem to hav

Which glossy photo paper can be used with Brother Color laser printer in India?

If you are looking for photo quality on glossy sheet (Like photo lab prints) then laser printers are not for this purpose, use inkjet for glossy photo quality.,For general purpose you can use any card/paper sheet with glossy shine on laser printers. Or you can use any good quality paper for same results.,Using coated glossy photo paper (manufactire

Iu2019m a Leo man. Why am I strongly attracted to Aquarius women?

You are attracted to her because your the opposite sign u201c6 signs awayu201d you balance each other out, one usually u201cthinks that way" the other one usually u201cfeels that wayu201d but if you wanna find out if your actually compatible, find out your moon sign, it gets more interestingu2026u201dastrology u201c

What are the successful India based Internet companies that have gone global?

Zomato... It is one of some Internet companies which has actually made its presence felt not only in India but also abroad.nIt is now officially functional in 12 countries including India. And the company not only has users from asia but also from middle east, africa and europe. So that is a big achievement for a company which is only six years old

Why does everyone think Africa is beautiful when its really not?

I can only think of a few reasons.,You donu2019t know the Africa I know and have no idea of what you are talking about.,You cannot afford an air ticket to Africa ( everything else is affordable when you know your way around). Traveling does not have to be expensive. I can help you with this.You have never been on the continent most likely or have n

How do I enable video calling in Asus Zenfone 5?

Owned a Zenfone 5 from September 2014 - March 2016.,Complete qualification to answer the query:,The Zenfone 5 has a 2MP front camera. Trust me, judging by todayu2019s standards, the camera sucks. But thatu2019s not the topic of the question.,Actually, you donu2019t have to enable any video calling features in your phone. Most applications come with

What are some amazing plot aspectscoincidences in the Harry Potter series?

Here's the BIGGEST 'event' from the Harry Potter movie, Prisoner of Azkaban.,In the end credit scenes a couple are shown having a 'go' at it :P,,nHarry gets the magical "Marauder's Map" to see the location/footsteps of everyone inside Hogwarts, so what is the meaning behind these two interlocked footsie-players in the film's credits?

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you for being nice?

April 2016. Hamad International Airport (HIA), Doha- Oman Airways check in counter.,I was with my colleague, heading back home to Bangalore after a project in Qatar. Weu2019d done the online check in for the flight and were had a few hours of time before boarding.,While collecting our boarding pass, we hear a woman sobbing and speaking in Telugu- A

Why do phone numbers in Hong Kong only have 8 digits when US numbers have 10 digits?

Because Hong Kong is essentially just a large city, although as a Special Administrative Region, it still has a separate international dialling code from mainland China. Consequently, it no longer requires area codes, which were incorporated into the subscriber numbers at the end of 1989.,1989 - Hong Kong Telephone (Easy Dialling Day)By contrast, t

How much does one McDonalds earn in one year?

In total sales the store must make at least 1-2 million a year to be profitable. Most McDonald's rent the land under their store and that can cost upwards of 500,000 each year. They also need to pay their employees and other bills so their profit margin is only going to be 8%. This equates to around 120k each year if the store generates 1.5 million