Whats a rule your employer implemented that backfired terribly?

Everyone in the office was paid on an hourly basis and it was each person's responsibility to keep track of how many hours they worked each day on a paper time sheet. At the end of each week each employee turned in their time sheet to their supervisor who would sign them and then give the to HR so everyone can get paid for the hours they worked. In

What is a good substitute for red wine in cooking?

Before you start cooking, grab your bottle of cooking wine, pour out a spoonful and take a taste. Iu2019ll wait.,Ugh! OMG! That tastes like shit!,Yeah, cooking wine tastes like shit. Thatu2019s because it is lousy wine with a bunch of salt added to it. It is unpalatable for a reason, so it doesnu2019t qualify as an alcoholic beverage and it doesnu2

Did "Sleeping Beauty" have a name, what was it?

According to the disney version, her name is Princess Aurora, but the three good fairies call her Briar Rose while they are hiding her identity. In the old old original version of the story, she is not called sleeping beauty (and the story is not titled as such) and instead is named Talia; She has two children named Sun and Moon. Thus the original

How long does it take to cook a 3 pound beef roast in a pressure cooker?

Why would anyone cook a beef roast in a pressure cooker. Just put it in an oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes then turn the temperature down to 180 and leave it for another 40 minutes and it is cooked.,If you cook it in a pressure cooker and it comes out like a piece of boiled meat. Soggy stringy and tasteless.

How can I light my dining room without a ceiling light?

This is easy. Ceiling is out of bounds? How about the floor? Simply drill 6u20138 holes in your floor surrounding your dining room table. Install natural gas jets that will produce 4 ft. flames. When dinner is ready, turn the valve and light the torches.,Voilu00e0!! Light!!

What is IPO LIC?

Efforts to contain the spread of the virus, such as through stringent lockdowns, created a significant budget deficit and pushed millions into joblessness and poverty. The IPO of LIC will give a boost to the government's efforts to raise much-needed cash through privatisations, which are running badly behind schedule.

What are some of the photos from India which proves India is not like any other country?

Geographically India is one of the most diverse country on the planet.,Siachin glacier ~ worlds 2nd longest non polar glacier. Temperatures goes down to -50u00b0C.,2. Kanchenjunga mountain- worlds 3rd highest (8656m) mountain peak.,3. Kashmir valley is called paradise on earth.,4. Ladakh region- Indiau2019s cold desert region.,5. Thar desert- World

How do I download Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are actually just DNG or XMP files. DNG file format was developed by Adobe as a universal digital negative format for cameras. Since it has the ability to store photo editing settings (exposure, level information etc..) photographers have been using it as a way to distribute presets, especially for Lightroom.,To download a Lightro

What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

I was in Bermuda at the end of 2016. Itu2019s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, in my opinion at least. On my last day there, I woke up extra early and went exploring. I stumbled upon a beautiful cove, where I sat and read a book for an hour. No one else was there, and it was so peaceful.,On my way out, I snapped the picturesque photo belo

What was your experience finding a partner on Indian matrimonial sites?

Very Short Answer - Pretty Horrible,Short Answer - A solid wastage of time and money.,Detailed Answer:In my case, bride hunting via Matrimony sites started way back in 2016 when I was 27 years old. With 4.5 years of work experience in IT sector, I was employed with the 2nd largest software services company of India earning a modest pay package of 5

What are some art softwares that my parents could purchase? We cant afford Photoshop.

Try Affinity Photo. The next best thing it is cheaper, at only a fraction of the price and exactly like Photoshop to use, works on Mac and Windows. It can be expanded with Plugins, Nik software for example.,There is also Gimp. while it has a steep learning curve it also is free.,Which brings me to paint.net (https://www.getpaint.net/). To me, much

How do I make easy chocolate chip cookies?

Well, thereu2019s a pretty much foolproof recipe right on the back of the Nestle Toll House chips bag. But I guess the very easiest chocolate chip cookies are the pre-made ones you can purchase in the grocery refrigerated section. All you do is break them apart and bake. Theyu2019re decent.

What is the best HD camera in the world?

Video Camera Camcorder 2.7K Ultra HD YouTube Vlogging Camera 36MP IR Night Vision Digital Camera Recorder 16X Digital Zoom 3 inch IPS Touch Screen Video Camcorder with Microphone Handheld StabilizerBrand: Actinow,Special Feature: Infrared, Night Vision, Lightweight, Anti-Shake,Video Capture Resolution: 2688u00d71520 2.7K; 1920u00d71080 HD; 1280u00d

What does a vegetarian dog look like?

BUBBLES, OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD GIRL (7/17/2005-6/26/2016) DID NOT EAT ANY DOG FOOD. She just was NOT interested in food. She ate because she thought that is how SHE WAS FEEDING HER STUFFED TOYS! LOL,She ate steamed broccoli and cauliflower, baked sweet potatoes and baked spaghetti squash, oatmeal and Granola bars, Bssmati Rice with Ghee (clarified bu

Does it snow anywhere in New Zealand?

It never, ever snows in the town where I live, except once.,We all took photos of it.,,It never, ever snows in downtown Wellington, except once, and true to form they made a beautiful, atmospheric movie of it.,'Snow On Cuba Mall' shows the absolute amazement and simple joy of locals. (2min 20sec; music: Claire de Lune, by Mr Debussy.),Both events w

What does the UN do for the Israel-Palestine problem?

First of all there is no Israel-Palestine problemu201d, there is only the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which has been going on for more than 70 years.,The so-called u201cIsrael-Palestine Conflictu201d (NOT u201cproblemu201d) was a propaganda invention to reverse the u201cDavid and Goliathu201d perception of the free world, with Israel as David and the Ar

When did the Mayan Empire begin and end?

PCR 134 of 770,Billy:This information is sufficient. Then still this: Guido asked me whether I knew the reason for the disappearance of the Mayan culture. Do you know anything about that?,Quetzal:57. One reason was very strong climatic changes, which extended approximately over 230 years.,58. A time during which the Yucatan Peninsula, where the act

What are best cheap stocks for investment?

*Penny stocks for long term*Trident ( Pays good dividend and has good growth in its business),Alok industries ( As Ambani has take over, this company is bound to flourish via good managment and big money behind it),Rail vikas nigam ( As similar to Irctc it has its own monopoly in railway related infra and recent privatization news might be good),Ye

What are the most common interior design styles?

MID-CENTURY MODERNThis iconic style is known for its unadorned design and minimalist shapes. Mid-Century Modern tends to use natural wood in its construction and warm finishes. The solid colored upholsteries are used to emphasize the "raw" design with few ornamental elements.,Mid-Century Modern Inspirations,TRADITIONALClassic silhouettes, noble uph

How do I decorate a slanted wall bedroom?

Are you seeking for tips on how to arrange a bedroom with a sloped wall? Without any experience suggestions, figuring out the method is difficult. It would be difficult to fit in with traditional concepts such as hanging photos rather than coming up with unique solutions to the problem.,Whether your bedroom is tiny or vast, a slanted wall can compl

How do I contact American Airlines customer service?

Depends what you mean by u201ccustomer service.u201d If you need help making, changing, or cancelling a reservation or ticket, call the main number 800-433-7300. If you have a complaint, compliment, or question, you can go to their web site and fill in the u201cEmail Usu201d form to contact Customer Relations. If you have a question or problem rega

When is the best day to go to Halloween horror nights in Universal Orlando 2018?

I get the frequent fear plus pass every year, which gives me multiple days a week to go to HHN. I tend to go on Fridays once school gets out and I donu2019t have to worry about getting up early the next day. However, Fridayu2019s are usually pretty busy, as most people have the same mindset. Same goes for Saturdays, but Iu2019ve noticed the few tim

Is it possible or beneficial for the Philippines to reopen and reestablish the old Manila Galleon trade route with Mexico and Latin America as a 21st-century maritime trade route like Chinas New Silk Road Initiative?

Iu2019m personally confusedu2026 what do you mean by "reopen?"It seems to me that this question is assuming that the trade routes are u201cclosedu201d and that we u201cno longeru201d have any u201ccontactu201d with Latin Americau2026 but in reality the trade routes are a lot more vast and extensive today, than they were in the past.,The trade route

What are the components of a great strategic plan?

From a pragmatic perspective, here is a sample list of chapters that I would include in a strategic plan:,,Our view of the market (size, who are competitors, what major trends/threats are going to happen in the next N years (1-10, depending on industry)),Our strategic goal (what do we want to achieve: if possible, numerical like % market share, pro