How do I mirror a layer in Photoshop?

Are you trying to do a mirror reflection of the image? If so, make a duplicate copy of the image layer. Then select image/image rotation/flip canvas horizontal/ or flip canvas vertical, or use 180 degrees. These will all create reflected images. You may need to increase you canvas size if you intend to include them side by side like in a lake refle

What is the best meatloaf recipe?

Before I get started, if you are reading a recipe for meatloaf, and you see ketchup anywhere in it, youu2019re looking in the wrong place, carefully place that cookbook in the fireplace, douse with kerosene, light it on fire, and ensure it is burned to ash.,I digress.,A lot of my recipes start with Americau2019s Test Kitchen and this is no differen

What things are worth seeing, but not worth going to see?

As with any subjective - yet intriguing - question on Quora, I can give my humble opinion based on my expertise. But you certainly donu2019t have to agree with me. I think I have sufficient credentials in world travel to make a fair comparison of my extensive and diverse travel adventures. To me, there are four distinct categories of destinations a

Are you a colourful person, or do you prefer a more muted palette?

Itu2019s funny because I want my surroundings to be muted (white or grey) because I want to feel calm and at ease, but I want my clothing to be colorful because it makes me happy and excited.,I used to always wear black and white as a teenager. How boring! I suppose I grew out of that phase and now I have lots of clothing in bright orange, pink, re

What is the most frightening thing thats ever been discovered by archaeologists?

The Knife-Armed Man: While excavating a 1200- to the 1400-year-old necropolis in northern Italy, archaeologists found the remains of a man with a knife blade prosthetic arm. Analysis of the manu2019s bones revealed that his arm had been removed through blunt-force trauma below the elbow and that he lived for some time afterward with the knife blade

What are some examples of "the last known photo of"?

This is Farkhunda Malikzada.,Farkhunda was a 27-year-old decent girl, working as a volunteer teacher while she studied Islamic law.,Her dream was to find a good husband, start her own family and become a judge. She was known to be a brave woman who speaks of her mind.,But sometimes life isn't fair.,What happened to her shocked her country and made

How do I look at hidden files on my Android SD card?

On your device, open the app tray or scroll through your home pages and look for an app called Files, My Files, File Manager or something very similar.,Tap this and you should see a list of various folders, including Downloads, Images, Audio, Video, and other related items. Beneath these there should also be a section with the title Storage Devices

Whats the best camera app for Android?

Below are the Best Apps for taking DSLR effect pictures,But you will not get the same effect like DSLR because DSLR have more accuracte lense than any other Mobile camera.,Camera FV-5. Camera FV-5 is one of the best DSLR camera apps for Android. ...,Camera MX. Camera MX is a full-featured camera app for 2019 that offers plenty of options for taking

How can I improve myself in 6 months?

Disappear for 6 monthsDon't go to parties,Study high profitable skills all day long (copywriting, web design, social media marketing, etc),Record your progress,Sell your skills online.,Those 6 months can change your life forever.,As I've read somewhere u201cthe best skincare routine is having money. That shit will make you literally glow 24u00d77u2

How much notice does a landlord have to give when selling the property?

How much notice does a landlord have to give when selling the property?That will vary by jurisdiction.,Here, we donu2019t have to tell the tenants at all unless we are going to do showings, or give them notice that the lease is being terminated.,Otherwise, we can wait to tell them until the new owner gives them a written notice that the location an

What was the strangest or most disturbing thing you personally found on Google Earth?

JThis will be the first posting for this find on Google Earth. Iu2019m not sure if anyone else has discovered this previously, but my research has come up with nothing.,My oldest son, Evan, sent me this link one evening.,I understand it wonu2019t be easy to access this link, thereforeu2026.I BROUGHT PICTURES!,What my son discovered was on a remote

Why are Native American names usually translated into English while other names are not?

To say that u201cnobody bothered to pronounce the name of another cultureu201d isu2026 astonishingly colonialistic.,I remember reading a story on Quora:,An Indian immigrant to the US, and when he passed through immigration, he was asked to pick a name because his own name is difficult to pronounce. So he picked u201cTomu201d. He remembered in his h

What is on the secret menu at McDonalds?

Technically, yes. Essentially, no.,There are items on the register that crew know how to make that arenu2019t on the posted menu boards. These include the Quarter Deluxe and the Daily Double, which are McDonaldu2019s answer to the Whopper and Whopper Junior respectively, featuring lettuce, tomato and mayo. The latter hasnu2019t been on a menu Iu201

Why doesnt Kerala have a street food culture?

From the nature of question, I guess the person who put this question might be referring to those kind of Kiosk shops/Hawkers which we see common in many cities across India.,Something like this,,Okay, yes we donu2019t have huge number of hawkers or kiosks in streets, which is true. But yes we do have them in night time, which we call as Thattukada

Who started the Industrial Revolution in America?

The first factories were set-up in Lowell Massachusetts in the 1820s. The workers were mostly young unmarried women from the countryside. They lived in dormitories.,For those that love woodworking and you're trying hard to discover detailed plans to build your dream project, you should check this link. They share list of 16000 projects with step by

Can you suggest a baby girl name starting with C in it?

There are many, but here are a few traditional ones that come to mind:,Cara, Cora, Clara/Cla(i)re, Calliope, Calista, Chloe, Christine/Christina, Celine, Catherine, Cathleen, Caitlin, Colleen, Candace/Candice, Camille/Camilla, Camellia, Charlotte, Cleo, Caroline, Cassandra, Cecilia

Which is your favorite chocolate and Why?

*Deep breath* Okay Iu2019m going to be u201cthat personu201du2026,Iu2019m a chocolate snob and will freely admit it. Other things in my life Iu2019m not so particular about- I'll use discounted drugstore polish in ridiculous shades just for fun, adore munching on plain old cheerios (yep, baby food), and have a backpack so holey it should be given s

What caused the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines?

Geologists believe that the hills were formed through weathering carving marine limestone on top of a clay layer. Its color is the main reason it's called Bohol Chocolate Hills. In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills in the Philippines gives them a soft and lush appearance.

What is the main responsibility of the judicial branch in the government?

What function does the judicial branch serve?In any complex society, some social mechanism must exist to resolve disputes. Most often, those dispute-resolvers are called u201cjudges,u201d and are dealt with respect by the rest of society, since it is their job to decide peopleu2019s fates, either literally (by sending them to jail, or to die, for o

Can I make donuts without active dry yeast?

You can make sourdough donuts, which are amazing. Or you can make cake donuts, which use chemical leaveners, usually both baking powder and a bit of baking soda. You can even get a donut pan and bake your donuts in the oven, instead of frying them. Donuts are very versatile.

What is difference between standard deviation and mean deviation?

Mean deviation :Here you find the the value of mean..,Mean is the average of various data points..,Now we tend to calculate that what is the deviation of each data point from the mean. We calculate the deviations ( distances from mean) (x-xbar) and then sum it up :- SIgma(x-xbar).,Here we have sum of all deviations of all data points from its mean.

What is the best automated trading software using interactive brokers?

In my opinion, Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader (C.A.T) is the best-automated trading software using interactive brokers.,There is no automated software or tools that is completely risk-free. CAT can help you with your work while you are not there to do it by yourself. It can also help you to do it faster. Cat bot uses the ping pong strategy. And af