What are some good non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar?

Arnold Palmer u2013 iced tea and lemonade.,Baptist Boilermaker u2014 a cup of coffee served with a glass of seltzer water.,Boston cooler u2013 ginger ale and ice cream.,Faisal Ali - 1 part orange juice, 1 part ginger ale, 1 part mango juice, 1 part cranberry juice.,Cassius Clay- red fruit punch and iced tea,Cinderella - 2 oz. Club Soda, 1 dash gren

Does blue light damage your eyes?

First of all, let's just say that there is some controversy in this area. ,But basically, asking this question is a bit like asking-can eating fatty foods damage your health?,Our eyes are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from a spectrum with wavelengths ranging from about 390 to 700nm. The shorter end of the spectrum consists of light that is

What made your jaw drop the first time you visited Great Britain?

This wasnu2019t the first time that I visited, as my parents did drag me along there as a child. But I was invited to go from Perth, Australia, to Oxford University for an academic conference in 2009, and I was very anxious about finding my way through public transport and then getting to the accommodation I had booked. It all seemed very complicat

What are some misconceptions you had as a child?

Well I had a lot of interesting misconceptions.. I legit put a lot of efforts for the last one , as I was anti social so I spent most of my time overthinking about stuff.,Wine/alcohol is the nectar from heavenWell it's not my fault actually, people in the movies and stuff loved alcoholic beverages so much that they made me believe that it's really

How rich is the Philippines?

Nope. Far from it. In Southeast Asia alone, the Philippines is currently in the Top 3-5 strongest economy & currently ranks in the Top 39th strongest economy in the world out of the 195 countries & Top 29 for GDP PPP. Nothing to brag about compared to the others but at least weu2019re doing fine than the rest. The vast & rich natural resources we h

Im doing online school. Like most kids, I have many missing essays that I cant submit anymore. I donu2019t know what to do and have been busy. What should I do?

As a teacher who has had to switch to online teaching I can tell you that you are definitely not alone. Lots of children have found the transition very difficult. My advice is to email your teacher, in general we are much more understanding about missed work online because we know how technical issues, family situations etc can affect people's abil

What is the best laptop for an engineering student at a college?

Laptops having following configuration would be best for engg students :,RAM - 4GB is an minimum but you may suffer with it. If you have the budget money, go with 8GB one.,Disk Space - 1 TB disc space is more than enough. But with 4GB RAM varient one may get 500GB disc space, which again is sufficient.,CPU - To be safe, get a Core intel i3 minimum,

What is your review of the Netflix series u2018The Witcheru2019?

I actually quite enjoyed the show. I only recently got into The Witcher, and finished reading the Last Wish not long ago, and am about to start reading the rest of the books.,The show has very mixed reviews, with many people loving and hating it, and I donu2019t find this surprising. The Witcher has a lot to like, and also quite a few things to be

Is ramen really bad for you?

First, there's a question about whether you are talking about prepackaged dried noodles or real ramen. If the former, you can look at the nutrition label (at least in the USA) to see what's in them. Not a lot of vitamins or protein for the calories and quite a lot of sodium (although the extent to which sodium is bad for you is debated and may vary

What are some breakfast recipes that use two eggs or less but serve at least two people?

Egg Mayonnaise Toast,u30fbSliced bread (5 or 6 slices) ...... 1 slice u30fbEgg ...... 1 piece,u30fbMayonnaise ...... as needed,u30fbSalt ...... a little,u30fbCoarsely ground pepper ...... small amount,1. Put mayonnaise on the bread.,2. put an egg on,Sprinkle salt over the eggs.,3. toaster,4.Sprinkle coarsely ground pepper and it will be complete.,B

What is Direct Democracy?

Direct democracy is where a decision that affects a group of people is developed and decided by that group. It presupposes a deliberative process, of putting forward proposals, hearing what others have to say, and debating the pros and cons, if there isnu2019t simply a direct consensus. An example of direct democracy would be a union meeting in a u

How do I add downloaded presets to Lightroom?

Install Lightroom on your desktop.,Launch Lightroom desktop.When you launch Lightroom desktop (v1.4 June 2018 release or later) for the first time after installing or updating, the existing Lightroom Classic profiles and presets on your computer are automatically migrated to Lightroom.,(Optional) If you make any changes or add new presets to Lightr

Where in the world is French spoken?

Wikipedia only lists twenty-nine so are you sure that there are thirty-five?,List of territorial entities where French is an official languageEdited to Add: Mehdi Rafenne has suggested that there are also six French overseas territories. Maybe this is what was meant.

How did the Byzantine empire fall?

Besides the obvious u2014 the sacking of Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade u2014 you could argue that the Byzantine Empire was doomed to a long, slow decline. One reason was that it simply couldn't, when the Western Empire fell, restore the Roman Empire while it was still viewed as such. While it took centuries for the Romance languages to fully

What is the best digital professional photo printer?

I guess it depends on your budget, really, but I recommend the Canon Pixma Pro-100 ($350-400). It will certainly do A4 and even larger, and the images are amazing. Print speed varies based on print size, obviously, but I would anticipate an A4 size print would take about 30 seconds to complete. Check around to see if there are any hard numbers on p

Is porcelain tile good for kitchen floors?

It is a great floor, but it is hard and tiring to stand on. If something drops onto the floor it has a better chance of breaking or chipping than if you had a softer floor. It can also be echo-y.,I always wanted tile floors until I house-sat a house with tile floors. I ended up with cork.,But tile is the standard in high end kitchens and commercial

What are some beautiful futuristic Chinese names (male)? I know how complex Chinese names are, and Im wondering if anyone can help me name a character?

Alors, Let me give you an example.,My nameu2019s u9ec4u677eu58a8. My family name is also a part of my .,It means the pine ink from mountain Huang,the best ink in China.And the further meaning is that my parents wants me to become extraordinary in learning,expecially in literature.nIf you want more advice just feel free to ask me and gimme the perso

What powerful knowledge have you learnt from just a photo?

This stunning photo of the moon accompanies an ABC article which includes some powerful knowledge regards what will occur tonight over Australia. Enjoy.,Partial lunar eclipse will make Moon look almost 'ghostly' over most of Australia tonight. By Genelle WeulePartial lunar eclipses don't usually go as red as a total lunar eclipse. It will look much

What countries are dominated by their largest city like London dominates Britain?

Iu2019m pretty sure there are many such countries. Iu2019ll speak for my country, Pakistan.,Pakistan is dominated by its city called Karachi and Karachi is not even the capital of Pakistan!,Letu2019s take a look at how it dominates it.,Population and cultural diversity:The population of Pakistan is around 220 million. The most populous city of Paki

What are the different types of programming languages?

JiWe can classify computer languages in many ways: level of expressiveness, programming paradigms, how they are interpreted by the underlying hardware.,LEVEL OF EXPRESSIVENESSSo, we can classify computer languages according to their "expressiveness"; that is, how close to the domain of the problem is.,A language is said to be high level if you can

Which color combination should I choose when it comes to formal dresses for black men?

Charcoal gray works better than jet black, as black does not reflect well on the skin tone in harsh lights.,Do not shy away from black trousers/waist coats/sweaters, as it has a slimming effect on the body.,Avoid purple and brown. It kind of blends with dark skin.,Off-white shirts are preferable to pure white. Pure white will accentuate the contras

Can I collect unemployment if I quit my current job due to payment issues?

From the UK point of view I would argue that yes you can still collect the benefit sice the job was in effect terminated by the employer on the basis of breach of contract.,In your contract of engagement/employment, it will state the amount to be paid and when; whether that be weekly, monthly (which may be a fixed day of the month (say 24tth) or th

Which is the best quality coffee?

In my opinion, the best coffee will have more to do with the skill of the barista and the cafe set-up and environment, than it will have in just the quality of the coffee beans. With that in mind, I would nominate a flat white that I had at Bellissimo Coffee in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Australia as the best coffee that I have ever tasted.,As a fo

Should I stock up on toilet paper and food here in Ontario Canada in anticipation of a big convoy of long haul truckers that will be protesting in front of Parliament in downtown Ottawa Canada near the end of January 2022 which may cause shortages?

Thereu2019s no harm in having a few extra packages on hand. However, this isnu2019t wartime, thereu2019s no need to fill your garage so full of toilet paper that you have no place to park the car.,After the social media-induced shortages of 2020, we have always kept extra toilet paper on hand. But only a couple of mega packs. Remember, there are no

Is Apple launching iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The iPhone 2019 range was announced earlier today, on the 10th Sept 2019. Pre orders will commence on the 13th Sept and the launch is on the 20th Sept.,There are three iPhones for 2019: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How can I compare the photo quality of a mirrorless vs DSLR vs compact vs phone camera?

Mirrorless camerau2019s photos and Non-Mirrorless photos are no different, itu2019s just the technology that drives the camera is different not the camera itself, itu2019s just like replacing BS4 engine with BS6, it just offers better efficiency. u2018Mirrorlessu2019 The name itself says it allu2026. The camera just cuts lose the Mirror part in the

Does chocolate expire?

It doesn't expire per se. However, if not kept at the proper temperature and humidity, it will loose temper and bloom, which will affect both appearance and flavor.,Like any food with fats in it, over time the fats will oxidize and change the flavor of the product. If you want the product to taste as it should, then it should be consumed within 3-4