How do I make the viral creamy lemonade from TikTok?

TikTok keeps creating delicious viral beverage trends, and this creamy lemonade is no exception. But, we made it even more unique and added... coffee!The first creamy lemonade video went viral on TikTok on May 20th 2021, and the rest is history. While the original recipe features condensed milk, lemons and water we adjusted our recipe to better bal

Can a camera shutter count be reset?

That would be like rolling back the speedometer mileage on a car. If you go to sell your camera with a reset shutter count that would be fraud.,Cameras like cars last a finite amount of time and the buyer has the right to accurately know what theyu2019re getting.,Iu2019m pretty sure manufacturers anticipated this and make it difficult to change cou

What are the most popular artificial intelligence articles?

Here are my top 5 (or one of "top 5" lists I feel comfortable standing behind). It's not necessarily the papers themselves that are popular, but rather their content:, - the seminal paper by Alan Turing, where the idea of the Turing Test was first proposed.,Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence

Can you get a divorce without a lawyer? If so, how?

By not caring about the legal implications of your divorce, the correct division of assets, the accurate calculation of alimony and child support, child custody issues. And by disregarding the risk that the agreement you think you reached will be set aside due to failure to meet legal requirements.,In other words: you can avoid spending on lawyers

How do I read a tape measure in CM?

Only three countries in all of the world still donu2019t have metric measuring system; Liberia, Burma and USA. How about that for being equal.,Cm is ( centimetre ) one hundredth of a metre and metre is one thousand mm (millimetres) so one Cm is ten mm,1mm x 10 = cm 1cm x10= dm 1dm x 10= 1m

Why was Caesarea Maritima important?

The city was populated throughout the 1st to 6th centuries AD and became an important early centre of Christianity during the Byzantine period, but it was destroyed during the Muslim conquest of 640, after which it lost its importance.

How can we get all Adobe products for free?

HOW TO GET ADOBE PRODUCTS FOR FREEAdobe Creative Cloud Free Trial: For Advanced Users. The first and the most obvious way to get Adobe products for free is to use the trial version. ...,Elements 2020 Family Free Trial: For Beginners. ...,Adobe CS 2: For Outdated PCs. ...,Adobe Apps: Edit Photos on the Go

Whatu2019s the biggest double life youu2019ve ever personally seen revealed?

I used to go to game night at my friends church. They had the cuuuuutest youth pastor. I was 13 and he was 21. I guess he was like the youth pastor in training because he hadnu2019t finished his college degree yet but he taught the youth group on Sundays and he was in charge of the game nights on Thursday nights.,He looked a little like this.,Thirt

How do you keep fried fish crispy after frying?

Yikes. Not possible. The reason why is the very nature of deep frying.,Now you can see the batter of this beauty is all nice and crispy. But while it was in the oil, it was actually the only thing really being cooked by the oil.,You see, the oil and the coating acts as a BARRIER to prevent the moisture in the fish from escaping, sealing it inside t

How can I get a rental agreement in Kannada (in Word format)?

Greetings Friend,The Rental Agreement should be made customized according to the Period, Terms and conditions accepted mutually. Making in the English language is Easy,More appropriate in all probability.,However,if you wish in any local language, Better approach any Senior Advocate/ Document Writers for Perfect Drafting legally,Hope,this would imp

What is a budget package from Bangalore to the Maldives?

We spent around 90 K for our trip to Maldives for couple (35K per person). We booked flight in advance. We stayed in Resort booked through Airbnb and not in costly water villas. We also did not go through any tourism package. We went to Maafushi Island and arranged our own tour in the island which is very cheap and very professional.,We did Scuba d

What color was the Christmas that Elvis u201cThe Kingu201d Presley had?

Blue. The song was called u201cBlue Christmasu201d and tells the tale of a man who remembers the love he lost as his former girlfriend married another man. Words and music are by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson. The lyrics are:,Ill have a blue christmas without youn Ill be so blue just thinking about youn Decorations of red on a green christmas treen W

Is Russia a dangerous place to visit alone?

Channing Tayloru2019s information is not entirely current. Here come corrections from a Muscovite who deals with foreigners here a lot.,I would say that Russia is not dangerous but it is really recommended to have some advance reading and learn a bit of spoken Russian and Cyrillic alphabet. Ability to read Cyrillic alone will greatly improve your s

What are some non-dairy dessert options?

I often substitute soymilk for milk because I have it on hand, but have been considering an alternative lately because of the phytoestrogen in it.,If eggs are an option, you can make your own sherbert (put juice in the freezer, but keep mixing it up when it's slushy to prevent it from freezing throughout. Eventually you will run this through the bl

What is non-iodized sea salt?

Iodized and non-iodized saltsSalt has a mineral element that we use to help us grow and develop. In fact, we need iodine, a non-metallic mineral for our consumption. There are different colors of it, pink, grey, and white. The proper development of humans is found to be a big reason for the need. Itu2019s found in most types of soils so we naturall

Are there any royals of Greek descent? I dont mean the family of King Constantine II. If he DNA tested, there would be no Greek ancestry. Are there any actual Greeks?

The last Greek family that could be called royal was the Palaiologoi the last dynasty of the Roman empire or Byzantium.,The last Palaiologos that held a title was Thomas Despot of Moreas who lost his land to the Ottomans in 1460.,His son Andreas kept the title but later sold it to French king Charles VIII.,During the Greek war for independence ther

Are you disturbed by the lack of black representation in anime?

I am not even black. Or American. Why would it?,And if youu2019re saying Iu2019m just being tribal, look. Iu2019m Filipino, and there are like a grand total of ten anime in the entire history of humanity that have Filipinos in them. That is 10 times less than the number of anime that have black people in them. That despite the Philippines being rig

How can Blackbeard eat two devil fruits?

We are not sure yet,but we can make some guesses based on hints from the story.,Blackbeardu2019s fruit allows him to suck in everything,including powers of the devil fruits.,He usually does this by grabbing the person he is fighting,but their powers return once he stops touching them.,Blackbeard used a curtain when he did that to Whitebeard.Sure,he

Can I use coconut oil for cooking?

Coconut oil because if it's high smoke point means it can be heated to a high temperature without burning much like peanut oil. You can use coconut oil in any recipe you choose but because of its coconut taste it's use is usually limited to cakes, sweets and curries.

What are five restaurant secrets that every home cook should know?

Answering this, having observed my expert Indian grandma in action, whipping up full course Indian meals for 50 people in a day, and having lived several years with my French granny u00e0 Paris, watching and learning, but mostly eating.,a. The secret to rich, thick curries: For Mughlai cuisine, which has probably garnered the most mileage as Indian

Have you ever walked out of an interview?

Yes I have. It was some years ago for a prominent tech company back in Atlanta, who I wonu2019t name. They had actually contacted me as they needed someone with Six Sigma Process Improvement experience and my background was completely on point. The initial phone interview went great and they scheduled me to come in and meet with the COO and someone

Which is the best laptop 2022?

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6" (39.62cm) HD u0ba4u0bbfu0ba9u0bcd & u0bb2u0bc8u0b9fu0bcd u0bb2u0bc7u0baau0bcdu0b9fu0bbeu0baau0bcd (8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 11/Office 2021/2Yr u0b89u0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bb0u0bb5u0bbeu0ba4u0baeu0bcd/3u0baeu0bbeu0ba4u0b99u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bcd u0b95u0bc7u0baeu0bcd u0baau0bbeu0bb8u0bcd/18QINQ0),u0b9au0bbfu0bb1u0b

What is the importance of quantitative research?

The only worthwhile research is quantitative research. While some research may have to do with qualitative subjects, if it is not done in an organized way its results will be less trustworthy. We are in the modern world increasingly demanding that our daily information be based on some approach with scientific accuracy. Our weather reports are esse

What are the best business ideas for the next 15 years?

Every year, thousands of businesses are initiated, but 8 out of 10 businesses get shut off due to several reasons. Major reasons behind is having a futuristic approach to such business. If you are looking for Future Business Ideas for 2020 and beyond, this article can help you to identify them. Which are the Best Future Business Ideas in 2022 in In