What makes a city a fun and interesting place to live?

I like living in a city mostly because itu2019s convenient.,You have supermarkets and gas stations around every corner.,Plenty of hospitals which are equipped to treat anything.,If you want to grab a bite, there are literally hundreds of restaurants close by.,Many job opportunities and opportunities to grow.,Travelling around is easy since you have

What is your worst home interior design mistake?

u201cWhat is your worst home interior design mistake?u201dWell, I am the only one who didnu2019t think it was a mistake. I loved the idea of painting every room in my house a different shade of pastel, like Easter eggs, I said. Mint green, (the kitchen), pale peach, (the living room), a subtle, light grayish teal blue, (the fabulous bathroom), pale

What are the greatest house party ideas?

From 2016u20132017, I lived in a Bay Area townhouse with Corey Sobel and Lili Jiang. We were not party animals by any means, but we did enjoy hosting creative get-togethers. Hereu2019s a list of some of the party ideas that we hosted or intend to host in the future:,Silent Reading Party. Everyone has books that theyu2019ve been meaning to readu2014

How do I add a black border to an image in Photoshop?

It'su200b quit smiple process for adding a black or any color border to an image in Photoshop.,Select the Particular image in layer pannel and go to fx (effects) and select stroke from the blending options.,You can also increase or decrease the size of border as per your visual.

Is it safe to save private pictures on the Google Photos app?

Secure yeah. Have you tried logging into your Gmail from an unfamiliar device (look at the memes). Private no, Google uses your photos to improve their AI, although it's not a human looking at the vacation you took last year it's automatically being used so the machine can understand this is what a vacation look like, this is Jim and Jim comes up i

What can a landlord deduct from a security deposit for cleaning and repairs?

A landlord may only deduct for damages, not routine cleaning or normal wear and tear. They can deduct for excessive cleaning if the place is left abnormally filthy. Normal wear and tear means things like nail holes from wall hanging, scuff marks, dirty grout, small carpet stains, loose handles, so forth. Damages could mean anything from broken dryw

What is the best Chinese food dish? Why?

A hearty, Sichuan-style rendition of u9ebbu5a46u8c46u8150 Mapo Tofu is a joy to eat if you enjoy spicy food. Unfortunately, almost everyone (including in China) dials the boldness way down, resulting in a limp bowl of chunky goo with a bit of ground pork and chili powder thrown in. Here's a non-timid version from Chen Mapo Tofu Restaurant in Chengd

Who is part of the United Nations?

The United Nation have 193 member states which are known as sovereign state and these states have equal representation in the UN general assembly. As there are five permanent members of United Nation Security Council which consist on China, France , Russia, UK and USA and the important thing is that these countries have the veto power as they can r

What are some good scholarships for international students?

To begin with, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities available all around the globe for international students in countries, the United States,France, Australia, South Africa, India, the UK, China and etc.,There are many scholarship opportunities to each and every international students. Thus what's needed is for one to research and find the

What is the need of biasing a transistor?

When the bipolar transistor is used as a linear amplifier, it is expected to amplify signals which swing in both ways, such as sine waves. To perform like this, the transistor has to be working "in the middle" of the active region which is the region where it presents the (almost) linear amplification behavior. The process of forcing the transistor

What did Americans in the 19th and 20th century think of Australia and Canada?

There is a long tradition of Americans visiting Australia and giving their opinions of the place.,Mark Twain was an early contributor to this body of literature.,Due to his complete lack of business acumen and his habit of investing in failed gadgets and inventions he was often broke. Such was the situation in 1894 when he was obliged to go on a sp

How long have you driven a car without a drivers license before getting caught?

My long story: I did it for almost a year.,I have epilepsy. Itu2019s well controlled and I havenu2019t had a seizure in almost twenty years, but since I was honest and told the DMV of my diagnosis I have to send in paperwork every so often, signed by a doctor, so I can keep my license. Itu2019s a pain but I do it because itu2019s the law and Iu2019

Can NGO ask USAID for funding?

Go to the USAID web site and look for its programs in Peru. Grants programs will be announced there. Also, the US Embassy in Peru may have grant programs. Itu2019s an arduous process.,Also see:,http://www.coyotecommunications.com/outreach/grants.html

What do you mean by rapid population growth?

Hereu2019s a graphic.,The data suggests we are growing faster than exponential, so think something like "doubling every 30 yearsu201d but faster than that. Over the last 14,000 years the number of years it takes for the population to double has always decreased. It is pretty clear (and mathematically provable) that that trend can not continue indef

How can one estimate standard deviation?

There are several ways to calculate/estimate.,If you have masses of data that are Normally distributed and symetrical (so Mode, Median, Mean are identical). Take the Range (max-min) and divide it by 6. The outcome will be very close to the true Standard Deviation.,If you have a graph of the data, that resembles the Bell curve (data is Normally Dist

If K-pop idols were ordinary people, which one would you like to date?

Alright alright alright. This might be a borderline spicy question to answer, because I can see it being taken the wrong way. So I want to say first of all that the idol Iu2019m discussing here is obviously not someone I know irl, therefore I donu2019t know what sheu2019s like off screen, and Iu2019m not a sasaeng, in case it needed to be said.,Now

How do you keep track of a job application?

My process is simple. I used excel to track dates of resumes sent and job application statuses that are hyperlinked to local windows folders that contain a copy of the job description applied for and copy of resume/cover letter sent.,I used to print out copies of everything stuffed in folders but then Iu2019ve gone totally paperless exported variou

What is an example of a genetically modified crop?

all crops have been genetically modified by humans. Two examples: The original apple was smaller than 3 cm, didnu2019t keep for more than a few days, and was bitter. Wheat used to range from 1.5 m to 2.1 m tall, a field matured over 2 weeks, and the plant dropped itu2019s seeds on the ground.