Why are some African Americans so inspired by Ancient Egyptians?

The answer is simple!,Most african americans think that they're descendants of ancient egyptians when the fact is that they're descendants of the slaves who were taken from west africa and brought to the united states!,Afrocentrists mostly from the african american community have photoshopped images of ancient egyptians that they were all black but

How do you write a mobile number with an area code?

Q: How do I write my phone number with an area code?The way phone numbers are written and how a phone number is broken down into different groups such as a local code, a dial code or area code, and its international representation vary from country to country.,As far as I know, there is only one international standard for writing down a telephone n

What are the tips in writing application essays?

Look up funny, inspirational, and motivational quotes. Find some quotes which make you laugh, and quotes which inspire you. Figure out a way to incorporate these quotes into your essay. Think of an essay, as your opportunity to inject the reader with humor, and an inspiring message (which these days, we get enough of neither). When you want your pa

Do Mexicans have the highest average annual hours worked in the world?

No, but close enough.,Among 66 countries considered, Mexico ranks 3rd by annual labour hours , around 2,255 hours; behind Myanmar and Cambodia and ahead of Malasia and Singapore. It also ranks first place among the OECD countries , ahead of Costa Rica and South Korea.,The average Mexican worker works around 48 hours a week, however, over a quarter

Is Gouda good on grilled cheese?

I LOVE Gouda in a grilled cheese sandwich. I sometimes make it with extra sharp cheddar and gouda, or sometimes smoked gouda and ham, or smoked gouda and smoked salmon (try it sometime).

What is it like to be born in a Malayali family?

I was born and brought up in kerala. Almost all my relatives live within about 30 km in neighbouring towns. The maximum distance to a related family is ~120 km as they live in the city (We visit eachother perhaps only once a year due to this) .Visiting family when they are old maybe the reason for this. People prefer if the travelling time is withi

In Italy, when you order a full pizza, why does it come unsliced?

I Am Italian. This question is similar to: u201cu201cwhy do Italians not use the spoon to roll spaghetti with the fork?u201d.,The answer is so easyu2026 some pizzas are nice to eat by little pieces, inner with fork, external by hands. Roman pizza is thin, Naples one is thicker. Buffalo mozzarella is heavy, and it is difficult to eat a slice with ha

How do edits made in Photoshop get saved back to RAW images in Bridge?

Do you mean raw files like .cr3? Those files can not be saved back to original format. Only edits in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) can be saved, actually attached to .cr3 file. When editing in Photoshop RAW file must be converted before any change can be saved to save of available file formats (does not include CR, NEF and similar raw file formats).

What is the purpose of flight layovers?

Long answer short, the Hub & Spoke model is the reason for layovers.Lets take an example of a major airline operator based out of Dubai. From this route map, you could see multiple flights originating from East and landing at Dubai. Likewise you could see flights originating from Dubai and flying to multiple Destinations in the West.,This is a very

In order to produce beats, should the two sound waves have slightly different amplitudes, slightly different amplitude, the same frequency, and slightly different frequencies?

The answer can be obtained from the math used to calculate the interference. The beat frequency is determined by the difference between the two frequencies generating the beat. The contrast of the interference is determined by the amplitudes of the two waves. You want the amplitudes to be equal to produce the maximum contrast and therefore a maximu

What is the best recipe for gooey apple pie filling?

APPLE PIE n 4 to 6 Cooking Apples (pealed.cored &sliced ) n Combine: 2/3 c. water 3/4 c. sugar, or to taste 1/4 tsp. cinnamon 2 tbsp. butter Pinch of salt and pinch of nutmeg n Put above mixture in a saucepan and cook until the apples are tender, 10 to 15 minutes. n n Combine 1/4 cup water with 2 tbsp. cornstarch. Stir into apple mixture and cook o

Which movies are most enhanced by their special features or Directoru2019s Cut editions?

Some not yet mentioned by other answers...,Touch of Evil -- One of the single greatest arguments in favor of Directors Cuts can be found in this film. Orson Wells' original vision was butchered by the studio for theatrical release, and it was only years later that editors were finally able to piece back together a version largely faithful to Wells'

How much did Priyanka Choprau2019s wedding cost?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra tied the knot in two lavish ceremonies in India. With the cost of the wedding venue, caterers, and goodie bags, it's estimated that the wedding cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars. The engagement ring itself was reported to cost $300,000.,Info from Google Search

What is your usual strategy in PUBG Mobile?

By the power of Crown II invested in me, I believe I have the credentials to answer and guide you with this response. This response will cover TPP mode in Squad.,Attachment and Equipment strategyFirstly, in the case of TPP mode, landing as fast as possible is crucial! Itu2019s all about getting ahead of other teams. When pointing out a location, ma

Does Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series support all programming languages?

It depends on the specifications of the particular laptop you buy.,The Inspiron 14 3000 u201dseriesu201d,(u201cseriesu201d, as you yourself have written in the question, implying multiple models, not a single) has laptops starting at the bottom with Celeron, going all the way up to i3/i5/i7 processors.,RAM is another parameter that will vary depend

How can I open a beer bottle without any tools?

You use another beer bottle and lever it open. I opened a bottle a couple of times with my teeth. Some bottle have twist off caps.,On worksites(!), a swift downward motion against any reasonable edge of a tool or scrap steel or lumber will pop the cap. Typically, after work refreshments. Not official worksites, of course.,Heck, some guys can pop it

What cities will be underwater in 2100?

Here are 11 sinking cities that are in danger of disappearing :,Jakarta, IndonesiaLagos, NigeriaHouston, TexasDhaka, BangladeshVenice, ItalyVirginia Beach, VirginiaBangkok, ThailandNew Orleans, LouisianaRotterdam, The NetherlandsAlexandria, EgyptMiami, Florida..According to the World Economic Forum.

If you were responsible for hosting a huge Sunday brunch for 50 people, and you had a budget of $450, what would you cook? Also, what pictures would best represent your layout look when youu2019re done cooking?

Thanks for the A2A, Tom.,When I started writing my answer, I didnu2019t think it was possible to put on a brunch for $9 per person. After checking what was on sale, I was surprised to find it could be done. Given what I found on sale, Iu2019d lean toward a Mexican-inspired menu. We need an egg dish of some type, a breakfast meat, bread, a couple sa

A woman was rejected by a man and after the rejection, each time they saw each other the man would avoid eye contact. But, after the woman loses about 20 lbs, the man sees her again he & doesnu2019t avoid eye contact. What do you think that means?

Nothing.,u201cDoesnu2019t avoid eye contactu201d doesnu2019t necessarily means anything. It doesnu2019t even mean that there was a contact at all.If it meant something, it is that he isnu2019t uncomfortable around this particular woman.,But if I know the woman in question, and she asked me the same thing, I would say that perhaps she is overthinkin

How can a scientific paper have copyright protection?

The scientists took the time to sit down and put words to paper. They made choices throughout, such as the wording of the hypothesis, the presenting of the data, and the wording of the conclusion. That qualifies as expressible content under copyright law.,I think the question that you are asking is whether the concepts and ideas in the paper are pr

What football clubs are famous for their right wing fans?

Ladies and gentlemen, Israeli football club Beitar Jerusalem has the most violent right wing fanbase in the world.,The clubu2019s hardcore supporters, known as La Familia, have become infamous over the years for their behaviour, including chants of u201cDeath to Arabsu201d as well as u201cthe media are whoresu201d.They don't even tolerate a single

Which countries should I visit in Africa? Why?

I like to visit low income countries with a good track record of peace, safety, and political stability. I get affordable trips and that way, I can go to more countries.,Zanzibar and Tanzania.The best words I keep hearing is that Zanzibar is a paradise island on earth. I gotta make a trip out there to see it myself. A friend of mine just got back a

Why cant I get back into ketosis? I check my blood daily and cant seem to get higher than .4. I watch what I eat. I never go over on carbs. What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried intermittent fasting? Also, MCT oil and exogenous ketones might be able to kick-start ketosis. But try a short fast first. Your blood should hit 1.0 within a day. Also, remember that levels are usually lowest in the morning. They certainly are for me.,Even if you're watching your carbs, frequent eating can keep you out of ketosis. Ju

What do Singaporeans think about Filipinos?

Iu2019m a Singaporean of Filipino descent and the son of lecturer who taught Architecture at the National University of Singapore for 12 years since 1974. My father was one of the first few Filipino professionals brought in by Singaporeu2019s founding father , Mr Lee Kuan Yew to help build Singapore after Singaporeu2019s indepence from Malaysia in

How is 10th ICSE board percentage calculated?

The procedure for calculating 10th I.C.SE. board examination percentage is pretty simple.,You might be shocked to know that physics, chemistry and biology have the least weightage in percentage.So, I should first tell you that you all are studying only 6 subjects and they are u2014,MathematicsComputer/ P.ed. ( Optinal subject )Hindi ( Regional lang